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2013-2014 season starts 6 September 2013

The new season for Ashford Photographic Society starts on Friday 6 September. We'll meet as usual at the Givaudan Sports and Social Club. We are open from 7.15pm and start at 7.45pm.

Ashford Photographic Society extends a warm welcome to everyone interested in any form of photography, whether you are a beginner or are very experienced. You are welcome to come and visit us to see what we have to offer, and to enjoy the photographs of our members.

The full programme for 2013-2014 is now available. Here are a few highlights to whet your appetite. In addition to our regular programme of competitions (prints and projected digital images) we have a series of excellent visiting speakers, whose photography covers a very wide range of interests. Among others we have:

22 Nov 2013 Paul Foley FRPS
06 Dec 2013 Roger Reynolds FRPS
10 Jan 2014 Baden Bowen
21 Feb 2014 Shirley Hollis ARPS
04 April 2014 Polina Plotnikova ARPS
09 May 2014 Dave Mason
23 May 2014 Cathy Roberts FRPS

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