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3rd Print

Report by Marjorie Burge.

On Friday 1st February we were delighted to welcome Clive Tanner FRPS DPAGB of Maidstone Camera Club, a KCPA premier Judge, Chairman of the KCPA Judges Panel, an ex-President of the KCPA and ex-council member of the RPS, making him excellently qualified to judge our 3rd Print Competition. Clive is a good friend of APS and was well prepared for the 77 quality prints laid out for his inspection. Clive is very honest in his criticism, viewing the image as a whole before commenting, and even with images not to his liking, finding something to praise. Not a lot to be altered, but, as always, darkening down those bright spots, and very hot on halos and careless framing. He was often looking for some extra input from the photographer to bring an image alive – would like to see more mermaids - and was quick to praise original ideas. He held back a quantity of images before choosing his winners, giving hope, encouragement and suspense to his audience. We thanked our j…
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4th PDI

Report by Marjorie Burge.

Friday 18th January was our 4th PDI, with Tony Bentley ARPS CPAGB of Invicta Camera Club, judging the 68 entries in the competition. Tony has judged for us before, covering the PDI Theme last year. He has his own judging style, very confident, plain speaking, straight in. Each image was carefully examined for sharpness and composition, and any overly bright patches quickly spotted - post processing was a must, and corners were a worry, Tony liked them shaded. There were some amazing images in all divisions and I felt sometimes the overall image was lost in the discussion of detail but with the high quality of APS photography we make  life difficult for the judges. Choosing the winning images was not easy and Tony held back eight in Division 1 before making his final choice. A good evening at APS, Tony’s judging is definitely not boring, he kept us entertained throughout.

Title of the Week - ‘Oh Look – A Daisy’.  

Division 1:
1st Chris Rogers with Early Morn…

Remote Rural Romania by George Pearson DPAGB, ARPS

Many of us photographers when faced with a difficult situation have to make moral decisions. These are not just personal to us but could impact on the lives of others. I had not expected when in a European country to be faced with quite so many ethical dilemmas as in Romania. (More later).
In October 2018, on a photo tour organized by Jacob James from Intrepid Exposures, I met with Richard and Martin and our Romanian photographer, chauffeur and guide Mihnea to examine and record cultural change in rural Romania. We spent 3 days in each of the locations, the Apuseni Mountains, Maramures and the South Carpathian Mountains staying in basic accommodation mostly guesthouses. The experience was stimulating, troubling and in parts hugely rewarding.
Our guide had for many years made personal visits to these areas observing the consequences of the 10% emigration in the last 4 years from Romania into Western Europe. He has built up a deep knowledge and sensitivity to the plight of those left b…

Talk by Roger Hance

Report by Marjorie Burge.

On Friday 14th December, we were delighted to welcome Roger Hance BPE5* FRPS AFIAP, a member of Ipswich and District Photographic Society, showing his photography under the title ‘The More I Practice the Luckier I get’. Roger is an enthusiastic speaker, eager to share his knowledge and pass on everything he has learned during his many years in photography. Natural history seems to be his first love with sport a close second, and his secret is to ‘know your subject’. Catching birds, snakes, insects, hedgehogs and anything in the wild means learning when they are at their best, so you need to be an early riser – he even knows how to talk to red grouse on the Scottish Moors! We saw some beautiful images taken in nature parks where the animals have adjusted to people and don’t take fright. Roger applied the same rule to sport ‘you must learn the rules of the game’ to get the best images, and where to stand to make sure they are coming towards you – lots of strong…

PDI theme

Report by Marjorie Burge

On Friday 7th December, Paul Parkinson LRPS CPAGB of Aperture Woolwich Camera Club, on his first visit to APS, was judge for our PDI Theme Trophy Competition. There was a good entry and all our photographers had taken great care in putting their images together, some with a story, all with a connection, covering wildlife, wild water, walking with dinosaurs, groynes, hairspray, and many imaginative images captured from walks and holidays. Our judge was quite severe when eliminating some of the entries, and although this has to be done to hold back the best, it must have been quite disheartening to be so summarily dismissed. He wanted more power and diversity, more contrast and energy, and although he expected use of Photoshop, especially to tidy up blemishes, he didn’t want to know that it had been used – quite hot on halos. Some sets fell down on just one image which he felt upset the balance of the others – quality above quantity - and some were simply overta…

3rd PDI report

Report by Marjorie Burge.

On Friday 30th November, Ray Bridges LRPS CPAGB ADPS BPE3* of Maidstone and Tenterden Camera Clubs, was our judge for the 3rd PDI competition of the season. Ray is a good friend of APS and a fair and honest judge. There were 76 images to comment upon, spread across three divisions, and Ray was careful to give each image equal attention. He was generous in his praise and obviously delighted with many of the images, giving lots of hints along the way – time of day gives different light, vignetting needs to be unobtrusive, found some images on the soft side, and some landscapes a little flat, and, as always, found many areas he felt would benefit from cropping. He encouraged the use of Photoshop, saying ‘it’s a digital world’, and although conscious that this wasn’t allowed in the many natural history images entered would still have liked to tidy some of them up. The quality of all entries was high, and some really good images fell down on just one small point w…

Talk by Chris Bell

Report by Marjorie Burge.

On Friday 23rd November, our invited speaker was Chris Bell, telling the story of his life in photography. Chris, graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Masters Degree in Photography in 1978 and spent his early years in teaching before turning to photography as a full time career. Showing his early images taken in the late seventies, he explained how he approached his reportage photography – ‘making images’ he called it - always be ready for something to happen, don’t wait or you will miss it, and, if possible, get in close. These were images that cannot be repeated. The streets then, in the seventies, were vastly different to the ones we have now – children walking around, playing, teenagers sitting on walls, people living their lives openly, the roads clear of cars and all the clutter that goes with road safety now. And Chris was there with his camera recording it all in black and white. This photography was all before digital and the ease of Photosh…