Friday, 31 July 2015


Although it is our summer break, Ashford Photographic Society members have still been very active with four of them gaining Acceptances at the inaugural Winchester National Exhibition.  Many congratulations to Anthony Baines, Bob Devine, Michael Gilburt and Anthony Wright.

Class A – People

Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGB Cut-Throat
  Into the Desert
Anthony Wright LRPS Bluebell Walk
  Sweet Dreams

Class B - Landscape

Anthony Wright LRPS Catalan Coast

Class C - Open

Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGB New York in Yellow Taxi and Girders
Anthony Wright LRPS 2-3 Jump

Class D - Nature

Bob Devine ARPS EFIAP/b BPE5* DPAGB Great Grey Owl Hunting
Michael Gilburt LRPS CPAGB BPE3* Common Darter Sympetrum Striolatum
Anthony Wright LRPS Bumblebee(bombus) - Tipsey Bee
  Common Blue Damselfly (Enallagma Cyathigerum)

Into the desert

Into the Desert by Anthony Baines ARPS

2-3 Jump

2-3 Jump by Anthony Wright LRPS

Common Darter

 Common Darter Sympetrum Striolatum by Michael Gilburt LRPS CPAGB BPE3*

Monday, 6 July 2015

Season Review

As the 2014/15 season has drawn to an end it is time for our annual review. 

The Annual Exhibition was held at the end of August in the County Square, Ashford and proved very successful, generating a lot of interest in the club. An ideal way to unofficially start the season. With the season actually starting in September we saw an influx of new members who involved themselves in all activities that were provided.

Members, as usual, eagerly participated in all internal competitions and with the usual high standard of judges it was a very competitive season. Both the Record and Panel competitions saw an increase in entries over last year, and division 3 entries for both Print and PDI showed that we have some talented new photographers amongst us.

Mixed amongst the competition evenings was an array of talks from both external speakers and members, with subject matters to suit everyone.

A big thanks goes to the committee for all their hard work and to those people behind the scenes, without them all the club would not be as successful as it is.

Lastly this season was Sue Chapman's final year as chairperson and we would like to say a special thanks to her for all the time and effort she has devoted to the club during her tenure. Our new chairperson, Philip Hinton, has a hard act to follow.

Internal Competitions

League Competitions


  Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
1. Helen Taylor Anthony Wright Sean Harding
2. Philip Hinton Mike Routley Graeme Andrews
3. Anthony Baines Chris Yates Suie Cheng

Projected Digital Images (PDI)

  Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
1. Richard Nutter Chris Rogers Steven Baker
2. Bob Devine Chris Yates Linda Thackeray
3. Ian Macey Sean Harding Suie Cheng

Small Prints

1. Lesley Parker    
2. Linda Thackeray    
3. Martin Tilling    

Trophy Competitions

Rural Landscape – Overall Winner: Nicholas Hill with Sweeping Views

  Print   PDI  
1. Sweeping Views Nicholas Hill Catalan Coast Anthony Wright
2. No Safe Landing Place Chris Shore Toward Stac Pollaidh Stuart Thompson
3. Listen Anthony Wright Guilin Logji Houses In Terraced Fields Les Gordon

Portrait – Overall Winner: Lesley Parker with Lost Soul

  Print   PDI  
1. The Discreet Charm Of Love Lost In Time Philip Hinton Lost Soul Lesley Parker
2. Concentration Ian Macey Coco Anthony Wright
3. Siobhan With Dark Hair Linda Thackeray Into The Desert Anthony Baines

Record – Overall Winner: Mike Routley with Library Room At Victoria And Albert Museum

  Print   PDI  
1. Memorial In St. Giles Cathedral Edinburgh To The Men Of The 16th Battalion The Royal Scots David Marsh Library Room At Victoria And Albert Museum Mike Routley
2. Deck Fastenings, Greenwich Maritime Museum Helen Taylor Williams Monument 1559, Thame, Oxfordshire Mark Caldwell
3. Part Of Monument To Sir Richard Hussey Bickerton By Sir Francis Chantry – Bath Abbey David Marsh Vaulted Ceiling Of Gloucester Cathedral Chris Rogers

Natural History – Overall Winner: Avril Christensen with Young Condor In Flight Over Andes

  Print   PDI  
1. Hoverflies Mating (Syrphidae) Anthony Wright Young Condor In Flight Over Andes Avril Christensen
2. Lioness With Playing Cubs Bob Devine Sunflower And Bee Alan Britton
3. Springtime In The Weald Dominique Huxley Male Shoveler Duck Reflected Graeme Andrews

Natural History Action Trophy – Overall Winner: Bob Devine with Osprey Catches Fish

  Print   PDI  
1. Osprey Catches Fish Bob Devine Lilac Breasted Roller At Takeoff Stephen Cheek
2. Baby Elephant In Late Sunlight Chris Rogers Grey Heron Landing Graeme Andrews
3. Heading Off Chris Rogers Black Headed Gull Attacking Puffin For Sand Eels David Marsh


1. Beach Abstracts George Pearson
2. Genocide Chris Rogers
3. Portraits In Sepia Philip Hinton  


1. Religious Devotion George Pearson
2. Cheetah Family Stephen Cheek
3. Not Just Jugs Helen Taylor  

Audio Visual

  Audio Visual      
1. Highlands And Islands George Pearson
2. Merriments Neville Marsh
3. What Price Would You Pay Mick Gilburt  

Annual Exhibition

Premier Award Megan Philip Hinton
Highly Commended Ready To Cook Sue Chapman
Sweet Dreams Anthony Wright
The Nobbler Anthony Baines
The Discreet Charm Of Love Lost In Time Philip Hinton
I Am Running Out Of Fingers George Pearson
Commended Maria Philip Hinton
Stag At Richmond Park Linda Thackeray
Skoda Fabia WRC Sean Harding
Catalan Coast Anthony Wright
Beauty And The Beast Linda Thackeray

External Competitions

The club took part in several external competitions including Camera Club Of The Year and KCPA Annual Print and PDI Exhibition, with mixed fortunes.  Although we did have success with a battle win against Folkestone Camera Club.


Philip Hinton once again had arranged a will thought out group of photographers to come and talk to members over the course of the season.  Covering a wide array of subjects such as still life, landscape and paparazzi, they were all entertaining, informative and inspirational.

Our thanks goes out to:
David Mason, Les Ayres, Alan Chapman, Margaret Salisbury, Darren Woolway, Cherry Larcombe, Richard Walton, and Slawek Staszczuk.

There was also during “Members Evenings” and number of talks by members.  Whether it be to do with their photography in general, a specific subject matter such as Creating Panels and wildlife photography, or a project such as “The Beauty of India”.

Our thanks goes out to:
Chris Shore, Helen Taylor, Bob Devine, Nicholas Hill, George Pearson, Ian Macey, David Marsh, Avril Christensen, Lesley Parker, Linda Thackeray, Suie Cheung, and Marjorie Burge


Through out the season there were a number of workshops available to members, to assist in increasing their knowledge and expertise.  All the workshops were well attended and received, and there will be a new set made available for members next season.

The workshops included:
Portraiture, Photoshop, Mon Conversion, Camera Skills, and Mount Cutting & Print Preparation.

We would like to give a special thanks to those members who took time out to both organise and run these workshops:
Martin Till, Philip Hinton, Anthony Baines, Sue Chapman, and Chris Shore.

Distinctions, Awards and Acceptances

Members have done very well this season in gaining RPS distinctions, and awards / acceptances in both national and international competitions.

Our congratulations go out to:
Anthony Wright, Sue Chapman, Bob Devine, Mike Routley, Neville Marsh, Anthony Baines, Chris Rogers, and Michael Gilburt.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The PAGB Sony Inter Federation Cup

A number of photographs by Ashford members were selected by the KCPA (Kent County Photographic Association) to represent the federation in the PAGB Sony Inter Federation Cup.  Below are the results:

Open Colour Print

Nicholas Hill ARPS The Old Playroom 9  
Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGB Porth Nanven 10  
Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGB Rising On A Pillar Of Smoke 11  

Open Monochrome Print

Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB Take Your Pick Dear 13 Accepted
Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB All Alone 10  
Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGB Into The Desert 10  
Anthony Wright LRPS Sweet Dreams 12  
Chris Rogers The Interrogation Room 10  

Open Projected Digital Image

George Pearson DPAGB Running Out Of Fingers 9  
Richard Nutter CPAGB EFIAP Eating The Dirt 10  

Nature Projected Digital Image

Richard Nutter CPAGB EFIAP Kingfisher With Fish For Mate 9  
Richard Nutter CPAGB EFIAP Little Owl Watching 11  
Bob Devine ARPS DPAGB Bee Eater Pair 11  
Bob Devine ARPS DPAGB Cape Buffalo Portrait 11  
Bob Devine ARPS DPAGB Lion Love 11  

Well done to everyone who was selected and especially to Sue Chapman for gaining an Acceptance.

take-your-pick-dear-by-sue-chapman Take Your Pick Dear by Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB