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Salute to the forties

Yesterday saw our second club outing of the season to The Historic Dockyard Chatham for the Salute to the Forties.

The event provides an opportunity to photograph a range of civilian and military re-enactors and vehicles from the wartime period. The weather stayed dry and, for the most part, overcast, making it great for outdoor photography.

It was good to see people of all ages entering into the spirit.

There must be a sweet in there somewhere!
Not just people, but pets too.

You looking at me?
There were two stages set up with a number of very good performers giving renditions of tunes from the era.

Elegant fiddling
I got chatting to Mickie Driver just before he took to the stage and he kindly agreed to pose for me.

Mickie Driver
Our next outing is on the 7th October to Rye.