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Club Report–Talk by Darren Woolway ARPS

Marjorie Burge writes:

Darren Woolway ARPS was our guest speaker on Friday 6th February when he showed his work under the title of Notting Hill Carnival (Commercial Workflow).  Darren, a member of Gravesend Camera Club, has risen through garden design, modelling and cruiseship photographer, to make his way as a commercial photographer, studying hard to get the qualifications necessary for success.  His Notting Hill photography was by way of contract to Bacchanalia Masband, so very tight boundaries covering images for their website and publicity material, and a very short timescale for completion of the project.  Darren also does car photography for magazines and we saw exclusive pictures of some very expensive models.  Very different from our club photography – lots of negative space required for advertising and slogans – and expert use of additional lighting even on outdoor shots.  Darren obviously thrives on this life and has made himself an expert in his field. It was an educational evening for all of us.

Darren Woolway:
Raid Photographic:

Next Friday, 13th February, we will have our Audio Visual Competition with a small but select entry, and will also make time in the evening for an informal discussion about the Club, with an invitation to members to come along with some fresh ideas to make our evenings even more enjoyable.