Saturday, 31 October 2015

Club Report – 2nd PDI Competition (Friday 30th Oct)

Marjorie Burge writes:

Glyn Bareham LRPS CPAGB from Invicta Camera Club, Seaford Camera Club and Kent Digital Photo Group, judged our 2nd PDI competition on Friday 30th October. . Glyn, a Premier Judge and also an ex-President of the KCPA, is a very friendly judge, always appreciative of the difficulties facing photographers, and his comments on the images were encouraging and helpful. Good to find a judge who understood and appreciated titles. Division 3 impressed him with the creative and often unusual approach of the photographers, and he said that overall in all divisions, the standard was unbelievably high. So, a difficult task for our judge, especially in Division 1, when having to choose just three out of the excellent images. Commiserations to those who had put in amazing images only to find themselves taken out right at the end.

Division 1: 1st Garry Shorter with So This Is How It Ends, 2nd Chris Rogers with Number 37 At Full Power, 3rd Martin Till with Male Bearded Tit in Early Morning Light.


So This Is How It Ends by Gary Shorter

Division 2: 1st Anthony Wright with Etna, 2nd Chris Yates with Royal Military Canal, 3rd Kyle Tallett with Angel In The Window.


Royal Military Canal by Chris Yates

Division 3: 1st Les Gordon with Stodmarsh Nature Reserve Kingfisher With Fish, 2nd Suie Tomasini with Frosted View, 3rd Alan Britton with Golden Waxcap (Hygrocybe Chlorophana).


Frosted View by Suie Tomasini

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 4th November (no Friday meeting because of the Givaudan fireworks) when Alan Bousefield ARPS DPAGB will be judging The Janet Morris Memorial Trophy Record Competition. This will be both prints and digital images.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Mike Routley ARPS

Mike is a long standing and well respected member of Ashford Photographic Society who also runs his own photographic business, Sugarloaf Studios, specialising in commercial photography, including food and product and pack shot photography with in-house styling.

Recently he obtained his ARPS, Associateship of The Royal Photographic Society, which involved the submission of a panel of 15 photographs and a statement of intent.  Below are both Mike’s panel and statement of intent.  Congratulations Mike, well deserved!

My ARPS Panel snapshot slide

“In Silent Prayer”

A Tribute To Winchester Cathedral, College and Hospital of St. Cross

My first visit to the city of Winchester was on a beautiful sunny day. Whilst taking in the sights of the Cathedral, the College and the Hospital of St. Cross I passed a number of artists, each busy depicting their vision of these wonderful buildings. Their art was very varied, but always beautiful, colourful and full of passion and warmth.

So, I got to think how it might be to record Winchester’s most famed buildings not through traditional record photography, but to do so more with an artist’s interpretation.

Taking further inspiration from the historic and religious buildings I set about making a collection of Winchester images that reflected the style of the artists, whilst considering the history and essence of the buildings and the sanctuary that they offer.

And so, my panel, “In Silent Prayer” was born.

If you would like to learn more about the RPS distinctions please go to

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Hothfield Common Outing

On our latest outing we stayed fairly local and visited Hothfield Common, it was a small group of six who enjoyed a pleasant and mild afternoons photography.  The autumn colours were muted but as the sun set the light was wonderful and it was well worth the visit.

Photographs by Spencer Stone

1 APS Hothfield 25.10.15

2 APS Hothfield 25.10.15

3 APS Hothfield 25.10.15

4 APS Hothfield 25.10.15

5 APS Hothfield 25.10.15

6 APS Hothfield 25.10.15

7 APS Hothfield 25.10.15

8 APS Hothfield 25.10.15

Photographs by Philip Hinton ARPS

evening light_

Hothfield sunset

Photographs by Mike Pepper







Saturday, 24 October 2015

Club Report – Portrait Competition (Fri 23rd Oct)

Marjorie Burge writes:

Paul Dunmall CPAGB, a member of Seven Sisters Camera Club, Chair of The Sussex Federation, and Awards Officer on the Executive Committee for the KPCA, was our judge for the Tony Culver Trophy Portrait Competition on Friday 23rd October. With 74 entries overall (digital and print) it was a full evening. Paul did more than just comment, he entered into a full discussion on each image. He appreciated that portraiture was a difficult subject and the need for some rapport between the model and the photographer giving some control over the final image. Position within the frame was important, negative space okay, not always necessary for the model to be looking directly at the camera, colour not always necessary some images gaining impact in black and white. He seemed worried that some of the female models didn’t smile (although happy with serious men), and some of the images fell outside his strict definition of ‘portrait’, more into environmental portraits he felt. Paul was a good speaker and kept us all informed and entertained throughout the evening. It was good to see so many excellent entries from APS members and Paul had a difficult time making his final choice.

PRINTS: 1st Kyle Tallett with Jon, 2nd Kyle Tallett with Suzanne, 3rd Les Gordon with Monty’s Double.

DIGITAL IMAGES: 1st Anthony Wright with Don’t Go, 2nd Lesley Parker with The Model in Me, 3rd Sue Chapman with Hell No 7.

Congratulations to Anthony Wright who was the overall winner of the Tony Culver Portrait Trophy with Don’t Go.

DONT GO by 14

Don’t Go by Anthony Wright

Next Friday, 30th October is our 2nd PDI Competition when Glyn Bareham LRPS CPAGB will be judging, and also hand-in night for the 2nd Print Competition.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Club Report - Battle With Gateway Camera Club

On Thursday 22nd October we had a Battle against Gateway Camera Club (, for both PDI and Print, hosted by Gateway. The judge for the evening was Cherry Larcombe EFIAP ARPS DPAGB BPE4*, and with the prints shown first we went into the break with a tie at 177 points each. After the break the PDIs were judged and a lead of 5 points was gained, giving Ashford the overall win.

Ashford Photographic Society: 357
Gateway Camera Club: 352

Below are our scores:


Dawn prayers George Pearson 17
His and Hers Jim Moody-Smith 20
Balanced Reflection Marcello Tomasini 15
Riding The Dark Hedge David Marsh 19
Great Grey Owl Landing Bob Devine 17
Catalan Coast Anthony Wright 20
Quick Exit Ian Macey 18
Beauty and The Beast Linda Thackeray 17
Isolated Graeme Andrews 17
Evening Light At Reculver Anthony Baines 17
  Total 177


A Balanced Breakfast Steven Baker 19
Blue Leader Stuart Thompson 17
Can’t You Go Any Faster Garry Shorter 17
Damselfly Anthony Wright 18
Into The Desert Anthony Baines 16
Lilac Breasted Roller Taking Off Steven Cheek 18
Osprey With Fish Bob Devine 20
Out LBW Neville Marsh 17
Porth Nanven Martin Till 20
Portrait In Sepia Philip Hinton 18
  Total 180

Congratulations Ashford, and a big thanks to Gateway for both the friendly competition and hosting the event, Cherry Larcombe for judging, and those members who were able to attend.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

KCPA Ross Cup

On Saturday 17th October the club participated in the Kent Count Photographic Association Ross Cup (  Ashford came 14th out of 37 clubs, scoring a creditable 132 points, 13 points less than the winners Tunbridge Camera Club.  Special mentions must go to George Pearson who's “I'm Running out of Fingers” was commented on by the judge, and to Anthony Wright for winning The Lakeland Holidays Landscape Trophy, one of only two trophies awarded to individual photographers, for his photograph “Haystacks”.

The individual scores for Ashford were:

Title Photographer Score
Catalan Coast Anthony Wright LRPS 18
Check Mate Graeme Andrews 16
Haystacks Anthony Wright LRPS 19
I'm Running out of Fingers George Pearson DPAGB 18
Into the Desert Anthony Baines ARPS 14
Maria Philip Hinton ARPS 16
Rising on a Pillar of Smoke Anthony Baines ARPS 17
Self Reflection at Sunrise Nicholas Hills ARPS 14

Haystacks by Anthony Wright LRPS

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Club Report–Talk by Tuan Nguyen

Marjorie Burge writes:

Tuan Nguyen gave us an insight into his photography on Friday 16th October under the title of ‘My photographic journey’. Tuan’s photographic passions were landscapes, architecture and street photography, most of which were in black and white. He stressed the importance of visualising the image before pressing the button, and found that for him, this was in black and white. Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Exposure set him on the path to photography, and although his work was greatly influenced by the photography of Irene Kung, his own personal style came through in his images. He is very fond of light and long exposure, often returning to retake the same image to better advantage. He urged us to learn from our photography, to use it for our own enjoyment first and foremost, to “enjoy what you do, do what you enjoy.” We were shown many beautiful images, and his careful honest narrative was a delight. A memorable photographic journey for us all. You can find Tuan’s photography at to see his unique style, and 2 of his photographs are shown below.


The Gherkin-L

Next Friday, 23rd October, Paul Dunmall CPAGB, will be judging the Tony Culver Trophy Portrait Competition, and entries will be required (both print and digital) for the Janet Morris Memorial Trophy Record Competition.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Club Report–1st Print Competition (Friday 9th Oct)

Marjorie Burge writes:

Our judge on Friday 9th October for our 1st Print Competition was Zoe Garnham-Archer, an accredited KCPA judge and a member of Invicta Camera Club. Zoe, on her third visit, arrived just a little late having come off the motorway one junction too soon but went straight into judging over 80 prints. Members are always enthusiastic at the beginning of the season and the quality and variety in all divisions was amazing. A difficult job indeed for our judge who gave close attention to detail on each and every image. Zoe liked to find a story, was keen on position within the frame, dark areas were worry, and often felt that a different angle would have produced a better image; being in the right place at the right time was key to success.

After a tight-packed evening with so many entries, and nine being held back in Division 1 (the high standard making it very difficult), Zoe chose the following:

Division 1: 1st Anthony Wright with Calmed, 2nd Chris Shore with Faded Beauty, 3rd George Pearson with Dawn Prayers.

Division 2: 1st Kyle Tallett with Wreck of the Minesweeper 294, 2nd Chris Yates with Cordoba, 3rd Sean Harding with Going On a Flap.

Division 3: 1st Linda Thackeray with Standing Room Only, 2nd Les Gordon with Veiled in Thorns, 3rd William Knuckey with John Lennon Wall – Prague.

Next Friday, 16th October, Tuan Nguyen ( will be entertaining us with ‘My Photographic Journey’ with both digital and prints. Last night for entries into the 2nd PDI Competition.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Club Report – Talk by Robert Canis

Our second guest speaker of the season was the award winning professional nature photographer Robert Canis, who enthralled us with his talk “Best of the Year: A selection of Robert’s finest wildlife and landscape images of the last year”.

Robert is both an inspirational photographer and speaker. Living in Kent he captivated us with his passion for photographing the South East of England and in particular the Elmley Nature Reserve. From there we moved on to the Peak District, Ireland, Lapland and the Bialowieza Forest situated in northeast Poland. For each photograph he talked about his thoughts and emotions in taking it, and provided us with the techniques used. Making use of both close-up shots and wide-open spaces, his photographs have an artistic quality about them not typical of the record type shots that so many people are used to taking and seeing. By the end of the evening everyone was talking about what had been a very special talk. To see more of Robert’s photographs visit his website at


Clogher Bay storm, Dingle Peninsula by Robert Canis


Rabbit at sunset by Robert Canis


Autumn mist by Robert Canis

Next Friday, 9th October, is our 1st Print Competition with Zoe Garnham-Archer judging, also the first round of the George Downe Memorial Cup Small Print Competition, and entries will be required for the Tony Culver Trophy Portrait Competition.