Thursday, 26 February 2015

Club Report – Record Competition (Friday 20th Feb)

Marjorie Burge writes:

David Silk, a member of the Royal Photographic Society, Isle of Thanet Photographic Society and AG Mono, judged our Record Competition on Friday 20th February. David had checked out the KPCA definition of ‘record’ as this is a competition with fairly tight guidelines and images should show enough detail for the original object to be reconstructed from that image. In his judging David felt that some photographers had allowed their images to become too artistic, producing perhaps a more exciting and visually pleasing image but one that didn’t concentrate on the clear lines of the original object. He also had a word to say about the importance of titles. As you will see from David’s selection below, most of the titles did give sufficient information but a few were lacking in depth; this is the one competition where the title must give all the information available.

Prints: 1st David Marsh with Memorial in St Giles Cathedral Edinburgh to the Men of The 16th Battalion The Royal Scots, 2nd Helen Taylor with Deck Fastenings, Greenwich Maritime Museum, 3rd David Marsh with Part of Monument to Sir Richard Hussey Bickerton By Sir Francis Chantry – Bath Abbey.

PDI: 1st Mike Routley with Library Room at Victoria And Albert Museum, 2nd Mark Caldwell with Williams Monument 1559, Thame, Oxfordshire, 3rd Chris Rogers with Vaulted Ceiling of Gloucester Cathedral.

Although this is not normally a popular competition, there were 53 PDI’s and 7 Prints in the competition and David’s careful attention to each image made it an enjoyable evening. The overall winner of The Janet Morris Memorial Trophy was Mike Routley with Library Room at Victoria And Albert Museum.

LIBRARY ROOM AT VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM, LONDON by 34  by Mike RoutleyLibrary Room at Victoria And Albert Museum by Mike Routley

The winner of the 3rd Round of the Small Prints Competition was Lesley Parker with Lizard Colours, with Linda Thackeray taking 2nd and 3rd place with Helen and Lynx.

The AV Competition results (judged by the members present) were 1st George Pearson with Highlands and Islands, 2nd Neville Marsh with Merriments and 3rd Mick Gilburt with What Price Would You Pay.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Club Report – Informal Discussion Evening

Marjorie Burge writes:

We had an informal discussion evening on Friday 13th February at APS. We like to keep our members happy and give everyone an opportunity to have their say on how the club is run – some interesting ideas were offered, and there were a few controversial comments (that’s what discussions are all about), but all of it amicable. APS is a good club and the happiness of the members is important - evenings like this help to bring us all together and keeps the Committee and members in touch.

We also held the Audio Visual Competition but, as this is judged by the members present, you will have to wait until next Friday to find out the winner.

Next Friday we have The Janet Morris Memorial Record Competition which was due to take place in December but was moved because of the large number of entries in the Natural History Competition.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Club Report–Talk by Darren Woolway ARPS

Marjorie Burge writes:

Darren Woolway ARPS was our guest speaker on Friday 6th February when he showed his work under the title of Notting Hill Carnival (Commercial Workflow).  Darren, a member of Gravesend Camera Club, has risen through garden design, modelling and cruiseship photographer, to make his way as a commercial photographer, studying hard to get the qualifications necessary for success.  His Notting Hill photography was by way of contract to Bacchanalia Masband, so very tight boundaries covering images for their website and publicity material, and a very short timescale for completion of the project.  Darren also does car photography for magazines and we saw exclusive pictures of some very expensive models.  Very different from our club photography – lots of negative space required for advertising and slogans – and expert use of additional lighting even on outdoor shots.  Darren obviously thrives on this life and has made himself an expert in his field. It was an educational evening for all of us.

Darren Woolway:
Raid Photographic:

Next Friday, 13th February, we will have our Audio Visual Competition with a small but select entry, and will also make time in the evening for an informal discussion about the Club, with an invitation to members to come along with some fresh ideas to make our evenings even more enjoyable.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

APS Inter-Schools Print Competition

This year’s Ashford Photographic Society Inter-Schools Print Competition was held on the 27th January at the John Wallace Academy. The competition is open to all secondary schools in Ashford and the surrounding area, with the intention of the competition being to encourage photography as an art form and to harness the enthusiasm of both the art departments and pupils, so generating a healthy competitive element.

This year pupils from 6 schools took part submitting over 400 photographs, with the Towers School being the overall winners. There were awards for each of the top 3 images from each of the 6 categories in each of the 2 age groups, and 2 special awards, the Mayor’s Trophy and the Judge’s Special Commendation.

We would like to extend our thanks to APS member Mike Routley LRPS ( for judging the competition, the John Wallace Academy for hosting this year’s event and Givaudan UK Ltd, a local fragrance company, who has once again been our main sponsor for the event.

Our thanks also go to Jane Heyburn and Neil Vincer (representing Givaudan), and APS members Sue Chapman, Gordon Chapman, Marjorie Burge, Neville Marsh, Mick Gilburt, Avril Christensen, Chris Shore and Philip Hinton for assisting in the setting up and running of the competition.

Final thank you to all the pupils and schools who took part and made it such a successful and enjoyable evening.


Age Group Category Place Entrant Title School
U16 Artistic Interpretation 1st Jasmine Pope Mechanical Decomposition Towers
  Bill Wearing Cup 2nd Jade Boyce Head In The Clouds Towers
    3rd Rebecca Carnaughton Age At Your Fingertips Towers
  Landscape 1st Sam Houghton Rooftops Of Paris JWA
    2nd Harry Bradshaw Top Storey Towers
    3rd Lisa Burden Port Lympne JWA
  Natural History 1st Jasmine Pope Stare Of The Tiger Towers
    2nd Georgia Jones Autumn Shades Towers
    3rd Sam Houghton Spread Your Wings JWA
  Photo Journalism 1st Finn Callow Homeless But Not Hopeless NKS
    2nd Taylor Brown Connecting Towers
    3rd Emma Shaw New York, New York Towers
  Pictorial 1st Jasmine Pope Who's Chair Is This ? Towers
  Kingsford Cup 2nd Sam Houghton 50 Shades Of Orange JWA
    3rd Taylor Brown Drink Up Towers
  Portraiture 1st Georgia Jones Resting Towers
    2nd Lauren Turner Expectant Thoughts Towers
    3rd Emma Shaw Retro Towers
16 and Over Artistic Interpretation 1st Priyash Gurung Teenage Torment Homewood
    2nd Olivia Cook Henry Highworth
    3rd Ellie Brewster Fox Got The Rabbit Highworth
  Landscape 1st Wesley Hovelmeier Sunset Wave Ashford
    2nd Will Shannon Tranquility Towers
    3rd Yousuf Khalil Winter Time Highworth
  Natural History 1st Eleanor Triance Monster Below The Waterline Ashford
    2nd Emily Boon On Safari Homewood
    3rd Charlotte Ramsey Hippos Ashford
  Photo Journalism 1st Millie Higginson The Borg Highworth
  KM Group Cup 2nd Joshua Fell Royal Contrasts Ashford
    3rd Abby Watson Scarf Highworth
  Pictorial 1st Sophie Chittenden Spring Still Life JWA
    2nd Eleanor Triance Sailing Into The Unknown Voyage Ashford
    3rd Will Shannon Slink Towers
  Portraiture 1st Patrick Tate Happy Days Homewood
    2nd Hettie Davey The Elements Highworth
    3rd Iona Easton Thinking Outside The Doorframe NKS
  Mayor's Trophy   Abegael Tomlin Close To Nature Homewood
      for her body of work Driftwood  
        Rye Harbour  
  Judges Special Commendation   Henry Haines Bon Appetite Highworth
  Winning School 1st 29 Points   Towers
    2nd 11 Points   Ashford
    3rd= 10 Points   Highworth
          John Wallis
    5th 8 Points   Homewood
    6th 4 Points   NKS

 _MG_9041 copy _MG_9042 copy _MG_9043 copy _MG_9044 copy 20150127_184713 copy 2 20150127_184801 copy 2  Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-1 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-2 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-3 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-4 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-5 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-6 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-7 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-8 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-9 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-10 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-11 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-12 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-13 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-14 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-15 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-16 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-17 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-18 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-19 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-20 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-21 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-22 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-23  Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-25  Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-27 Interschools comp 2014.2015 photos-29

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Club Report – 3rd Print Competition (Friday 30th Jan)

Premier Judge and ex President of the KCPA Glyn Bareham LRPS CPAGB from Invicta Photographic Club and Kent Digital Photographers Group was our chosen judge for the 3rd Print Competition of the season on Friday 30th January.

With over 90 prints to judge Glyn had a tough task ahead, yet he gave each image his undivided attention.  His passion for all areas of photography really showed with his informative comments and advice, even extending to how the prints were mounted.  There was a wide range of subject matter on display, from natural history, portraiture, sport, all the way through to creative, and Glyn’s chosen winners were:

Division 1:  1st Anthony Baines with Porth Nanven, 2nd Helen Taylor with Circles Within Circles, 3rd Bob Devine with Osprey Catches Trout.

_AJB0120Porth Nanven by Anthony Baines 

Division 2:  1st David Hughes with The Nation’s Tribute – A Time To Move On, 2nd Anthony Wright with Listen, 3rd Ian Macey with Aero (An Homage To Jean Michel Jarre).

IMG_0029Aero (An Homage To Jean Michel Jarre) by Ian Macey

Division 3:  1st Suie Cheng with Prunus Cerasus In Bloom, 2nd Sean Harding with Michael Rutter, 3rd Linda Thackeray with The Disappearing Snow Leopard.

20140407_107Prunus Cerasus In Bloom by Suie Cheng

League tables:

Next Friday, 6th February, we have Darren Woolway ARPS with his talk “Notting Hill Carnival (Commercial workflow)”.