Saturday, 28 May 2016

Club Report - Awards Night

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday 27th May, the final evening of our 2015/16 season, a group of happy photographers sat down to our Awards Night and Buffet Supper.  Some had come to collect their awards, all had come to enjoy the company of friends and the amazing food.  It is always good to have an opportunity for longer conversations with fellow photographers than time allows for on a club evening.  We were delighted to welcome our guest speaker for the evening, Ray Bridges LRPS CPAGB ADPS BPE3*, a member of Maidstone Camera Club and Tenterden Camera Club, together with his wife Ann.  Ray, who is a good friend of APS and has judged many of our competitions, gave us an insight into his passion for photography, and then assisted with the awarding of the trophies at the end of the evening. 

Congratulations go to all the winners and runners up in all competitions.  We are a relentlessly competitive club and while many of the photographers appear many times on the awards list, it is good to see some of our newer members making their mark.  Please don’t be put off from entering competitions by the high standard of work, taking part is what it is all about.  We were all pleased to see the Endeavour Trophy awarded to Ian Macey without whom we would not have this wonderful website. 

We break now until the beginning of September 2016, although there is one more date in the diary; our ‘Social Afternoon’ hosted by Dennis Peebles on 17th July – once again an opportunity for good company, good food and a dip in the pool.  Keep an eye on the website and emails for any outings arranged during the summer months. 

Awards for the 2015/16 Season 

League Competitions

PDI Division 1 First Place Martin Till
Runner up Philip Hinton

PDI Division 2 First Place Anthony Wright
Runner up George Pearson

PDI Division 3 First Place Maria O’Connell
Runner up Mike Pepper

Print Division 1 First Place Anthony Baines
Runner up Anthony Wright

Print Division 2 First Place Kyle Tallett
Runner up Ian Macey

Print Division 3 First Place Les Gordon
Runner up Marcello Tomasini

Overall Winner First Place Anthony Wright
Runner up Kyle Tallett

Trophy Competitions

Small Print First Place Fiona Beadle
for the George Downe Memorial Cup Runner up Dominique Huxley

Annual Exhibition Anthony Wright with The Loch

Rural Landscape Competition First Place Anthony Wright with Calmed
for the John Wigmore Trophy Runner up Chris Yates with Pulpit Rock Portland Bill

Theme Competition First Place Avril Christensen with Cycles
Runner up Avril Christensen with Job Advert For The Tannery Fez

Record Competition for the Janet Morris Memorial Trophy First Place David Marsh with Marble Plaque Dedicated to The Harpist Carolan (Died 1738) St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin
Runner up Les Gordon with Hurricane BE505

Portrait Competition for the First Place Anthony Wright with Don’t Go
Tony Culver Trophy Runner up Kyle Tallett with Jon

Natural History Competition First Place Stephen Cheek with Crossing The Mara
for the Bill Waters Trophy Runner up Chris Rogers with Speckled Throated Volcano Humming Bird

Natural History Action Stephen Cheek
For the Stephen Cheek Trophy with Having a Bad Day in The Masai Mara

Chairman’s Salver First Place Kyle Tallett with Amber In Reflection
Runner up David Marsh with Liverpool Reflections

Panel Competition for the First Place Anthony Wright with Aspects of Loch Broom
Chris Shore Driftwood Trophy Runner up Chris Shore with Fallen

Endeavour Trophy Ian Macey

Photographs of the night (taken by Martin Till):

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Club Report - "An evening with Mel and Sue"

Philip Hinton writes:

Last week we had the pleasure of a double bill for our final presentation of the this season.  Melanie Chalk ARPS DPAGB and Chair of Folkestone Camera Club and our own Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB who is also a member of Folkestone Camera Club, and both are members of the Dynamic Range Group.  They began the evening by stating that girls like to have fun and kicked of with a short quiz pairing the audience into teams of two, then showing twenty images and asking quickfire observational questions.  After they gave a joint presentation of a visit to Talliston House, a unique property in Essex, showing many of the unusual rooms in detail and how they dealt with the difficult lighting conditions.  After the break Melanie gave a short audio visual display, part of her ARPS submission, followed by Sue with a short travelogue of her recent trip to Iceland.  It was a most enjoyable way to round off the season.

Sue Chapman:
Melanie Chalk:

Mercedes World by Sue Chapman

Iceland by Sue Chapman

Tulips by Melanie Chalk

Poppies by Melanie Chalk

On Saturday Mike Routley, Gordon Chapman and Graeme Andrews volunteered to man the clubs stall at the Artigras Festival in Park Mall selling prints donated by the members this raised funds for the club and the Creative Collective Gallery.  A big thank you to them for helping out.

On Friday 27th May its the Awards night supper with special guest Tracy Hughs from Parkwood Camera Club.  Members and invited guests only, and as this is the last meeting of the season we will break for the summer and meet up again in early September, details on the website.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Fri 20th May.2016

George Pearson writes:

For our penultimate evening of the season we have a performance from ‘Mel and Sue’.  We are promised something out of the ordinary, rather less serious than being ‘judged’ and found wanting in my case.  Melanie is from Folkestone CC and a good friend of the club; an excellent photographer; Sue can speak for herself and no doubt will.

The Artigras Festival is this weekend and we need volunteers to man/woman the APS stall.  If you can help, great, if not and have prints taking up valuable cupboard space bring them in on Friday, any sales will benefit our club funds.

Finally the Annual Presentation is on 27th with Tracey Hughes KCPA Vice President as our guest. Sue is co-ordinating the food.

The entire season’s programme was sorted by Phil and my/our thanks to him for what I think was an outstanding programme.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Annual Exhibition Competition (13.May)

Marjorie Burge writes:

Our final big print competition of the season for the Annual Exhibition produced a wealth of amazing images.  Clive Tanner FRPS DPAGB of Maidstone Camera Club, a Premier KCPA judge, Chairman of the KCPA judges panel, a member of the Executive Committee of the PAGB, a former President of the KCPA, and ex-council member of the RPS, was happy to have been invited to officiate.  He is a good friend of APS and always generous in his praise of the quality of our photography.

Clive's judging was, as always, informative and sympathetic.  Bright patches to be toned down – curious about the story behind the image – in some he would like to have seen more (even a mermaid!) – admiration for wildlife photographers - and always the thought "could you have done any better?".  The final choice had been made at the beginning of the evening and these were held back and shown only at the end (frustrating for those trying to ‘pick the winner’).  Clive said "All the time you can produce work like this, Ashford will remain as one of the premier clubs".

The Premier Award went to Anthony Wright with The Loch.

The Loch by Anthony Wright

Highly Commended:  Philip Hinton with In the Company of Ruffians, Rapscallions, Beggars and Ne’er-do-wells;  Kyle Tallett with A Brown Hare Washing;  Anthony Wright with Don’t Go;  Anthony Baines with Little Owl with Mouse.

In the Company of Ruffians, Rapscallions, Beggars and Ne’er-do-wells by Philip Hinton

Commended:  Chris Shore with Blowing Hard;  Maria O’Connell with On The Hunt:  Graeme Andrews with Resting After a Day’s Racing; Anthony Baines with Spitfire Summer;  Mike Routley with The Library Room.

Spitfire Summer by Anthony Baines

Next Friday 20th May we have "An Evening With Mel and Sue" when Melanie Chalk DPAGB and Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB will entertain and educate.  This will be the final open evening of the season, your last chance to come and say hello before we break for the summer.  Members will be able to enjoy the Awards Night and Buffet Supper on Friday 27th May before heading off into the sunset.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Fri 13th May.2016

George Pearson writes:

Friday 13th May
This week, fingers crossed, we get to celebrate the best of our images for this season.  To judge for acceptances at our Annual Exhibition we have Clive Tanner FRPS, DPAGB.  Anyone who went to the KCPA exhibition will have noticed that he dominated the awards in the Record section, a genre in which he excels.  He is pre-viewing the prints, so serious consideration is being given.

Thursday 12th May
For those of you who have booked a place Martin and Anthony will pass on their expertise in flash techniques.  For more details see

Venue Oak Room Smeeth meeting at 7.45

This may be repeated if the initial demand exceeds sensible numbers

Club Report - “Exploring my Photographic World” A Talk By Baden Bowen CPAGB, BPE3*, AFAIP

Philip Hinton writes:

As the season is drawing to a close we had our penultimate speaker Baden Bowen CPAGB, BPE3*, AFAIP. from Dover.  His presentation began with a wide selection of his award winning photographs which he explained how he achieved many of the more complex manipulated images and how some he would now improve on or would do differently.  In the second half he explained how he had gone back to basics with a variety of film cameras from Polariod to Hasselblads, and repairing and redesigning old cameras which he still produced high quality images.  With a number of behind the scene photographs, Baden showed how with a simple studio set up in his kitchen he could still produce outstanding photographs.

You can see more of Baden's fantastic work at

 A Walk in the Park

Arches - HP5 

Eastern Princess

Hasselblad 6x45 

Hasselblad - HP5 


In Bloom Kodak Portra 160 

Pentax 67 Tmax 100 

Speed Graphic - Tmax 100 

The Bride - Tmax 100 

The Waterhole 


Next Friday 13th May is the Annual Exhibition which will be judged by Clive Tanner FRPS DPAGB

Friday, 6 May 2016

Workshop: Introduction to off-camera flash 12th May

12th May 20.00h to 22.00h - Introduction to off-camera flash – Martin Till and Anthony Baines

  • Why use flash?
  • Demonstration of different techniques and effects:
    • Pop-up flash
    • On-camera flash
    • The fundamentals of off-camera flash
    • Using reflectors, diffusers, umbrellas and soft-boxes to modify light
    • How to set up a single off-camera flash portrait 'home studio'
          We will then split attendees into small groups, so you can all practice (supervised) the art of off-camera flash.

          What to bring
          • Your (DSLR) camera (and a speedlite that you have one, although Canon and Nikon ones and a few remote triggers will be provided)
          • An understanding of the basic flash controls of your camera (you may wish to read the flash section of your camera's manual)
          Signing up
          If you would like to attend, please email Katrina by Sunday 8th May, including the following information:

          • The make and model of your camera
          • Any speedlite flash guns that you are able to bring (not mandatory)

          Workshop for 26th May 2016 with Martin Till and Anthony Baines.
          This will either be a more Advanced Off Camera Flash Workshop or if the 12th May workshop is oversubscribed then we will re-run the Introduction Workshop.  If we do re-run the Introduction Workshop then the advanced one will be postponed until September or October.

          Parking is on the road right outside, please park on the same side of the road as the Oak Room if possible.

          Thursday, 5 May 2016

          Fri 6th May.2016

          George Pearson writes:

          This week we have Baden Bowen to give a presentation 'Exploring my Photographic World'.  A couple of years ago Baden exploded onto the county scene with some extraordinary composites and portraits.  Since then he has begun to use FILM wow! and I am looking forward to see the way he is thinking now.

          You can get a preview on

          Wednesday, 4 May 2016

          Christopher Rogers CPAGB

          Chris has been a member of Ashford Photographic Society since 2011 and is now the club's Vice-Chairman.  He has now been awarded the CPAGB from The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.  This involved Chris submitting 10 prints, with each one being marked individually.

          Congratulation Chris, well deserved.

          Below are some of the images Chris used in gaining his award and the marks each image obtained.

          No. Title Score
          1. Lonely and In Captivity 20
          2. Baby Elephant In Late Sunshine 19
          3. Number 37 At Full Power 20
          4. The Young Priest 24
          5. Angry Hippo 21
          6. Number 5 22
          7. Red Eyed Green Tree Frog 22
          8. Number 49 Powers Round 26
          9. Number 15 Has It 24
          10. Speckled Throated Volcano Hummingbird 23

          A special mention should be made for the score given for "Number 49 Powers Round" as the PAGB says in their guidelines:
          "Scores above 24 are relatively unusual but can be achieved by the very best images."
          Baby Elephant In Late Sunshine 

          Number 37 At Full Power

          The Young Priest 

          Number 15 Has It 

          Speckled Throated Volcano Hummingbird

          Monday, 2 May 2016

          Driftwood Trophy Print Panel Competition (29.Apr)

          Marjorie Burge writes:

          On Friday 29th April, the judge for the Driftwood Trophy Print Panel Competition (donated by Chris Shore FRPS) was Roger Force FRPS DPAGB APAGB, of Dartford & District Camera Club.  Roger is a KCPA Premier judge, a PAGB judge, and sits on the KCPA judges panel and the RPS licentiate panel.

          Roger approached the evening on a serious note, giving us the benefit of his wealth of experience in putting panels together, stressing that the layout of the images was essential to a successful panel.  Each panel, and each image within the panel, was given his close attention, some just four images, some the maximum of six.  In just a few, he rearranged the images to give what he considered to be a better balance to the panel, giving the panel importance over and above the separate images.  He stressed how impressed he was with the high standard of all panels entered in the competition, and apologised that he had to eliminate some of high quality in order to choose his final three.

          Anthony Wright was the overall winner of the Driftwood Trophy and congratulations to all those brave enough to enter what is a time-consuming but rewarding competition.

          1st Anthony Wright with Aspects of Lock Broom;  2nd Chris Shore with Fallen;  3rd George Pearson with f2.8 Early Spring.

          f2.8 Early Spring by George Pearson

          Next Friday 6th May we have Baden Bowen on a return visit to APS inviting us to explore his photographic world. We are nearing the end of our season now but visitors and new members still welcome.