Saturday, 23 July 2016

Costumed Model Photoshoot

Marjorie Burge writes:

Willesborough Windmill was the venue for an evening  photoshoot on Thursday 14th July. APS are on summer break at the moment but always happy to get together for some extra practice. For this portrait evening we had three models – James Shoobridge, Natasha Bizarra and Mark Sherman – and the windmill was the perfect place for them to appear in costume and for our photographers to catch them against the backdrop of the mill. Portrait photography is quite an art and Philip Hinton, our Chairman, was generous in his support for those in the early learning stages. Mark, Natasha and James were ideal models, friendly and imaginative when posing. It was a lovely evening and everyone agreed that the windmill venue was amazing.

(Mark Sherman) by Christine Marshall

(James Shoobridge) by Christine Marshall

Ring Detail (James Shoobridge) by Spencer Stone

Darkness Envies Light (Natasha Bizarra) by Spencer Stone

Portrait (Natasha Bizarra) by Spencer Stone

A new set of APS photographers gathered for our second photoshoot at Willesborough Windmill on the evening of Thursday 21st July and were greeted by a ninja warrior and an imperial storm-trooper – not usually found in windmills. Our models for the evening, Natasha Bizarra and Evan Davies, also appeared later as cat woman and Kylo Ren (son of Han Solo and Princess Leia). A real challenge for our photographers who were given a one-to-one with the models and a free hand to stage manage their own photos. Phil once again looked after everyone and provided an amazing selection of chocolate biscuits – believe me his photoshoots are well worth attending. It was good to have the opportunity to meet up with APS members not seen since the club closed for the summer break.

by Philip Hinton

Catwoman (Natasha Bizarra) by Sean Harding

Catwoman (Natasha Bizarra) by Sean Harding

Monday, 4 July 2016

Anthony Baines Wins The RCN "Care On Camera" Photography Competition

Back in November 2015 the Royal College of Nursing in conjunction with the Royal Photographic Society launched a photographic competition.
In 2016 the Royal College of Nursing celebrates 100 years as the voice of nursing.
To mark this milestone in our history we've joined with the Royal Photographic Society and NHS Employers to look for the best photographs that illustrate UK nursing in all its diversity. 
We want to see your images showing nursing in different environments; whether that’s a hospital ward, an industrial setting or your own front room. It’s your chance to capture pictures of nurses, midwives and health care assistants both in and out of uniform; in the NHS and private sectors; as practitioners, teachers and students. 
Collectively the photographs from this competition will contribute a record of contemporary nursing to the RCN archives, and shortlisted images will also form a touring exhibition that will help people understand that nursing is not just confined to hospital wards, but comes in many different guises.
Anthony decided to enter the competition and after being short-listed, it was announced in June that he had won the Gold Award for his photograph, "Community Nursing Care at Home", chosen from more than 800 entries (

Congratulations Anthony, well deserved.

I would recommend reading Anthony's own blog were he details how he went about creating his winning photograph.

Community Nursing Care at Home by Anthony Baines