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Club Report – 3rd PDI Competition (Friday 12th Dec)

Marjorie Burge writes:Paul Adams ARPS DPAGB FDPS was our judge on Friday 12th December for our 3rd Projected Images Competition. Paul, from Bexleyheath Camera Club, is a premier judge and also President of the Disabled Photographers Society, and this year he won best print in their Annual Exhibition. Paul is a very friendly judge and made sure we were all included in the evening as he kept us entertained and informed as he commented in depth on all images. Out of a high quality entry he chose the following: Division 1: 1st Richard Nutter with I’m Watching You, 2nd David Marsh with A Man From Planet Voca, 3rd Stephen Cheek with Lilac Breasted Roller Take-off A Man From Planet Voca by David MarshDivision 2: 1st Chris Rogers with Angry Hippo, 2nd Graham Salt with Hawker Hind at Old Warden, 3rd Chris Yates with Emilia. Emilia by Chris YatesDivision 3: 1st Les Gordon with Sarah Playing Barnada With Such Loathing, 2nd Steven Baker with A Balanced Breakfast, 3rd Alan Britton with Common Bonn…

Club Report – Friday 5th Dec

Marjorie Burge writes:Colin Page, a horticulturist who specialises in landscape and nature photography, was the ideal judge for our Natural History Competition on Friday. Colin has been a member of Rye & District Camera Club for forty years, and Chairman for 20 years. He is also Secretary of Rye Natural History Society, on the committee of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve and has over forty years experience in horticulture.  We had one of the highest entries for many years in this competition and gave Colin the difficult task of picking winners from images covering all aspects of wildlife – some of our photographers travel the world to seek out their favourite shots, some roam the countryside nearer home to catch the local flora and fauna. Colin commented not only from his own point of view as a judge but also from the photographer’s point of view. He understood the difficulties involved in catching the moment and was generous in his praise for all entries. Prints: 1st Anthony Wright w…

Club Report – Friday 28th Nov

Marjorie Burge writes:On Friday 28th November Bob Devine ARPS DPAGB BPE3* EFIAP gave us an insight into ‘The Wild Side of Bob’. A member of APS for over 25 years, Bob’s love of wildlife photography began with trips into his local countryside, happy if he could spot a fox or a badger. If you check his website at you will see that the images he now treasures are of much wilder animals. Bob enters his images in national and international competitions, gaining distinctions, medals, and silver and gold awards. Although he has travelled with his camera to many countries – America, Asia, Europe - Africa is his favourite hunting ground and he showed us some amazing images taken in and around the national parks of that country. An early start to the day ensured he caught that first light of the morning, and hours of patience and radio contact in the vast spaces gave him opportunities that took our breath away, for lions, tigers, elephants and many quite rare animals.…

Club Report – Friday 21st Nov

Marjorie Burge writes:Clive Tanner FRPS DPAGB from Maidstone Camera Club was our chosen judge for the 2nd Print Competition of the season. Clive’s background in judging over many years includes being the current Chairman of the KCPA Judges Panel, and a former President of the KCPA. Ample experience to enable him to judge the 98 prints that made up the three divisions in our competition. Clive gave each image detailed analysis, and it was clear that for Clive they must be attractive to look at, if possible contain some drama, tell a story and show some involvement from the photographer. Many images were classed as ‘competent’ but Clive was looking for ‘something more’, and chose the following : Division 1:  1st Philip Hinton with Maria – Goth Beauty, 2nd Anthony Baines with Rising on a Pillar of Smoke, 3rd Helen Taylor with Shells and Silk. Division 2:  1st Chris Yates with Typhoon Take-off, 2nd Mike Routley with London I Pods, 3rd Chris Yates with Watching Bricks Dry at Pluckley Bri…

Chris Rogers – Photographic Awards

We would like to congratulate Chris Rogers for winning an NCPF Ribbon in the Northern Counties International Salon of Photography 2014, Projected Digital Images Nature section, for his photograph “Baby Elephant in Late Sunlight”.  Chris also got an acceptance for “Angry Hippopotamus”.

Baby Elephant in Late Sunlight (Nature section) NCPF Ribbon
Well done Chris.

Northern Counties International Salon of Photography 2014

Club Report – Friday 14th Nov

Marjorie Burge writes:Friday was a Club Night and Nicholas Hill ARPS showed images under the title of “The Beauty of India”, from his recent visit to Jaipur, Pushkar and Varanasi. An excellent narrative took us on his travels through the wonderful countryside, architecture and people that make these area so attractive to photographers. His technical experience and pure love of photography was evident. Rising early meant he caught the morning light, so important to the gentle colours in the ancient buildings, and careful approach and interaction meant his portraits, particularly of the holy men and the camel traders, caught the their way of life as well as the person. Using a Medium Format Pentax and portable studio lighting Nicholas was able to capture some stunning images. Little wonder that he is USA Landscape Photographer of the Year. A great evening of photography enjoyed by all at APS. Sunrise with the Aghori by Nicholas HillWe would also like to congratulate Nicholas on recently…

Club Report – Mono Conversion Workshop

Last night’s mono conversion work shop was well attended.  Anthony took the first half, demonstrating various techniques in both Lightroom and Photoshop for converting images to black and white, including the use of channels and the Nik Silver Efex plugin.  Ian followed this by showing how he processes his cityscapes.  Ian’s notes are here:  Mono Conversion Notes

Club Report – Friday 31st Oct

Marjorie Burge writes:Zoe Garnham-Archer, an accredited KCPA judge, from Invicta Camera Club, was our judge for the 2nd PDI Competition. Zoe is planning to visit Mount Everest soon on a trekking expedition and would donate her travelling expenses for the evening towards that exciting adventure. But before that, another difficult task awaited her attention – deciding who to pick as winners from a high-quality entry in all three divisions. Zoe commented carefully and with much attention to detail on all entries and after short-listing to four or five images in each group, chose the following: Division 1: 1st Richard Nutter with Putting the Effort In, 2nd Sue Chapman with Godafoss Waterfalls Iceland, 3rd Sue Chapman with Curving Up. Godafoss Waterfalls Iceland by Sue ChapmanDivision 2: 1st Anthony Wright with Damselfly, 2nd Chris Yates with Ham Mill, 3rd Anthony Wright with Coco. Damselfly by Anthony WrightDivision 3: 1st Martin Tilling with It’s All About Control, 2nd Steven Baker wit…

Steve Bloom “Our Wild World”

Steve Bloom is a writer and a photographic artist who specialises in evocative images of the living world. Born in South Africa in 1953, he first used the camera to document life in South Africa during the apartheid years. He moved to England in 1977 and co-founded one of London’s leading photographic special effects companies. With the use of pioneering digital techniques, he quickly built up a world-wide client base and worked on many prestigious campaigns, including the official posters for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.On 13th November Steve will be doing his interactive talk “Our Wild World” at CCE (see poster for further details).For more details about Steve and his work please visit his website at

What’s on in November

Club Activities7thNo meeting – Givaudan fireworks display13thMono conversions (W)Anthony Baines ARPS & Ian Macey14thClub nightEntries for the 2nd Print Competition21st2nd Print Competition (P)Clive Tanner FRPS DPAGBSmall Print Competition – 2nd round (P)Entries for the Natural History and Record Competitions (DP)27thIntermediate Camera Skills (W)Martin Till LRPS28thThe wild side of Bob (D)Bob Devine ARPS DPAGB BPE3* EFIAPEntries for the 2rd Projected Images Competition(D) = Digital Projected Images
(P) = Prints
(DP) = Digital Projected Images and Prints
(W) = Workshops held at the Oak Room, Smeeth on Thursdays at 19.30
Other Activities2rd - 28th – Exclusive House Tours at Ightham Mote
For the first time from 3 November – 28 November, Ightham Mote will be offering visitors to the house exclusive tours of areas of the house with one of our room guides – no need to book. – 23rd – Origin Weekend
Celebrate ‘Origin Day’ at t…

Club Report – Friday 24th Oct

Marjorie Burge writes:Our judge for the Portrait competition on Friday was Darren Woolway ARPS, professional photographer based in Plumstead, specialising in automotive photography. Darren has his own approach to judging which he feels should not only pick out the winners but help all those who enter to improve their chances by giving hints on how to improve not just their photography but their final presentation of an image. There was a high entry in the competition, giving Darren a busy evening but he offered an informative and detailed comment on each and every image, choosing the following in both print and digital, before deciding on an overall winner: Prints: 1st Philip Hinton with The Discreet Charm of Love Lost in Time, 2nd Ian Macey with Concentration, 3rd Linda Thackeray with Siobhan With Dark Hair. PDI: 1st Lesley Parker with Lost Soul, 2nd Anthony Wright with Coco, 3rd Anthony Baines with Into The Desert. Congratulations to Lesley Parker the overall Winner of The Tony C…

Club Report – Monday 20th Oct

Monday 20th October was our Battle with Folkestone Camera Club (, for both PDI and Print, hosted by Folkestone. The judge for the evening was Clive Tanner FRPS DPAGB, and with the PDIs shown first we went into the break with a 9 point lead. After the break the prints were judged and the lead was extended by a further 7 points, giving Ashford an overall winning margin of 16 points.Ashford Photographic Society: 507
Folkestone Camera Club: 491Below are our scores and the winning image from each section.PDIAugur buzzard floats above Lake NakuruGeorge Pearson19 (3rd)Blue on greyGarry Shorter17Check mateGraeme Andrews19Checking out the opposition at the start of the raceStuart Thompson20 (1st)Common blues matingNeville Marsh18Crime sceneHelen Bramley15Galapagos sea lionsStephen Cheek15If you dareBob Dyer17Kingfisher with fish for mate No.1Richard Nutter18Porth NanvenMartin Till14Serval jumpBob Devine18The Alice Cooper bandGraham Salt17The Chapter HouseMark Cald…

Club Report – Friday 17th Oct

Marjorie Burge writes:On Friday evening at APS we were told all about ‘Seeing’ by Richard Walton FRPS MPAGB EFIAP BPE3*. Richard is currently a member of Invicta Camera Club and has been gaining knowledge of photography since buying his first camera in 1988. In 2011 Richard was appointed to the Visual Art Associateship and Fellowship Assessment Panel of the Royal Photographic Society and re-appointed to the Licentiate Assessment Panel and his photography reflects experience gained along the way. ‘Seeing’ means more than just looking, it means finding that little extra something that makes an image special to both the photographer and the viewer. Richard placed great emphasis on simplicity, and although it was obvious that monochrome was his first love he was happy to use colour where it brought a picture to life. We were treated to a stunning display of images from his travels, not all from abroad (he did have a very strong panel from Auschwitz), many from this country, particularly …

Club Report – Friday 10th Oct

Marjorie Burge writes:Roger Force FRPS DPAGB APAGB from Dartford & District Camera Club judged our first print competition on Friday. Roger, a PAGB judge, a Premier KCPA judge and also a KCPA Kent Judge Advisor, and his vast experience was evident as he commented meticulously on all images. His emphasis was on sharpness and originality, stressing that when judging so many entries his decision had to be made within a few seconds. His chosen winners were: Division 1: 1st Philip Hinton with The Discreet Charm, 2nd Nicholas Hill with The Sacrifice, 3rd Stuart Thompson with The Old Pier Swanage. Division 2: 1st Anthony Wright with Haystacks, 2nd Mike Routley with Light Through Yonder Window, 3rd Anthony Wright with Spanish DawnDivision 3: 1st Martin Tilling with Full Throttle, 2nd Les Gordon with The Cube London, 3rd Linda Thackeray with Beauty and The Beast. The Cube London by Les GordonThere was a large entry of high quality in all divisions and once again it is good to see some …

Camera Skills Workshops

I will be running two Camera Skills workshops, the first being on Thursday 23rd October and the second on Thursday 27th November. Both will be held at the Oak Room, Smeeth, starting at 19.45.

The topics I will be covering are:

Overview of Exposure
Understanding the relationship between Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO Controlling Exposure
Exposure compensationSensor Dynamic Range & HistogramsMetering ModesRAW vs JPEGUsing FiltersWhite Balance Camera Shooting Modes; which one to use when
Aperture priorityShutter priorityManualBulb
Lens overviewThe three factors controlling Depth of FieldFocal length and perspectiveFocusing
Focusing TechniquesChoosing and using a tripod
All members are welcome.

Martin Till

Photoshop Basics Workshop – Recommended Resources

Following on from last night’s well attended Photoshop Basics workshop here are the resources that Ian recommended:Glyn Dewis Ramelli
The Grid, Photoshop User TV, Photography Tips & Tricks

Club Report – Friday 3rd Oct

Marjorie Burge writes:Another great evening on Friday 3rd October when Ian Stone DPAGB and Marie Laure Stone DPAGB EFIAP BPE4* brought their ‘Worldwide Photography’ to the club. From small beginnings with a Kodak, and winning a trip to Australia their life of photography has indeed taken them worldwide, and we were lucky that they took time out to show us their amazing images of wildlife, landscapes and the people they met during their travels. Ian and Marie also took us through the steps they had taken along the way to achieve their skills, showing the wildlife panel Ian put together to gain his DPAGB and explaining some of the mysteries of distinctions. Distinctions well deserved as shown by their images of wild horses taken as they travelled through remote and wild areas in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Kokboru, Kyrgyz Game by Marie Laure Stone DPAGB BPE4 EFIAPMerlin Plucking A Dunnock by Ian Stone DPAGBNext Friday, 10th October, is our 1st Print Competition with Roger Force FRPS DPA…

What’s on in October

Club Activities3rdWorldwide Photography (D)Ian Stone DPAGB and Marie Laure Stone DPAGB EFIAP BPE4*9thBasic Photoshop (resizing, labelling & entering) (W)Sue Chapman ARPS10th1st Print Competition (P)Roger Force FRPS DPAGB APAGB1st Small Print CompetitionEntries for the Portrait Competition (P)17thSeeing (P)Richard Walton FRPS MPAGB EFIAP BPE3*Entries for the 2nd Projected Images Competition (D)20th“Battle with Folkestone” (DP) - Away23rdBasic Camera Skills (W)Martin Till LRPS24thPortrait Competition (P)Darren Woolway ARPS31st2nd Projected Image Competition (D)Zoe Garnham-Archer(D) = Digital Projected Images
(P) = Prints
(DP) = Digital Projected Images and Prints
(W) = Workshops held at the Oak Room, Smeeth on Thursdays at 19.30
Other Activities2nd - 5th – Tenterden Folk Festival
Four days of folk, music and dance in Tenterden town centre from the 2nd - 5th October.  Barn dances, concerts, Morris dancers, workshops, folk clubs, sing-a-rounds, music sessions, craft, music and street stall…

Club Report – Friday 26th Sept

Friday 26th September was our 1st PDI competition and we were delighted to have Sue Flood DPAGB as our judge for the evening. Sue is a KCPA accredited judge, and a long-standing member of Sittingbourne Camera Club, having served on their committee from 1985 to 2012 including a term as Chairman. The images to be judged were of the usual APS high standard and Sue gave them her full attention, choosing the following:-Division 1: 1st Martin Till with Porth Nanven; 2nd Stuart Thompson with Fight for the Lead; 3rd Richard Nutter with Little Owl on Stump.Porth Nanven by Martin TillDivision 2: 1st Anthony Wright with Willow; 2nd David Hughes with United Nation; 3rd Chris Rogers with Little Egret in Flight.Willow by Anthony WrightDivision 3: 1st Steven Baker with Strawberry Dessert; 2nd Lesley Parker with Giraffe; 3rd Steven Baker with Classic Firestone. Strawberry Dessert by Steven BakerThere were some familiar names among the winners but also some of our newer members in Division 3. Congratu…

Club Report – Friday 19th Sept

Last Friday evening was a club night, with 3 members talking about their photography. The evening started with George Pearson DPAGB first talking about the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain and how he obtained his Distinction. He then went on to show a diverse range of photographs including landscape, nature and street photography, with his commentary being both informative and humorous. This was followed by Ian Macey talking about some of his favourite photographs that he has taken since starting in 2010. The evening concluded with David Marsh LRPS talking about how he recently obtained his Licentiateship distinction from the Royal Photographic Society. David talked about how he went about selecting the photographs used in his panel of 10 images, and about the assessment day at the RPS headquarters in Bath. Again this was a very informative talk and well received by the audience. Bryce Snow by George Pearson DPAGBVodka Shot by Ian MaceyLRPS Panel by David Marsh LRPSTo see more …

Sue Chapman – Photographic Awards

We would like to congratulate Sue Chapman ARPS for winning her very first international medal, a Silver medal, and gaining 14 acceptances (out of 20 images) in the Photo Club Arizona Grand Corsica exhibition 2014 Flower Bud (Nature section) Silver MedalYou can see more of Sue’s work at and done Sue.

Club Report - Friday 12th Sept

Marjorie Burge writes:In Pursuit of Beauty’ by Slawek Staszczuk, our talk on Friday evening, was an inspiring start to our new season. His landscape images were stunning. Slawek knew time, date and place for all his images and was generous in letting us into the secrets of his success. Catching the morning and evening light is essential, as are clouds in the sky – our blue summer sky holds no interest for him. He uses graduated filters to great effect to strengthen his images, with perhaps a little help from Photoshop but feels that his initial shot has to be as near perfect as possible. Patience plays a large part in his life, waiting and waiting for just the right moment to press the button. His website at includes many of the images used during the evening and is well worth a visit. Next Friday, 19th September, will be a Club night with some practical workshops and demonstrations to get us all in the right mood for the season ahead. Our first PDI Competition will …


The workshops will be held at:The Oak Room
Church Road
TN25 6SAMeeting at 19:30 for a 19:45 start.  Cost is £1.00 to cover tea / coffee & a biscuit.Parking is on the road right outside the Oak Room.Directions (Google Maps)*  For the week 08.Sept - 14.Sept only they have the road closed while they make repairs to the drains and pond which flooded and closed the road for ages in the winter.  You should be able to get vehicular access to the Oak Room by coming from the A20 Smeeth Crossroads and ignoring the road closed signs.

Club Report - Friday 5th Sept

Marjorie Burge writes:The first evening of our new season was well attended with four new members signing up.  Philip Hinton welcomed everyone and gave an overview of what the new season held in store; Chris Shore explained the requirements for entering prints in competitions; digital images from previous seasons were shown and Chris Shore gave a judge’s view of what was good and not so good.  Helpful to all concerned, not just the new members.  It was generally a social evening with everyone meeting up again after the summer break.Over the summer break we held a very successful Annual Exhibition in County Square and will be taking part in the Ashford Festival of Arts & Technology ( in the town centre over the weekend of 27/28 September.  Images with a ‘water’ theme needed for this.Next Friday, 12 September, we have ‘In Pursuit of Beauty’, a talk with images by Slawek Staszczuk (  , and entries are required for our 1st PDI Co…

Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2013

If you are in Canterbury why not visit the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2013 at The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge.  It is a unique opportunity to see sixty new portraits by some of the most exciting contemporary photographers from around the world.The exhibition runs until Sunday 2nd November 2014.

What’s on in September

Club Activities5thOpening night introductionsCommittee11thMount Cutting & Print Presentation (W)Chris Shore FRPS12thIn pursuit of beauty (D)Slawek StaszczukEntries for the 1st Projected Images Competition19thClub night with some practical workshops/demonstrationsClub Members26th1st Projected Images CompetitionSue Flood DPAGBEntries for the 1st Print Images Competition27th / 28thAshford Festival of Arts & Technology(D) = Digital Projected Images
(P) = Prints
(DP) = Digital Projected Images and Prints
(W) = Workshops held at the Oak Room, Smeeth on Thursdays at 19.30
Other Activities5th-9th - Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta
Up to 50 ships berthed along the Thames and shore-side activities including maritime markets, street theatre music, dance and art installations make this a great event for photographers. - Medieval Falconry Dover Castle
Gaze skywards and in awe as hawks, owls and falcons soar above the castle. Dis…