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Club Report – Friday 5th Dec

Marjorie Burge writes:

Colin Page, a horticulturist who specialises in landscape and nature photography, was the ideal judge for our Natural History Competition on Friday. Colin has been a member of Rye & District Camera Club for forty years, and Chairman for 20 years. He is also Secretary of Rye Natural History Society, on the committee of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve and has over forty years experience in horticulture.  We had one of the highest entries for many years in this competition and gave Colin the difficult task of picking winners from images covering all aspects of wildlife – some of our photographers travel the world to seek out their favourite shots, some roam the countryside nearer home to catch the local flora and fauna. Colin commented not only from his own point of view as a judge but also from the photographer’s point of view. He understood the difficulties involved in catching the moment and was generous in his praise for all entries.

Prints: 1st Anthony Wright with Hoverflies Mating (Syrphidae), 2nd Bob Devine with Lioness with Playing Cubs, 3rd Dominique Huxley with Springtime in The Weald.

PDI:    1st Avril Christensen with Young Condor in Flight Over Andes, 2nd Alan Britton with Sunflower and Bee, 3rd Graeme Andrews with Male Shoveler Duck Reflected While Preening Itself.

The overall winner for The Bill Waters Natural History Trophy was Avril Christensen with her PDI Young Condor in Flight Over Andes.

Young Condor in Flight Over Andes by Avril Christensen

Action Trophy
Prints:  1st Bob Devine with Osprey Catches Fish, 2nd Chris Rogers with Baby Elephant in Late Sunlight, 3rd Chris Rogers with Heading Off.

PDI:  1st Stephen Cheek with Lilac Breasted Roller at Take-off, 2nd Graeme Andrews with Grey Heron Landing, 3rd David Marsh with Black Headed Gull Attacking Puffin for Sand Eels.

The trophy for the category of ‘Action’ within the Natural History Competition has been kindly provided by Stephen Cheek and this was won by Bob Devine with his print of Osprey Catches Fish.

bob Osprey Catches Fish by Bob Devine

Graeme Andrews photograph “Male Shoveler Duck Reflected While Preening Itself” has also had success outside of the club, coming 1st in the Pentax User forum’s weekly themed competition “Reflection”.  Congratulations Graeme!

MALE SHOVELER DUCK REFLECTED WHILE PREENING ITSELF by  Graeme Andrews 3rd place pdi Male Shoveler Duck Reflected While Preening Itself by Graeme Andrews

Next Friday, 12th December, Paul Adams ARPS DPAGB FDPS will be judging our 3rd PDI Competition.