Saturday, 12 December 2015

3rd rnd PDI Competition (11.Dec)

Neville Marsh writes: 

On Friday evening the third Projected Digital Image competition of the season was judged by Steve Carroll ARPS, a member of Maidstone Camera Club and an accredited judge of the Kent County Photographic Association. Steve had been to the club on three previous occasions, each time as a judge of our prints, the last time in May when he judged our Annual Exhibition.

There were 77 entries in all and each image received a discerning critique. A recurring comment throughout the evening was the need to darken bright foregrounds such as dead grasses or bottom corners of images but it also applied to highlights elsewhere in the image which tended to draw attention away from the main subject. Steve also admitted to a penchant for images with a restricted colour palette, first mentioned when commenting on two brown owls with a very sandy-coloured background.

Division 1: 1st Cheetah with Three Cubs by Bob Devine, 2nd Cuckoo with Caterpillar by Bob Devine, 3rd The Onlooker by Sue Chapman.

Cheetah with Three Cubs by Bob Devine

Division 2: 1st Keeper Spills Chance by Mick Gilburt, 2nd Catalan Coast by Anthony Wright, 3rd Autumn Memories by Marcello Tomasini.

Autumn Memories by Marcello Tomasini

Division 3: 1st Andy Murray Serve at the APT Tennis Quarter Finals by Les Gordon, 2nd On the Hunt by Maria O’Connell, 3rd One Four All and All For One by Suie Tomasini.

On the Hunt by Maria O’Connell

Next Friday, 18th December, is a Club and Social evening when we will be able to spend time together over Christmas nibbles and drinks from the bar, and extend our knowledge of all things general with the Christmas Quiz prepared especially for us by Martin Till.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Rochester Dickensian Festival Outing (05.Dec)

Philip Hinton writes:

On Saturday eight of us braved the cold wind and grey skies to go to Rochester for The Dickens Festival and we were rewarded with a  large variety  of friendly individuals dressed in Victorian costume as characters from Dickens novels there were also musicians and steampunks all happy to be photographed.  The parade through the High street was a photographic challenge and the funfair and market in the grounds of the castle gave up more photographic opportunities.

by Graeme Andrews

Dickens Ghost

by Anthony Baines



by Sean Harding



by Philip Hinton

Rochester 2


by Suie Tomasini



Saturday, 5 December 2015

Rural Landscape Competition (04.Nov)

Linda Thackeray writes:

On Friday 4th December David Silk, from AG Mono and Isle of Thanet Camera Club, was our judge for the John Wigmore Rural Landscape Trophy Competition and Chris Rogers, taking the evening in the absence of our Chairman, banged the gavel precisely on time to start the evening.  David, a member of the RPS for 40 years has been judging now for ten to fifteen years and informed us that he had taken a great deal of time looking at the PDI's, (of which there were over 70), to the extent of downloading them into his Dropbox so he could examine them in detail. He had much to say on each image, was impressed with the overall quality of the club's efforts and remarked on the outstanding quality of some of the prints on show. He came across as very professional, articulate and knowledgeable. David professed to a liking for the more natural image; he did not enjoy the HDR effect so much and thought some of them were 'overcooked'.  He did mention a couple of times how envious he was that he had not been able to photograph in a few of the locations depicted, which covered The Grand Canyon, China, Finland, The Lake District and Australia to name a few.

In some of the images, although David liked them, he had a notion that he wanted to move boulders, stones, even a seagull, to a different location in the shot - he thought that it would have improved the image. David also mentioned that, had points been available, an extra half mark would have been given to all of the early sunrise shots as he personally admired the photographers for getting out of bed so early!

Throughout the evening, there was much laughter, brought about mostly by David's friendly sense of humour. The atmosphere was relaxed and very friendly.

Chris had to chivvy him along though as there were so many photographs to get through, so his comments then had to become succinct, but were always to the point.

1st Anthony Wright with Calmed
2nd Chris Shore with Bottalack Relics
3rd Anthony Wright with The Loch.

1st Chris Yates with Pulpit Rock Portland Bill
2nd Chris Yates with Royal Military Canal
3rd Gordon Chapman with Evening in Alesund.

The overall winner of the trophy was Anthony Wright with Calmed, a pin sharp scenic lake shot.

Calmed by AW



1st Pulpit Rock Portland Bill by Chris Yates


2nd Royal Military Canal by Chris Yates


3rd Evening in Alesund by Gordon Chapman

The winner of the 2nd Small Prints Competition was Dominique Huxley with Peregrin, 2nd was Fiona Beadle with Retriever in the Woods, and 3rd Christine Marshall with Giraffes.

Next Friday, 11th December, we have Steve Carroll judging our third PDI Competition. And then on 18th December, our last before the Christmas break, members will be able to relax – once the quiz is over – and enjoy an amazing variety of Christmas nibbles. We return to the club on 8th January 2016.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Stuart Thompson LRPS CPAGB

Stuart has been a member of Ashford Photographic Society since 2008 and is well regarded within the club.  Having already gained his LRPS from the Royal Photographic Society he has now been awarded the CPAGB from The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.  This involved Stuart submitting 10 prints, with each one being marked individually.  Below are the 10 images Stuart used in gaining his award.

Congratulations Stuart, well deserved!