Saturday, 30 January 2016

Club Report - 3rd Print Competition (Friday 29th Jan)

Marjorie Burge writes:

A really good evening at APS on Friday 29th January when Richard Walton FRPS MPAGB EFIAP BPE3* judged our 3rd Print Competition. Richard, a long-time friend of APS, is a member of Invicta Camera Club, sits on the RPS Distinctions Panel for both A and F grades, and has many years of experience in the world of photography.

Richard is a good speaker and kept us informed and entertained as he worked his way through the many prints entered in the competition. He was looking for sharpness (‘crisply sharp’) where essential to the image (although not always required), input from the photographer (that something extra), imagination, and was more than happy to find photographers pushing the boundaries. He was very thoughtful in his judging, inspected all images very closely, gave good advice in relation to improvements, was very careful with any cropping suggestions - sometimes suggesting obvious cropping and then rejecting it. There were, he said, times when rules could be broken to advantage, but emphasised that opinions offered were his own and other judges might advise differently. He mentioned images that were ‘title dependent’ pointing out that in many large competitions titles were not mentioned and an image should be able to stand alone. Having said that, there should be a clear connection between an image and the title given. From a large quantity of high quality images, Richard chose the following:

Division 1:  1st Chris Shore with Blowing Hard, 2nd Anthony Baines with The Drowned Pool, 3rd Anthony Baines with Spitfire Summer.

The Drowned Pool by Anthony Baines

Division 2:  1st Kyle Tallett with Frightened And Alone, 2nd Sean Harding with Mini Spread, 3rd Chris Yates with End of the Line.

Mini Spread by Sean Harding

Division 3:  1st Avril Christensen with Contemplation, 2nd Les Gordon with Kingfisher Up and Away, 3rd Dominique Huxley with Having a Snack.

Contemplation by Avril Christensen

 Next Friday, 5th February we have Vivecca Koh FRPS showing her photography under the title ‘From iphoneography to Fellowship – my continuing journey). Members will remember Vivecca giving us part of her photographic journey last season, so we know we are in for another good evening.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

3rd Rnd Of The Print League Competition

George Pearson writes:

This Friday (29.Jan.16) we have the 3rd round of the Print league competition and the small print competition.  The print league will be judged by Richard Walton FRPS, MPAGB, FIAP, BPE3*.  Richard is on various selection panels for the RPS and PAGB and is a long term friend of the club.  You can see his work on

Please give any small prints (which are judged by the members) to Sue Marcoz at the start of the evening

It is also hand in date for entries to the Natural History Competition.

A big thanks to the 7 volunteers who have already offered to show their images to the club for the season 2016/7.  I could fit in one more for a 30/40 min session in March 2017 so you would have a whole year to prepare.  You do not have to be a star photographer or speaker, everyone has to start somewhere, what better than amongst friends.

Get there early if you want a seat at the front, it will be packed

Monday, 25 January 2016

Club Report - Informal Discussion and Wonky Horizons

Marjorie Burge writes:

An Informal Discussion at APS on Friday 22nd January, giving members an opportunity to throw ideas around in relation to the end of the evening vote of thanks, inviting manufacturers of photographic materials to give talks, whether judges could, or should, be influenced in relation to the diversity of marks given when judging competitions, whether some printed information should be made available to new members, and whether print competitions could have images shown simultaneously by digital projection. Answers were yes, yes, probably not, yes and no. It was a good friendly discussion with everyone joining in and happy, I think, with the end results. In any event all ideas will be on the agenda for the next Committee Meeting.

After a refreshment break, our own Wonky Horizons group - Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGB, Philip Hinton ARPS, and Martin Till LRPS – took us through some of their recent photography outings. Anthony took us on a Flash Adventure showing us what can be achieved with an external flash gun, turning daylight into twilight. Anthony and Phil showed some amazing street photography from the London Comic Con where characters from all your favourite films come to life – loved The Joker. Phil explained his artistic approach to portraiture and his use of textures, Lightroom and Photoshop to create classic styles. Martin and Anthony had spent a day in a hide tracking the flight of owls swooping down from a tree and landing on the top of posts. Suffering for their art in cramped conditions, they both produced amazing images. Martin and Phil took an early morning trip to Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve to catch bearded tits and woodpeckers, they all went to Reculver for the sunset, and put their lives at risk to capture villains at The Dickens Festival.

There was so much from these talented photographers and hopefully we will see more of their work over the season – I know Anthony has some seriously impressive photography from his visits to airshows which time did not allow on Friday. Find out more about them on their website (, and Flickr pages and

The Joker by Anthony Baines

Little Owl by Anthony Baines

Little Owl by Martin Till

Male Bearded Tit by Martin Till

Kingfisher by Martin Till

Dazed and Confused by Philip Hinton

Death Of A Hero by Philip Hinton

Mothers Ruin by Philip Hinton

Reculver Sunset by Philip Hinton

Next Friday 29th January we have our 3rd Print Competition when Richard Walton FRPS MPAGB EFIAP BPE3* will be judging. It is also the third round of the Small Prints, and entries (prints and digital) are required for the Bill Waters Natural History Trophy.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

4th rnd PDI Competition (15.Jan)

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday 15th January Paul Adams ARPS DPAGB FDPS from Bexleyheath Camera Club, a KCPA Premier Judge and General Secretary of The Disabled Photographers Society, judged our 4th PDI Competition. Paul takes his duties as a judge very seriously and every image was discussed in great detail. He looks for something extra from the photographer – “what else can we do here?” – and for something new – “ not breaking any new ground”. While some of his comments were quite critical, many if put into practice would have produced an improved image, particularly his views on cropping, and taking an image from a different angle. (It is so easy to miss, when viewing an image at home, something which becomes quite obvious when projected full size for a competition.) Paul wanted some images to be very different from the image entered, and while this may have produced something more to his liking, these photographers were indeed trying to break new ground. The variety of images captured by our photographers continues to amaze and we certainly gave Paul a lot to think about. With 78 images in the competition Paul had a long evening of judging, and inevitably many good images had to be dismissed before he could make his final selection – all of them worthy winners.

Division 1:  1st Stephen Cheek with The Hunt, 2nd Neville Marsh with Female Broad-Bodied Chaser, 3rd Garry Shorter with In With a splash.

Female Broad-Bodied Chaser by Neville Marsh

Division 2:  1st Anthony Wright with Don’t Go, 2nd George Pearson with End of a Sea Pool, 3rd Linda Thackeray with Red Deer, Richmond Park

Red Deer, Richmond Park by Linda Thackeray

Division 3:  1st Michael Pepper with A Bee with a Passion, 2nd Les Gordon with Hurricane BE505, 3rd Maria O’Connell with Innocent Observer

A Bee with a Passion by Michael Pepper

Next Friday, 22nd January, we have an Informal Discussion evening following by a Wonkey Horizons presentation when Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGB, Philip Hinton ARPS and Martin Till LRPS will be giving us an insight into the secrets of their success. Visitors and new members always welcome.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Friday 15th Jan.2016

George Pearson writes

This week we have Paul Adams DPAGB, ARPS, ADPS from Bexleyheath  Photographic Society to judge the 4th round of the Projected Image League.  Paul is a Premier Judge with the KCPA whose imaginative mono work and more can be seen at

It is also hand in date for the 3rd round of the print leagues which will see a familiar face too as Richard Walton FRPS,MPAGB,EFIAP BPE3* will judge that on 29th January.

But before that on the 22nd we have an informal discussion about the club.  I would really appreciate if you all could give some thought to how the 2016/7 programme might be finalised.  We have 4/5 members evenings to fill with a couple of volunteers already to show off their images.  Ideas please.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Club Report - "The Alternative World of David James Silk"

Marjorie Burge writes:

David Silk, from AG Mono and Isle of Thanet Camera Club, and a member of the RPS for 40 years, delighted us all on Friday with his talk ‘The Alternative World of David James Silk’. He was quick to explain that it wasn't a set talk and as the evening progressed it was clear that ideas just bubble out of David. Giving the talk had been an opportunity to look through his early photography and his daughter in the logpile showed us his skill with a camera straight away. His passion encapsulates the whole of photography and he is not satisfied with just reading about the early photographers, he has studied and put into practice the techniques of those early photographers. Everything has been tried and proved – cyanotype, Polaroid, pin-hole, glass plates, daguerreotype. He has a collection of early cameras, one of his favourites being his box brownie which he delights in using among the modern photographers (although he did also mention a Leica). His patience in developing a final print from his cameras is amazing, ranging from 6 seconds to transfer from the Polaroid, to 6 hours to copy the techniques of Ruskin.

His display of photography was inspiring, and his hand-made books preserving pictures from the past quite wonderful. David doesn't like to be ‘put in a box’ and is definitely a bid of a rebel. Photography, he says, should be fun, and he urges us not to be overwhelmed by judges, rules, and competitions. Loved his quote “sharpness is very overrated”. Lets hope he comes back to APS as a judge and then see what we can give him – tissue paper, cornflakes packets, rocks and the one I particularly loved, the book end-papers. It was a really entertaining evening to begin the New Year.

Thank you David from all at APS.

In the Saatchi Gallery

Print made from a glass plate HP3 packet dated 1945. Take on a Lancashire folding view camera from 1897 . I wonder if the camera we use today will be able to produce a picture in 120 years time ...

The Art of Doing Nothing

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Talk by David Silk

George Pearson writes

Hi all

Happy New Year of course!

This Friday we have David Silk, a member of the Royal Photographic Society, AG Mono group and The Isle of Thanet Photograpic Society, to show a combination of projected images and prints.  The title ‘The alternative world of David Silk’ should alert you to the idea that what we will see is a little out of the ordinary.  We know David as a regular judge and I am sure the evening will be as light hearted as it will be interesting.

You can see some of his work on flickr

Entries for the Print round 3 are due in the following week (15.Jan.16)

Hope to see you there

Sunday, 3 January 2016

More Success For Bob Devine

APS member Bob Devine has gained more international success this time at the 2015 FIP Grand International circuit, India, being awarded 2 FIP Gold Medals and a PSA Ribbon for “Cheetah Moves Kill”, an FIP Gold Medal and a PSA Ribbon for “Elephant Dominance”, and a PSA Bronze Medal for “Lioness With Cub”.

Congratulations and well done Bob!

Cheetah Moves Kill

 Elephant Dominance

Lioness With Cub