Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Success galore at the KCPA Annual Exhibition!

Ashford Photographic Society members had unprecedented success at this season's Annual Exhibition.

Selection took place at Detling Village Hall over the weekend of 1st and 2nd April, Judged by Peter Young DPAGB AFIAP APAGB, Phil Charnock  FRPS, MPAGB, MFIAP and Gwen Charnock FRPS, MPAGB, MFIAP.

As well as established members doing very well, it was great to see a number of our newer members getting acceptances in both prints and PDIs.

Full results can be found on the KCPA web site: http://www.kcpa.co.uk/2017/04/kcpa-print-pdi-exhibition-details - and below are the Ashford members' highlights.

Special mentions go to Stephen Cheek and Philip Hinton for their gold medals.


Merit Anthony Wright Confetti

Accepted Anthony Wright Father and Son

Merit Anthony Wright Selfie

Merit Bob Devine Great Grey Owl Backlit

Merit Bob Devine Lion Aggression

Merit Bob Devine Zebra Anger

Merit Bob Devine Cheetah Moves Kill

Merit Bob Devine Cheetah With 3 Cubs

Merit Christopher Rogers I Think I'm Nearly There

Accepted Christopher Rogers Battle Worn

Merit George Pearson Smooth Rock, Cool Colours

Accepted George Pearson Red, Green and One Wonky Post

Accepted George Pearson Water is Weird

Accepted George Pearson Abandoned Home

Accepted George Pearson Making a Statement

Ribbon Kyle Tallett To The Girl I Left behind

Accepted Kyle Tallett Not Hearing the Word of the Lord

Accepted Maria O'Connell Boom

Accepted Maria O'Connell Pile Up At Paddock Hill

Accepted Maria O'Connell It's My Life

Accepted Maria O'Connell Red Stag Standing Proud

Merit Michael Gilburt Alicja Rosolska Approaching the Net

Accepted Michael Gilburt A Swing and Missed

Accepted Michael Gilburt An Attacking Field

Accepted Michael Gilburt Keeper Spills Chance 

Accepted Michael Gilburt Fairies Bonnets Fungus

Accepted Michael Gilburt Meadow Brown with Parasitic Mite

Merit Michael Routley Descent Into Hell

Accepted Neville Marsh Missed By The Keeper

Accepted Neville Marsh Side By Side

Accepted Neville Marsh You've Just Been Bowled

Accepted Neville Marsh SN19 Ahead

Merit Neville Marsh Common Spotted Orchid, Crab Spider with Prey

Ribbon Phil Drury Female Kingfisher with a Speared Fish

Merit Phil Drury Male Bearded Reedling

Accepted Phil Drury Female Chalkhill Blue on Grass

Accepted Philip L Hinton Cos-Play Warrior

Accepted Philip L Hinton My Dreams Dictate My Beauty

Accepted Philip L Hinton The Haunting

Accepted Philip L Hinton Don't Fear The Reaper

Merit Philip L Hinton Jo A Dark Portrait

Merit Philip L Hinton Robert

Accepted Philip L Hinton Tate A Tate

Gold Stephen Cheek Crossing the Mara

Ribbon Stephen Cheek Eaten Alive

Merit Stephen Cheek Lions at Dawn

Accepted Stephen Cheek Hiding Behind Mum

Accepted Steve O'Connor The Contender

Accepted Steve O'Connor Horseman’s Apocalypse

Accepted Stuart Thompson In Thoughtful Mood


Accepted Anthony Baines High-G Turn By A Belgian F-16

Accepted Anthony Baines South Manhattan Evening

Accepted Anthony Baines Vapour Condenses Over The Wings of a Typhoon FRG4 In A High G Turn

Accepted Anthony Baines Male Kestrel With Prey

Merit Anthony Wright Ominous Clouds

Accepted Anthony Wright The Rhue Light House

Accepted Anthony Wright Keep the Gate Closed

Accepted Anthony Wright Mountain and Clouds

Accepted Anthony Wright A Grandma

Merit Bob Devine Hoopoe Has Caterpillar

Accepted Bob Devine Great Grey Owl Hunting In Snow

Accepted Bob Devine Lion Cub Attacks

Accepted Christopher Rogers Always In Stock

Accepted Fiona Beadle Caracal

Accepted Fiona Beadle Farm Girl

Merit Karen Saunders Freezing Fog At Fairfield

Accepted Kyle Tallett Wedding in Oia

Merit Kyle Tallett The Pier and The Receding Tide

Accepted Kyle Tallett The Bride In The Arch

Accepted Kyle Tallett A Brown Hare Washing

Accepted Kyle Tallett Juvenile Stonechat

Accepted Kyle Tallett Danni

Merit Martin Till Male Bearded Reedling

Accepted Martin Till Dew - Laden Marbled White On Scabious

Accepted Martin Till Kingfisher Disabling It's Catch

Accepted Michael Routley Pearl Moon Serenity

Gold Philip L Hinton Chloe Melancholy Baby

Accepted Steve O'Connor Spirit of Rock

Accepted Stuart Thompson Buster

Accepted Stuart Thompson The Engine Driver

Accepted Sue Chapman Creative Cowparsley

Accepted Sue Chapman The Moon's A Balloon

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Club Report - A Talk by Chris Rogers CPAGB

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday, 31st March, Chris Rogers CPAGB, our Vice Chairman, talked us through his PAGB print panel, and then produced some amazing wildlife photography taken during his trip round Namibia and Botswana. His panel covered a variety of images including a red-eyed green tree frog, a humming bird (a day and a half in the taking), pictures from Cambodia, Botswana and, closer to home, Howletts Zoo, which the judges quite rightly deemed deserving of a CPAGB. Camping in the Kalahari Desert and touring Botswana by means of truck, boat and plane seemed to take suffering for the sake of art to hazardous extremes, but sharing space with the wildlife certainly produced some stunning photography. There were images of everything you could find in Howletts and much more, but this time with no cages, all living their lives in close proximity to the campers. The wonderful orange sand and dead trees made for good photography but meant that the animals were always on the hunt. Chris’s fascination for elephants almost lost us the opportunity to see this wonderful collection of images – we are so glad he survived to tell us such wonderful tales and to make the evening so enjoyable.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Club Report – 6th PDI Competition (Friday 24th Mar)

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday, March 24th, the judge for our 6th PDI League Competition was Paul Adams ARPS DPAGB FDPS, a member of Bexleyheath Camera Club, on the KCPA Judges Panel and General Secretary of the Disabled Photographers Society. Paul is a KCPA Premier Judge and has been a long-time friend of APS, judging many of our competitions. It was a busy evening with 65 entries, almost evenly distributed between the three divisions. Paul’s experienced eye soon found any areas he considered too bright, any ‘small distractions’ which he felt could be removed, lighting and balance were important, and he always looked for the ‘story’ behind the image. It may be worth remembering next time his name appears in the little book that ‘less is more’ – two coins, two plectrums, two cards – two of anything was just too much for him. This was an important end of season competition which will decide the winners and losers for this year, so Paul’s decision was awaited with bated breath. Paul chose:

Division 1:  1st Philip Hinton with Stalking in East London, 2nd Philip Hinton with Yoshimi Being Enigmatic, 3rd Sue Chapman with Summer Memories.

Summer Memories by Sue Chapman

Division 2:  1st Chris Yates with Determination, 2nd Graham Salt with Spitfire and Mustang Duo, 3rd Graeme Andrews with Emerald Green Damselfly

Spitfire and Mustang Duo by Graham Salt

Division 3:  1st Phil Drury with Female Kingfisher with a Speared Fish, 2nd Paul Gardiner with Singapore Skyline, 3rd Dominique Huxley with Tate Britain.

Singapore Skyline by Paul Gardiner

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Club Report - A Talk By Cathy Roberts

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday, 17th March we were treated to a delightful evening of photography when Cathy Roberts EFIAP FRPS DPAGB BPE2*, a member of Arena, Mirage and Beckenham Photographic Society, gave her talk on ‘Ways of Seeing’, and this, it must be stressed, is Cathy’s way of seeing. We were shown beautiful misty images of dancers where only their movement was captured, the lightest impressions of flowers, and isolated trees in vast snowy landscapes. Cathy’s love of and enthusiasm for photography was obvious, - she was infectious and inspiring in everything she did. Happy to do extra work on images, lots of dodging and burning, use of infra red, light boxes and tissue paper, a love of prints and colour but also happy to convert to black and white, a lot of her inspiration taken from established artists and photographers. Serendipity indeed – a talent for making fortunate discoveries while searching for other things. Congratulations to our team for bringing Cathy to APS and if you were unable to be with us on Friday, find her images at cathyrobertsphotography.co.uk.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Club Report – PDI Theme Competition (Friday 10th Mar)

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday, 10th March our judge for the PDI Theme Competition was June Sharpe LRPS of Isle of Thanet Camera Club, on her first visit to APS.  June explained that she had very definite views on judging, and liked to judge images as they were presented, not upon what perhaps the photographer could have taken had circumstances been different. Even so, she had a difficult task before her, as it was clear that members had put a lot of work into this competition both outdoors with their cameras and back home with their computers. We have some very serious photographers at APS. June commented on each image individually and also as a ‘themed panel’, pointing out where the weakness or incompatibility of an image upset the balance as a whole. I think June mentioned that she was a teacher and she certainly taught us quite a lot, with extra details and stories about the images before her. An excellent competition evening at APS. 

1st Anthony Wright with Shallow Depths, 2nd Sue Chapman with Talliston House, 3rd George Pearson with Birds on Ice Shelf.

Shallow Depths by Anthony Wright

Talliston House by Sue Chapman

Birds on Ice Shelf by George Pearson

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Club Report - A Talk By Ian DPAGB and Marie-Laure DPAGB EFIAP GOLD Stone

Philip Hinton writes

On Friday 3rd March, Ian Stone DPAGB and his wife Marie-Laure Stone DPAGB EFIAP GOLD BPE5*, both members of Folkestone Camera Club, presented a talk entitled the Silk Route.

Ian and Marie-Laure began with an update of the distinctions they have gained since their last visit to APS two years ago, Ian showing the images that helped him achieve his DPAGB and Marie-Laure her BPE5* and Gold. They then moved on to the journey they undertook across China, beginning in Beijing and travelling west across the country by road and rail via Xian, following the old Silk Road. This was illustrated with four twelve minute audio visual sections showing markets, temples and the many people they met along the way, with a sound track of music from the various regions they visited. The plight of indigenous peoples under Chinese rule was highlighted as they ended in Kyrgyzstan with the horse riders of this country, their images of the horse games known as Kok Boru (or the dead goat game) showing the skill of the local tribesmen. One of these images won Ian a competition that allowed them to go on another trip, expenses paid.

Merlin Plucking Dunnock by Marie-Laure

Young Kyrgyz rider by Marie-Laure

I am talking to you by Marie Laure

Hill Tribe Woman, Myanmar by Ian

The Onlookers on Hudson Bay by Ian

Kok Boru Horse Game Kyrgystan by Ian

Monday, 27 February 2017

Club Report – 5th PDI Competition (Friday 24th Feb)

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday 24th February the judge for our 5th PDI Competition was Zoe Garnham-Archer, a member of Invicta Camera Club. The quality of entries in all divisions was high and covered all subjects – portrait, landscape, wildlife, sport, street photography and some really impressive sunsets. Zoe analysed each image in detail and felt that the photographers had made the best of the opportunities presented to them, especially with the wildlife shots which, of course, have to be taken carefully and instantly or the moment is lost. The following images were chosen by Zoe:

Division 1:  1st Garry Shorter with Colin Blackbourne Leads Paul Whitelam, 2nd Anthony Wright with Ominous Sky, 3rd Garry Shorter with Pencils at One-Sixth of a Second.
Ominous Sky by Anthony Wright

Division 2:  1st Mark Caldwell with St. Catherine Kree, 2nd Martin Tilling with I Said – Nothing to See Here, 3rd Graham Salt with Flying Tiger.
Flying Tiger by Graham Salt

Division 3:  1st Paul Gardiner with San Giorgio Maggiori, 2nd Spencer Stone with Branching Out, 3rd Fiona Beadle with Quenched.
San Giorgio Maggiori by Paul Gardiner

The Small Print Competition, 3rd Round, results are as follows :

1st Fiona Beadle with Autumn Gold, 2nd Peter Skynner with We Passed our Test on Wednesday, 3rd Peter Skynner with They’re Going to Get Wet.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Club Report - A Talk By Spencer Stone and David Hughes

Marjorie Burge writes:

Congratulations to both Spencer Stone and David Hughes for the thought and preparation put into their presentations on Friday. Both very different. Spencer took us on a tour of  Port Lympne, Hole Park, Godinton Park, Finchcocks, Brands Hatch, London architecture, the night sky, his addiction to sunrises, sunsets and Lego, and his progress through Panasonic, Nikon, Canon to the iphone and apps. Spencer likes to find a different view in familiar situations, knows his night sky intimately, looks to experiment and is obviously enjoying his adventures in photography. David took us on a visit to Arizona to see his brother-in-law, living the American life in the desert with family, horses and goats for company. We took part in the Fort Verde Carnival, a good old-fashioned affair with Wells Fargo, those huge trucks, floats from schools, Apaches, musicians, and lots of American flags. Then to the Montezuma Well with a tourist trail of signs, Jerome with its iron mines, Antelope Canyon and finally the Grand Canyon.  David talked us through the hazards of visiting but his photography showed that they were all well worth the time, and took us to places we might otherwise never have seen. A really good evening of personal stories and photography from APS members.

by Spencer Stone

by Spencer Stone

by Spencer Stone

by Spencer Stone

by David Hughes

by David Hughes

by David Hughes

by David Hughes

Saturday, 18 February 2017

KCPA Diamond Jubilee Trophy 2017

Neville Marsh writes:

Congratulations to APS - we have won the Diamond Jubilee Trophy for the second year in a row so it's off the Warwick again in July.

Not only did we win the competition but Martin's image "Female Chalkhill Blue" was awarded the Premier Award Certificate together with the Ashford PS Shield  whilst Neil French gained a Merit Award Certificate with "In Memoriam Auschwitz" so many congratulations to Martin and to Neil - and well done the Selectors!

The individual marks were:  Determination by Chris Yates  - 15
                                              Dew laden Marbled White by Martin Till - 16
                                              Female Chalkhill Blue  by Martin  Till - 20
                                              In memoriam Auschwitz by Neil French - 18
                                              I thought he was with me by Anthony Wright - 13
                                              Male bearded reedling by Phill Drury - 16
                                              Missed by the keeper by Neville Marsh - 15
                                              Wedding in OIA by Kyle Tallett - 14      

Our total was 127, one more than Malling whilst Maidstone and Parkwood were equal third with 124.

Neville Marsh, Ashford P.S representative with KCPA president, Chris Shore and Judge Peter Cheetham HonPAGB

The judge, Peter Cheetham from the Midlands, only gave one 20, one 19  and five 18s so you can see that the marking was not overly generous.

Crowborough Community Hall was a splendid venue with excellent black-out and excellent projection and the whole afternoon went off like clockwork - well done to Chris Shore as KCPA President/compere and the organising team (and their helpers) for a splendid afternoon.

Female Chalkhill Blue  by Martin Till

In memoriam Auschwitz by Neil French

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Club Report – Rural Landscape Competition (Friday 10th Feb)

Marjorie Burge writes:

Our judge for the John Wigmore Rural Landscape Trophy competition on Friday 10th February was Tony Bentley ARPS, Chairman of Invicta Camera Club and a Provisional KCAP judge.  Always a popular competition there were 71 PDI entries and 26 prints, a mammoth task for our judge who, even so, managed to comment clearly and perceptively on each and every image. Tony had a sharp eye for detail - small blemishes, untidy edges, imperceptibly sloping horizons – disliked obvious Photoshop work – liked the monochromes and misty images. His approach was ‘What do I like in this image? What don’t I like?’ which worked well. Tony held back quite a large number of entries in each group before thinning them down to his final choice. The quality, as always at APS, was high, and many outstanding entries had to be passed over before the winning images were chosen.  

Prints:  1st Avril Christensen with Boating Pool at Sunset, 2nd Peter Skynner with They Passed This Way at Night for Spain, 3rd Anthony Wright with The Rhue Lighthouse.

PDI:  1st Graeme Andrews with Mist Sets in Over Challock Hill, 2nd John Wigmore with Multiple Strikes, 3rd George Pearson with A Colourful Barrier

The overall winner of the John Wigmore Rural Landscape Trophy was Avril Christensen with her print Boating Pool at Sunset.

Overall Winner:  Boating Pool at Sunset by Avril Christensen

Mist Sets in Over Challock Hill by Graeme Andrews

Multiple Strikes by John Wigmore

A Colourful Barrier by George Pearson

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Club Report – 3rd Print Competition (Friday 3rd Feb)

Marjorie Burge writes:

Cherry Larcombe ARPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE4*, a member of Thanet Camera Club, and a KCPA Premier Judge, was our judge for the 3rd Print Competition on Friday 3rd February.

Cherry’s experience as a working photographer came through clearly as she commented not only on the images but also on the quality of mounts, the printing and the paper – glossy not used so much now, she said, but still appropriate for some images.  Titles were important too, and defined what was most important in the image. Images fell into certain categories – minimalist, pattern, abstract – and it was clear that Cherry preferred them to be peaceful and attractive.  She was very aware of the difficulties faced by the photographer and was extremely caring when pointing out areas requiring improvement. With 79 entries of very high quality, Cherry had a difficult evening but was quite clear when it came to picking out her chosen images. Cherry’s photography can be found at www.cherryannette.com showing her own individual style and her many achievements in the world of photography. It was a good evening and Cherry’s careful comments were much appreciated.

Division 1:  1st Philip Hinton with The Good The Bad and The Ugly, 2nd Kyle Tallett with The Bride in the Arch, 3rd Anthony Wright with a Grandma

The Good The Bad and The Ugly by Philip Hinton

Division 2:  1st Mike Routley with Pearl Moon Serenity, 2nd Mike Routley with Stairwell, City Hall, 3rd Chris Yates with Arctic Tree Line.

Arctic Tree Line by Chris Yates

Division 3:  1st Fiona Beadle with Last House on the Left, 2nd Dominique Huxley with Rose Flamingo, 3rd Maria O’Connell with Hands Free.

Last House on the Left by Fiona Beadle

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Club Report - A Talk By Glyn Bareham ARPS CPAGB

Marjorie Burge writes:

A good evening on Friday 27th January when Glyn Bareham ARPS CPAGB showed us some of his prints under the title of ‘Seeing or Just Looking’. Glyn, a member of Seaford Photographic Society and Invicta Photographic Club, is a long-standing friend of APS and always welcome. The first hour was given over to pictures from his travels around the coast. Glyn made it quite clear that these pictures were taken to please himself, not for entering into competitions. He liked minimalist and simplistic scenes, shapes and silhouettes, loved his sky and diffused lighting through the clouds. Some of his images told stories that were only apparent once explained to the viewer, holding secrets that only Glyn recognised. Not all new prints, some from film, and even some from slides. Lovely images, carefully explained. Then images of sculptures, and shapes, and more experimental photography to please himself. Very emotionally involved in his photography - as the title of his talk said, more seeing than just looking.