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Nicholas Hill ARPS success

                                                           Nick's successful ARPS panel

We are pleased to announce that Nicholas Hill has been successful in being awarded the Associateship  of The Royal Photographic Society [ARPS]. This Distinction is awarded for a high degree of proficiency and the demonstration of a high technical and visual competence.

Nick travelled to Cuba in May 2012 with the expectation of finding and photographing Cuban boxers as his subjects for the preparation of his panel of 15 photographs. Nick was lucky enough to get invited to the Cuban national facilities where their Olympic team was training. The whole experience was beautifully rounded off when he acquired tickets to watch Roniel Iglesias win gold at the Olympics in London this summer. Nick wonders if it was the first ARPS panel that has been produced in extreme heat whilst suffering from a chest infection and a raging temperature in Cuba. Nick visited a doctor in Cuba who listened to his chest whilst smoking a cigar!

Many congratulations Nick with a superb collection of images.