Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Kings Wood Outing

Throughout the year the club likes to organise additional activities, whether they be workshops or outings, and last Sunday, 26th April, over 12 members visited Kings Wood, Challock in the hope of photographing blankets of bluebells.  Although the bluebells had only just started to sprout and so were not as prevalent as hoped, the members managed to capture some images and creative images.


by Anthony Wright



by Avril Christensen



by Avril Christensen



by Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB



by Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB



by Ian Macey



by Ian Macey



by Sean Harding



by Sean Harding



by Philip Hinton ARPS

Portrait Workshop

Last Thursday, 23rd April, the club held the first of its 2 Portrait Workshops.  Six members had the opportunity to shot with a model  using  the clubs studio lights, with Philip and Martin giving assistance.  Everyone enjoyed the evening with some great images being produced.










Monday, 27 April 2015

KCPA Annual Print and PDI Exhibition2015

The KCPA (Kent County Photographic Association) Annual Print and PDI Exhibition is open to all members of affiliated clubs, and Ashford members have done very well this year.  In total APS members achieved:  47 Acceptances; 13 Merits; 2 Selector’s Awards and 3 PAGB Ribbons.
Digital Nature
Bob Devine ARPS EFIAP/B EPSA Bee Eater Pair
Cape Buffalo Portrait Merit
Lion Love Merit
Osprey with Fish Merit
Sparrow Hawk On Kill
Richard Nutter EFIAP BPE1* CPAGB Dipper With Nesting Material
Kingfisher With Fish For Mate
Little Owl Watching
Orangutan With Baby Merit

Merit: Cape Buffalo Portrait by Bob Devine ARPS EFIAP/B EPSA

Merit: Lion Love by Bob Devine ARPS EFIAP/B EPSA

Merit: Osprey with Fish by Bob Devine ARPS EFIAP/B EPSA

Merit: Orangutan With Baby by Richard Nutter EFIAP BPE1* CPAGB
Digital Portraiture
Philip L. Hinton ARPS A Rapscallion
David Marsh LRPS Contemplation
Digital Colour Pictorial
Michael Gilburt LRPS CPAGB BPE3* An Anxious Wait
Philip L. Hinton ARPS Its Darker On The Inside
The War To End Wars
David Marsh LRPS At The Monk's School Merit
Richard Nutter EFIAP BPE1* CPAGB Eating the Dirt Merit
Putting The Effort In
George Pearson DPAGB Sharp Spire
John Wigmore FRPS EFIAP MPAGB Water Ballet

Merit: At The Monk’s School by David Marsh LRPS

Mertit: Eating the Dirt by Richard Nutter EFIAP BPE1* CPAGB
Digital Monochrome Pictorial
George Pearson DPAGB Hold My Hand Please PAGB Ribbon
Running Out Of Fingers Selector's Award
John Wigmore FRPS EFIAP MPAGB Grosmont Departure

PAGB Ribbon: Hold My Hand Please by George Pearson DPAGB

Selector’s Award: Running Out Of Fingers by George Pearson DPAGB
Print Nature
Bob Devine ARPS EFIAP/B EPSA Cheetah Twins Merit
Lioness With Playing Cubs Merit
Osprey Catches Trout Merit

Merit: Cheetah Twins by Bob Devine ARPS EFIAP/B EPSA
Merit: Lioness With Playing Cubs by Bob Devine ARPS EFIAP/B EPSA
Merit: Osprey Catches Trout by Bob Devine ARPS EFIAP/B EPSA
Print Record
David Marsh LRPS 1978 Honda Cbx 1047Cc Engine PAGB Ribbon
Part Of York Minster Choir Screen

PAGB Ribbon: 1978 Honda Cbx 1047Cc Engine by David Marsh LRPS
Print Portraiture
Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGB Into The Desert Selector's Award
The Apparition Of Maleficent
Nicholas Hill ARPS Nomadic Camel Traders Merit
Self Reflection at Sunrise
Philip L. Hinton ARPS Everything Under The Stars
David Marsh LRPS A Smile From The Voca Man
Anthony Wright Sweet Dreams PAGB Ribbon

Selector’s Award: Into The Desert by Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGB

Merit: Nomadic Camel Traders by Nicholas Hill ARPS

PAGB Ribbon: Sweet Dreams by Anthony Wright
Print Colour Pictorial
Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGB Porth Nanven
Rising On A Pillar Of Smoke
Nicholas Hill ARPS The Old Playroom Merit
The Sacrifice Merit
David Hughes Rushing To Learn
George Pearson DPAGB All That Remains Is Love
Christopher Rogers Concentration
No 15 Has It
Anthony Wright Catalan Coast Merit

Merit: The Old Playroom by Nicholas Hill ARPS

Merit: The Sacrifice by Nicholas Hill ARPS

Merit: Catalan Coast by Anthony Wright
Print Monochrome Pictorial
Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB All Alone
Take Your Pick Dear
Christopher Rogers The Interrogation Room
Congratulations to all the winning participants and thanks to those people who organised and ran the exhibition.
To see the full list and gallery of acceptances and awards please visit the results website.

Club Report–Talk by Les Ayres MPAGB EFIAP EPSA APAGB

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday 24th April our guest for the evening was Les Ayres MPAGB EFIAP EPSA APAGB showing his photography under the title of ‘For Personal Pleasure’. Les, a former member of Sittingbourne Photographic Society, a Premier Judge and now from West Cumbria Photo Group, chose from his vast collection of photography to show us images which have been accepted in international exhibitions, mainly by the Photographic Society of America. He seems to have covered all genres of photography, although did say he wasn’t a wildlife photographer and confessed that most of the images he showed were ‘things that didn’t move’. Lots of enhancement in his photography, particularly, of course, his creative images, and a definite eye for seeing shapes and patterns where others would pass by. The first half of the evening was taken up with prints, and after the interval he showed some of his AV’s, where he had combined his love of classical music with his love of photography, covering graffiti, textile artists, cathedrals, solitary walks - his washing lines and pegs was my favourite. An enjoyable evening – it is always good to hear an enthusiast talking about his travels with a camera.

Next Friday, 1st May, we have the Panel Competition for the Driftwood Trophy (donated by Chris Shore), to be judged by Clive Tanner FRPS DPAGB. Each panel will consist of up to six images linked by content or technique, so a good evening for visitors to discover more about APS photography.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Club Report–AGM (Friday 17th Apr)

Marjorie Burge writes:

There was a good attendance on Friday when we held our Annual General Meeting. Sue Chapman, Chairman, Katrina Devenport, Secretary, and Neville Marsh, President, took the meeting. The only Motions on the Agenda were tidying up the wording of some of the rules relating to specific competitions so that these were more easily understood, and these were all accepted. When it came to re-election of officers, Sue, having served her term as Chairman, stood down and Philip Hinton was voted in to be our new Chairman for the next three years. Neville gave Sue a vote of thanks. The only other relevant change was George Pearson being elected as Programme Secretary, a position vacated by Phil on becoming Chairman. All other officers were re-elected. We have an excellent Committee, and also many club members outside the Committee who have taken on positions vital to the smooth and successful running of APS.

Philip L. Hinton A.R.P.S.

Philip L. Hinton ARPS

Next Friday, 24th April, we have Les Ayres MPAGB EFIAP EPSA APAGB showing his photography under the title of ‘For Personal Pleasure’. Les Ayres is a member of the West Cumbria Photo Group so we are indeed lucky to have him for an evening at APS. A good evening for visitors to see some excellent photography.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Club Report – 6th PDI Competition (Friday 10th Apr)

Marjorie Burge writes:

Richard Walton FRPS MPAGB EFIAP BPE3*, a Premier KCPA judge, from Invicta Camera Club was at APS on Friday 10th April to judge the 6th Round of our PDI Competition. Richard is a member of the LRPS and ARPS Distinction panels, is a Permajet lecturer and a PAGB judge and lecturer. Richard is a good friend to APS and always welcome. Check out his website (http://www.richardwalton.co.uk/) to find out more about him as there is not enough space here to list his many achievements in the world of photography. A visit to his gallery shows Richard’s own personal style of photography – although he did mention during the evening that he wished he had taken up nature photography. His comments on the 74 APS images in the competition were encouraging and relevant, and he pointed out that what he offered was mostly an observation not a criticism. He had a sharp eye for ‘fringing’, urged us to double-check the edges and the sharpness of images, and stressed that they should have ‘lasting appeal’. His chosen winners were:

Division 1: 1st Bob Devine with Great Grey Owl Hunting, 2nd Philip Hinton with Bright Eyes and Painted Face, 3rd Neville Marsh with Heather Watson – Eyes on the Ball.

HEATHER WATSON - EYES ON THE BALL by Neville Marsh 3rd  place Div 1

Heather Watson – Eyes on the Ball by Neville Marsh

Division 2: 1st Chris Yates with High Level Fly Past, 2nd Chris Rogers with The End of the Day, 3rd Graham Salt with Xtremeair SBACH 300 at Dunsfold Airshow.

XTREMEAIR SBACH 300 AT DUNSFOLD AIRSHOW by Graham Salt 3rd  place Div 2

Xtremeair SBACH 300 at Dunsfold Airshow by Graham Salt

Division 3: 1st Martin Tilling with Full Throttle, 2nd Linda Thackeray with Port Lockroy Antarctica, 3rd Linda Thackeray with Swaledale Morning Mist.

SWALEDALE MORNING MIST by Linda Thackeray 3rd Div 3

Swaledale Morning Mist by Linda Thackeray

Next Friday, 17th April, is our AGM - members need to be there – and entries for the Panel Competition must be declared.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Club Report–Talk by Alan Chapman

Alan ChapmanOur annual mystery speaker is always something special and this year was no exception. Alan Chapman has been photographing the rich and famous for over 30 years, both in Europe and the US. Whilst showing some of his many photographs he talked about his beginnings as a local event photographer in his hometown, them moving to London as a paparazzo and now as an assignment photographer for Getty Images. His talk was both informative and humorous, with anecdotes for every photograph shown. Unlike todays paparazzi, Alan’s style is not intrusive and through visually reading every situation he is able to capture photographs that tell a story. It is because of this he has become known by Robbie Williams as the “decent guy”.

Alan Chapman - Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren by Alan Chapman

You can see more of Alan’s fantastic work on his website http://www.celebritypic.org.uk/

Because of the break for Easter, there is no meeting next Friday, 3rd April, and we return on the 10th April with Richard Walton FRPS MPAGB EFIAP BPE3* judging our 6th Projected Images. There is also a workshop for members on the 9th April with Sue Chapman demonstrating general Photoshop skills.