Monday, 30 November 2015

Canterbury Outing

Philip Hinton writes:

On Sunday a group of eleven members met at Linda's home where we were warmly welcomed with coffee and cake, we then made our way to the city center to shot some street photography and anything else that caught our eye. We explored around the Marlowe and then on to the West Gate where we found some climate change protesters who were happy to be photographed, then making our way down the High Street there was a brass band that made a great subject. Back at Linda's we had a splendid home made lunch ending with coffee and a chat before making our way home.

Many thanks to Linda for her  hospitality and home cooking.

by Brian Didmon

bd - Over the fence

bd - Puddings are on the menu

by George Pearson

gp - Canterbury tramp

gp - Copper Christ

by Linda Thackeray

lt - Church window in Canterbury

lt - Spiderman in Canterbury

by Philip Hinton

ph - sunday 3

ph - sunday 4

by Suie Tomasini

st - 20151129114133_IMG_0927-01

st - 20151129123521_IMG_0952

by Gordon Chapman

Danger - Photographers At Work

He's Late Again

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Practical Demonstration By Darren Woolway ARPS

Marjorie Burge writes:

Darren Woolway ARPS BaHons really did give us a practical demonstration on how to make people levitate when he was our guest speaker at the club on Friday 27th November. Setting the stage with studio soft boxes, camera, laptop, screen, stepladder and model, he unfolded the mysteries of ‘Ghosts and how to make people levitate’. Very necessary to the evening was his model Rachael, beautiful in a long floating red dress, who patiently posed for the camera while balanced on the stepladder. Images appeared almost immediately on screen as Darren experimented with lighting and exposure, shadows and texture – patience required here from both photographer and model. Having acquired his images, Darren showed us how he uses Photoshop to perfect his final ‘floating image’, and, with the use of layers and the careful elimination of the stepladder, there was Rachael, levitating. It was an amazing evening, the audience invited into Darren’s studio and being taken step by step through all that is involved in studio portraiture. We do have portrait photographers in APS and to them it was confirmation of what they already knew but to many of us it was an exciting glimpse into the life of a professional photographer. A step-by-step guide can be downloaded from here RAID Photographic Training.


The Model


The Background



0Q6A9811 copy

The Finished Image

Darren writes: “I then showed a simple 2 light set up to create a beauty head shot, using a large softbox as the background metered at F/16 and a shoot through brolley at the front set at F/8. A reflector was then used to complete the Clam Shell set up lighting the shadows under the models chin and eyes.

0Q6A9830 copy

Darren is a full-time professional photographer specialising in still life and automotive photography. Originally studying Garden Design he quickly moved on to photography and recently returned to College and graduated with a first class degree in Digital Photography. As well as working full time, Darren is an accredited KCPA judge (he judged our Portrait competition last season), gives talks to clubs and, with RAID Photographic is involved in a range of photographic courses. Darren’s websites will give you more information and you can find him at and also at

Next Friday, 4th December, Carol White-Griffiths LRPS will be judging the John Wigmore Rural Landscape Competition – both digital and prints. Our landscape definition of ‘a wide view or vista of scenery’, also includes water/seascapes and skyscapes. Visitors welcome.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Club Report - 2nd Print Competition (Friday 20th Nov)

Marjorie Burge writes:

Brilliant evening on Friday 20th November when Andy Smith LRPS from Crayford Camera Club judged our 2nd Print Competition. Andy’s first visit to APS (although he has judged extensively in Essex) and we gave him 85 prints to judge! We were all slightly nervous but no need, as he went through the images without hesitation, showing a clear understanding of the photographer’s point of view, and including the audience in everything he said. He was very sharp on light patches taking attention away from the real subject of the image, aware of the importance of position within the frame, full of praise for good mounts, and always friendly and positive. A wonderful variety of images in all divisions made it difficult to thin them down to just a few but Andy was quite definite in awarding marks and choosing his final one, two and three. An enjoyable evening and a promise to invite him back again next year was welcomed by all of us.

Division 1: 1st George Pearson with Red, Green and Wonky Stick, 2nd Anthony Wright with Bumblebee Bombus, 3rd David Marsh with Rising Up.


Rising Up by David Marsh

Division 2: 1st Kyle Tallett with Winter Sunrise at Fairfield, 2nd Chris Rogers with Alone in Captivity, 3rd Graeme Andrews with Resting After a Day’s Racing.

Lonely and in captivity

Alone in Captivity by Chris Rogers

Division 3: 1st Marcello Tomasini with Autumn Across the Pond, 2nd Marcello Tomasini with Angel in Disguise, 3rd Linda Thackeray with Ruppelles Vulture.


Autumn Across the Pond by Marcello Tomasini

Next Friday, 27th November, we have Darren Woolway ARPS BaHons giving us his view of photography under the title of ‘Ghosts and how to make people levitate (a practical demonstration)’ – should be a fascinating evening. Daren recently returned to College and graduated with a first class degree in Digital Photography – find out more at

Friday, 20 November 2015

Success At The Frome Salon National Open Photographic Exhibition 2015

A number of Ashford members have had success at the Frome Salon National Open Exhibition 2015 (Frome Wessex Camera Club).  In total they obtained 12 Acceptances over 5 categories, with Christopher Rogers “Number 37 At Full Power” getting a Second Place “Selectors’ Award” in the Monochrome Class.

Congratulations to you all!

Member Category Title
Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGB Nature Little Owl (Athene Noctua) And Prey
Open Colour High G Turn
Rising On A Pillar Of Smoke
Michael Gilburt LRPS CPAGB BPE3* Nature Swallowtail
Mobile Phone Frosted Leaves
Mullion Moth Caterpillar
Neville Marsh LRPS DPAGB BPE3* Nature Large Red Damselfly
Christopher Rogers Monochrome Number 37 At Full Power
Anthony Wright LRPS Scapes Catalan Coast
Monochrome Sweet Dreams
Open Colour Hannah

Number 37 At Full Power by Christopher Rogers

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Club Report - Talks by Doug Harman & Anthony Wright LRPS

Marjorie Burge writes:

A good Club Evening at APS on Friday 13th November. A Special Meeting to approve accounts started the evening but once that was out of the way, Doug Harman ( and Anthony Wright LRPS ( took the floor to show us some of the secrets of their photography success.

Doug confessed to over 27 years in photography, mostly in journalism working for Amateur Photography and What Digital Magazines, and modestly mentioned writing The Digital Photography Handbook. He is now working freelance and making time for personal photography. He showed us a visit to a Nikon factory in Shanghai in 2011, with deep insight into how their cameras are made and put together – no robots here, everything handled personally at every stage with up to 190 parts carefully connected, and even the labels hand painted. Out and about with his camera, we saw pictures taken in Shanghai on a Nikon compact, and on his travels including the Valensole lavender, fields of sunflowers and the impressive Gorges de Verdun.

Anthony has only recently picked up a camera but his love of photography goes back to his childhood, looking through family photos, many of which were taken by his mother. Now, taking on wedding photography as well as club competitions, his approach is seriously competitive but involves a natural enjoyment of what is waiting to be photographed. He showed us the Northern lights in a star filled sky, and dragonflies taken in his back garden – everything is fair game for Anthony. We saw his LRPS panel, and heard his delighted surprise at winning PAGB ribbons.

Beautiful images and lovely personal stories from both photographers – so good to know what people get up to between Fridays at the club.

Photographs by Anthony Wright LRPS




Next Friday, 20th November, we have Andy Smith judging our 2nd Print Competition, the second round of the Small Print Competition, and entries are required for the John Wigmore Rural Landscape Trophy Competition (digital and prints).

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Club Report - Record Competition (Wed 4th Nov)

Marjorie Burge writes:

Alan Bousfield ARPS CPAGB from Eastbourne Camera Club was the judge for The Janet Morris Memorial Record Competition on Wednesday 4th November. Alan confessed that he was just starting out on his judging career and this was his first competition. ARPS and CPAGB are not easy to acquire so obviously he had a good deal of experience in the field of photography. Perhaps choosing to start on a Record Competition was a bit in at the deep end but Alan gave all the images his close attention. Our club definition of Record is “to photograph any man-made object/structure, or part of, accurately, showing shape, detail and texture, so that it would help to recreate that said object in the event of it being damaged or stolen”, and occasionally Alan was looking for more to an image than would be strictly covered by this definition. I’m not sure if some of his suggested Photoshop improvements would be allowed, but the majority of his comments were appropriate – not missing out important pieces of a structure, and perhaps taking the shot from another angle to include more detail.

1st David Marsh with Marble Plaque Dedicated to the Harpist Carolan (Died 1738) St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin
2nd Chris Shore with Angel Carving – One of two – Tomb to Sir George Leyshon, Chilham Church (approx 4 feet tall)
3rd Kyle Tallett with Postcard from The Front.

1st Les Gordon with Hurricane BE505
2nd Linda Thackeray with Alabaster Face
3rd David Marsh with Stained Glass Window, Dirleton Kirk, Scotland.

David Marsh was overall winner of the trophy with his print Marble Plaque Dedicated to the Harpist Carolan (Died 1738) St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin.


In the interval Mike Routley ARPS explained his ARPS panel: “In Silent Prayer: Homage to Winchester Cathedral and College and St Cross’s Hospital” – a display of fifteen beautiful prints, composed, printed, mounted and displayed to perfection (see

We next meet on Friday 13th November when we have a Special General Meeting in relation to end-of-year accounting, but once this is completed, our own members Anthony Wright LRPS ( and Doug Harman ( will be showing and talking about their passion for photography. It is always good to hear the inside story of images that are sometimes only fleetingly shown on a club night.