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Club Report – Record Competition (Friday 20th Feb)

Marjorie Burge writes:

David Silk, a member of the Royal Photographic Society, Isle of Thanet Photographic Society and AG Mono, judged our Record Competition on Friday 20th February. David had checked out the KPCA definition of ‘record’ as this is a competition with fairly tight guidelines and images should show enough detail for the original object to be reconstructed from that image. In his judging David felt that some photographers had allowed their images to become too artistic, producing perhaps a more exciting and visually pleasing image but one that didn’t concentrate on the clear lines of the original object. He also had a word to say about the importance of titles. As you will see from David’s selection below, most of the titles did give sufficient information but a few were lacking in depth; this is the one competition where the title must give all the information available.

Prints: 1st David Marsh with Memorial in St Giles Cathedral Edinburgh to the Men of The 16th Battalion The Royal Scots, 2nd Helen Taylor with Deck Fastenings, Greenwich Maritime Museum, 3rd David Marsh with Part of Monument to Sir Richard Hussey Bickerton By Sir Francis Chantry – Bath Abbey.

PDI: 1st Mike Routley with Library Room at Victoria And Albert Museum, 2nd Mark Caldwell with Williams Monument 1559, Thame, Oxfordshire, 3rd Chris Rogers with Vaulted Ceiling of Gloucester Cathedral.

Although this is not normally a popular competition, there were 53 PDI’s and 7 Prints in the competition and David’s careful attention to each image made it an enjoyable evening. The overall winner of The Janet Morris Memorial Trophy was Mike Routley with Library Room at Victoria And Albert Museum.

LIBRARY ROOM AT VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM, LONDON by 34  by Mike RoutleyLibrary Room at Victoria And Albert Museum by Mike Routley

The winner of the 3rd Round of the Small Prints Competition was Lesley Parker with Lizard Colours, with Linda Thackeray taking 2nd and 3rd place with Helen and Lynx.

The AV Competition results (judged by the members present) were 1st George Pearson with Highlands and Islands, 2nd Neville Marsh with Merriments and 3rd Mick Gilburt with What Price Would You Pay.