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Philip Hinton ARPS

It was only a year ago that Philip was celebrating achieving his LRPS. Inspired by this success, Philip embarked on the challenge of producing the cohesive panel of 15 images together for his ARPS submission.

He traveled down to RPS headquarters in Bath to attend the assessment on 26th June and sat with twenty other photographers to hear the judge's comments. Philip's panel came up just before lunch and, to his relief and delight, was accepted unanimously by the judging panel.

When submitting an ARPS panel, the photographer must include a 'Statement of Intent', which puts the panel in context.

Here is Philip's statement:

My interest in photography began with a fascination for Victorian postcards that I collected in my teens. The romance and mystery of these anonymous,  grainy and faded sepia images, some risqué, even macabre, still influence me today.

Each print is a blend of multiple original  images that are textured and rendered with a modern palette, to create a panel with a unique atmosphere that evokes the real and imagined feminine mystique.

Philip's successful ARPS pane;