Sunday, 19 March 2017

Club Report - A Talk By Cathy Roberts

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday, 17th March we were treated to a delightful evening of photography when Cathy Roberts EFIAP FRPS DPAGB BPE2*, a member of Arena, Mirage and Beckenham Photographic Society, gave her talk on ‘Ways of Seeing’, and this, it must be stressed, is Cathy’s way of seeing. We were shown beautiful misty images of dancers where only their movement was captured, the lightest impressions of flowers, and isolated trees in vast snowy landscapes. Cathy’s love of and enthusiasm for photography was obvious, - she was infectious and inspiring in everything she did. Happy to do extra work on images, lots of dodging and burning, use of infra red, light boxes and tissue paper, a love of prints and colour but also happy to convert to black and white, a lot of her inspiration taken from established artists and photographers. Serendipity indeed – a talent for making fortunate discoveries while searching for other things. Congratulations to our team for bringing Cathy to APS and if you were unable to be with us on Friday, find her images at

Monday, 13 March 2017

Club Report – PDI Theme Competition (Friday 10th Mar)

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday, 10th March our judge for the PDI Theme Competition was June Sharpe LRPS of Isle of Thanet Camera Club, on her first visit to APS.  June explained that she had very definite views on judging, and liked to judge images as they were presented, not upon what perhaps the photographer could have taken had circumstances been different. Even so, she had a difficult task before her, as it was clear that members had put a lot of work into this competition both outdoors with their cameras and back home with their computers. We have some very serious photographers at APS. June commented on each image individually and also as a ‘themed panel’, pointing out where the weakness or incompatibility of an image upset the balance as a whole. I think June mentioned that she was a teacher and she certainly taught us quite a lot, with extra details and stories about the images before her. An excellent competition evening at APS. 

1st Anthony Wright with Shallow Depths, 2nd Sue Chapman with Talliston House, 3rd George Pearson with Birds on Ice Shelf.

Shallow Depths by Anthony Wright

Talliston House by Sue Chapman

Birds on Ice Shelf by George Pearson

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Club Report - A Talk By Ian DPAGB and Marie-Laure DPAGB EFIAP GOLD Stone

Philip Hinton writes

On Friday 3rd March, Ian Stone DPAGB and his wife Marie-Laure Stone DPAGB EFIAP GOLD BPE5*, both members of Folkestone Camera Club, presented a talk entitled the Silk Route.

Ian and Marie-Laure began with an update of the distinctions they have gained since their last visit to APS two years ago, Ian showing the images that helped him achieve his DPAGB and Marie-Laure her BPE5* and Gold. They then moved on to the journey they undertook across China, beginning in Beijing and travelling west across the country by road and rail via Xian, following the old Silk Road. This was illustrated with four twelve minute audio visual sections showing markets, temples and the many people they met along the way, with a sound track of music from the various regions they visited. The plight of indigenous peoples under Chinese rule was highlighted as they ended in Kyrgyzstan with the horse riders of this country, their images of the horse games known as Kok Boru (or the dead goat game) showing the skill of the local tribesmen. One of these images won Ian a competition that allowed them to go on another trip, expenses paid.

Merlin Plucking Dunnock by Marie-Laure

Young Kyrgyz rider by Marie-Laure

I am talking to you by Marie Laure

Hill Tribe Woman, Myanmar by Ian

The Onlookers on Hudson Bay by Ian

Kok Boru Horse Game Kyrgystan by Ian