Friday, 25 September 2015

Club Report–1st PDI Competition (Friday 25th Sept)

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday 25th September our first PDI Competition was judged by Cherry Larcombe EFIAP ARPS DPAGB BPE4*, Chairman of The Isle of Thanet Camera Club.

Even with 92 images Cherry still found time to comment carefully on each and every entry, being careful to reassure the newer members that her comments were meant to both praise and help towards improvement where she felt it necessary. She was looking for ‘a photographer’s eye’ in the composition, wanted images to explain their story, looked for more impact in some images, mentally moved their position in the frame, cropped away unnecessary spaces, and found some titles slightly disconcerting. A difficult task to thin down so many exciting images but the chosen ones were:

Division 1: 1st Martin Till with Bearded Tit, 2nd Philip Hinton with No One Can Stem the Tide, 3rd Martin Till with Reculver at Sunset.

Bearded tit pair

Bearded Tit by Martin Till

Division 2: 1st Mick Gilburt with 100 Metres Hurdles, 2nd Kyle Tallett with Amber in Reflection, 3rd Sean Harding with Ryuichi Kiyonari.


Amber in Reflection by Kyle Tallett

Division 3: 1st Martin Tilling with I’d Kill for a Proper Kitchen, 2nd Gillian Jefferson with Shadows, 3rd Avril Christensen with Trumpets Rain.

SHADOWS by Gillian Jefferson 2nd div3

Shadows by Gillian Jefferson

Next week we have an exciting evening of ‘Best of the Year’ wildlife and landscape images by Robert Canis ( An evening not to be missed. Visitors welcome.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Club Report–Talk by George Pearson DPAGB & Chris Rogers

Marjorie Burge writes:

Friday 18th September was a Club Night at APS and we were treated to photography and views on photography from George Pearson DPAGB and Christopher Rogers.

George had brought along the prints used in his PAGB panels to gain his Credit and Distinction but his talk was centred around more recent images taken on his travels in this country and around the world. Some images were infra red (from a converted camera), many were black and white, some beautiful in sepia, and some with bursts of colour from his travels in India. The secret of his most successful images was being up and about while the rest of the world was still asleep – and then staying up late to take some wonderful sunsets. There is more to George than just photography and ‘Window Dressing’ (Julie Bond) was just the first of some moving lines, closing with Larkin’s ‘What will survive of us is love’.

Chris Rogers’ presentation raised many questions on how and why the so-called rules of photography predispose us to like or dislike images. Good composition, symmetry, and that all-important rule of thirds – the Fibonacci golden rule – presents an image which is accepted by the eye and mind as being a thing of beauty. We need diagonals, tension, balance and harmony, most particularly colour harmony. Pictures must tell a story and be capable of being understood. Chris says ‘keep it simple’. He told us it is okay to break the rules but you must do it well. We were shown some lovely images to illustrate his arguments, ‘Angry Hippo’ being my favourite.

Another fascinating evening at APS produced by our own members.


Absorbed In Thought by George Pearson DPAGB

Brighton pier

Absorbed In Thought by George Pearson DPAGB


A Winter Wonderland (demonstrating repetition) by Christopher Rogers


Demonstration of Symmetry by Christopher Rogers

Next Friday 25th September is our first PDI Competition when Cherry Larcombe EFIAP ARPS DPAGB BPE4* will be judging. Both visitors and new members are welcome.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Club Report – Talk by Ken Scott ARPS

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday 11 September we were treated to an inspirational evening when Ken Scott ARPS told us all about Project Infinity. This began in 2008 as an attempt to take a photograph every day for a whole year, and has continued, as he explained, into infinity, now a way of life. On his first visit to APS he was in the mountains, now he is everywhere. He has thrown away the rule book and urges us to look at everything in our daily life with a new eye – ‘the art of seeing and doing’. Light, shadow, line and colour are very important in his photography, giving even the mundane an artistic quality. Photography is a journey we should enjoy – there are images all around us every day – it is not about the place, it is about the moment.

Ken was an excellent speaker, using many stories and quotations to illustrate his philosophy of making photography a personal experience. Among the many stunning images shown on the evening, Ken showed us some of his family photos and hoped that while we were looking for that perfect image, we wouldn’t lose sight of the need for pictures to include in the family album. An inspirational evening – a definite buzz in the conversation as we left to make our way home. Check out Ken’s website at to find out more.

2015_365254 - Rusty Crinkly

2015_365254 - Rusty Crinkly by Ken Scott ARPS

2015_365211 - Snoozing

2015_365211 – Snoozing by Ken Scott ARPS

2015_365159 - Dawn display

  2015_365159 - Dawn display by Ken Scott ARPS

Next Friday, 18th September, will be a Club Night with APS members Christopher Rogers and George Pearson DPAGB entertaining us with tales of their exploits with a camera. Both visitors and new members are welcome.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Salute to the '40s - Chatham Historic Dockyard Outing

Philip Hinton writes:

After  a cloudy start we had a warm and sunny day for our visit to Salute the Forties at Chatham Historic Dockyards apart from all the usual attractions there were many re en-actors in forties dress all happy to be photographed We also had a look at the submarine and the rope works between the air-raids and the destroyer firing its guns there was a short display by a spitfire   and over coffee we had a good opportunity to get to know new members Steve and Marie.

Photographs by Philip Hinton ARPS

Group 1

A happy day out

Group 2

Photographs by Les Gordon





Photographs by Suie Tomasini










Photographs by Maria O’Connell

Breaking The Rules



Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Faversham Hop Festival Outing

On Saturday around seven  members had another great day out at the Faversham Hop Festival.  There were plenty of photo opportunities, with colourful members of the public and performers alike, and close encounters with a parrot.

Phil and Parrot

Our Illustrious Chairman Trying To Recruit A New Member by Suie Tomasini


by Sean Harding


by Sean Harding


by Suie Tomasini


by Suie Tomasini

Hop Festival 1

by Dominique Huxley

Hop Festival 5

by Dominique Huxley

Suie makes a new friend

Suie Makes A New Friend by Philip Hinton

Green Diesel

Green Diesel by Philip Hinton

Monday, 7 September 2015

Club Report - New Season

Marjorie Burge writes:

Friday 4th September was the first day of our new season – a time for getting together with old friends, finding new ones and discovering what the new season has to offer. With so many people attending we had to get extra chairs out. Our Chairman, Philip Hinton, welcomed everyone giving a special mention to newcomers, many of whom had seen our Annual Exhibition in County Square, and, for the benefit of our new visitors (hopefully soon to become APS members) explained the ins and outs of club competitions and speakers, workshops, outings and all the extra activities of the club.

Ian Macey then put on a spectacular show of his work, talking us through each image and explaining how he had started quite a short time ago and developed into the photographer he is today. His first love is motor cycle racing and he was name perfect on each and every image, and in one series of photos took us on a circuit around Brands Hatch so that we could see just where he was positioned at the time he took the photos. Other images showed that Ian is not limited by his devotion to bikes and bikers and we were treated to views of Canary Wharf, wildlife, landscapes and portraits. Ian also explained how he used Lightroom to show his images to best advantage. An excellent evening of photography by one of our own members – an inspiration to us all.

Alex Lowes

Alex Lowes

Blackfriars Bridge and Unilever House

Blackfriars Bridge and Unilever House

David Linortner

David Linortner

Vodka Shot

Vodka Shot

You can see more of Ian’s work on his website

Next Friday, 11th September, we have Ken Scott ARPS ( explaining his photography under the title of Project Infinity. Visitors and new members always welcome.