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PDI Theme Trophy Competition

Report courtesy of Marjorie Burge.

On Friday 9th March, our judge for the PDI Theme Trophy Competition was Tony Bentley ARPS CPAGB of Invicta Camera Club. This is a very different competition, with the emphasis on connection rather than perfection. APS photographers had put together 21 entries, some carefully set up, some from their travels at home and abroad - brick-making in Africa, Cemeteries, Welsh slate mines, London reflections, Sea World Orlando, Yorkshire sheep, Canterbury cricket, Faversham Hop Festival, cemeteries, life on a dying ash, bees, ballerinas, flowers and even Lego - a mixture of colour and mono, straight and arty. Tony commented carefully on each individual image and also on the overall connection between images, admitting this was the first theme competition he had been asked to judge. Sometimes he felt a particular image didn't rest easily with the others, and here, occasionally he put his own interpretation on the sequence, when perhaps the title should hav…
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5th PDI

Ashford Photographic Society

On Friday 23rd  February, Cherry Larcombe ARPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE3* of Isle of Thanet Camera Club, a KCPA Premier Judge, was the judge for our 5th PDI Competition. A good entry, with 71 images over three divisions. Lots of variety - architecture, landscapes, sport, portraits, wildlife, - with high quality images, particularly in Division 1. Cherry, who has her own unique style of photography, gave every image her full attention, finding what was best and what could perhaps be improved. Take from a lower position to raise an image up and away from the background was her advice, and experiment, change your position, take from every angle. Colour was important to Cherry, lighting – some days just too bright – and, as always, cropping to take away distractions and concentrate on the main subject. Marcus Rainbow, in giving the vote of thanks, said he felt Cherry had said something positive and constructive about every image, and this summed it all up. A good judge…

Diamond Jubilee Trophy hat-trick

Yesterday afternoon, KCPA members at Ditton Community Centre witnessed Ashford Photographic Society lift the Diamond Jubilee Trophy for an unprecedented third year in a row.

After the introductions, our judge Jay Charnock FRPS, commented on an image from each of the 33 clubs that had entered. She chose Golden Eagle in Diamond Dust by Phil Drury from our selection to give her critique. She praised the composition and exposure of the tricky back-lit subject and how the diamond dust added to the atmosphere of the shot. It scored a maximum 20 points.

Next, Jay announced the Merit Awards. We were delighted to hear that Driving Rain on the Masai Mara by Stephen Cheek was successful in this category.

Ashford Photographic Society scored 152 points out of a maximum of 160, winning by one point over Maidstone Camera Club on 151.

Individual images and scores from our entries:

Thanks to all members for your submissions and for challenging the selection committee to pick their top 8 images. Indeed…

Members' talks: Karen Saunders and Di Long

Results of the Rural Landscape competition

3rd print competition