Thursday, 27 December 2012


Smethwick Photographic Society is one of Great Britain's leading photographic societies. Each year it holds an international competition for which there is strong interest worldwide; the standard is very high. Ashford Photographic Society is pleased to announce that three its members have had success in this year's competition, as follows:

Bob Devine ARPS, DPAGB, BPE4*, - 3 Acceptances including awards
                      EFIAP.                              -silver medal, 'Lion with cub' [2nd in row]
                                                                 -highly commended, 'Cheetah with kill' [3rd in row]

Nicholas Hill ARPS.                          - 10 Acceptances including awards
                                                                 -PSA Ribbons; 'The lady of the house' [2nd in 1st row]
                                                                  and 'Manhattan stands 13 feet above me' [1st in 2nd row]

Sue Holness                                         - 3 Acceptances

In addition, throughout 2012 Bob Devine has achieved considerable success with other exhibitions:

  • International exhibitions: 393 Acceptances, including 18 medals, 5 of which are gold, and 43 other awards
  • National competitions: 27 Acceptances including 3 awards
  • Bob has achieved a 5* rating in the nature division and been awarded PPSA
  • In The Royal Photographic Society biennial exhibition one of Bob's entries was accepted into the group of the best 100 images out of over 8500 images that were entered
Congratulations to all!


Nicholas Hill ARPS.

Sue Holness

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

2012 Inter-schools print competition

The awards ceremony for the 11th Ashford Photographic Society Inter-schools Print Competition was held at Highworth School yesterday. Six local schools took part - the highest number to date.

A brilliant array of work was on display, with a total of 458 submissions covering 6 major areas of photography: Artistic Interpretation (71 entries), Landscape  (88 entries), Natural History (90 entries), Photojournalism (36 entries), Pictorial (104 entries) and Portraiture (69 entries).

Prints on display

This year a special new award was donated by The Mayor Ashford, Councillor Bob Davidson, for a student showing exceptional promise This was won by Megan Motmans from Homewood.



Prize winners

Congratulations to overall winners Highworth School, finishing narrowly ahead of Homewood.

Full results are available to view as a PDF.

Special thanks go to:

  • Givaudan UK for their generous sponsorship of the competition
  • Highworth School for hosting the event, and in particular Jenny Moreton
  • The APS sub-committee of Gordon Chapman, Marjorie Burge and Sue Chapman who managed the event
  • The judge for the evening, Anthony Baines ARPS
  • Mick Gilbert, the projectionist
  • And all those others involved in making the event go off so smoothly: Neville Marsh, Marjorie Burge, Ian Macey, Chris Shore, Trevor Measday, Katrina Devenport and Michael Colvin