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Club Report – 5th PDI Competition (Friday 20th Mar)

Marjorie Burge writes:Kirsty Ralfs LRPS, a KCPA accredited judge from Whitstable Camera Club, judged our 5th PDI Competition on Friday 20th March. Kirsty gave detailed positive and helpful comments on lighting, cropping and colour saturation, and it was clear that she looked for some feeling in the images. There was a good entry in all divisions and Kirsty commented on how well travelled the APS members were. It was a difficult competition to judge with so many high quality images and Kirsty’s chosen winners were: Division 1: 1st Martin Till with Bellowing Red Deer, 2nd Richard Nutter with Little Owl on Watch, 3rd Philip Hinton with Fagin Fagin by Philip HintonDivision 2: 1st Chris Yates with Friningham Manor Stairs, 2nd Marcello Tomasini with Grand Canal View, 3rd Sean Harding with Lee Jackson. Grand Canal View by Marcello TomasiniDivision 3: 1st Linda Thackeray with Architecture in Abstract, 2nd Steven Baker with Looking at You, 3rd Steven Baker with Intercity Wildlife. Architec…

9 Photo Composition Tips, As Seen in Photographs by Steve McCurry

Courtesy of Petapixel, a great site for photographic news, reviews and information.  The article was written by Michael Zhang.Here’s a great video on photographic composition, created by The Cooperative of Photography using tips and photographs by legendary photojournalist Steve McCurry.Each of the 9 composition tips is illustrated with examples from McCurry’s impressive body of work.
Here are the 9 tips covered in the video:Rule of Thirds: Place points of interest on the intersections and important elements along the lines
Leading Lines: Use natural lines to lead eyes into the picture
Diagonals: Diagonal lines create great movement
Framing: Use natural frames like windows and doors
Figure to Ground: Find a contrast between subject and background
Fill the Frame: Get close to your subjects
Center Dominant Eye: Place the dominant eye in the center of the photo
Patterns and Repetition: Patterns are aesthetically pleasing, but the best is when the pattern is interrupted
Symmetry: Symmetry is pleas…

Awards and Acceptances

It has been a good month, this month, for APS members in both National and International competitions. PCA Salon Grand Exhibition 2015Many congratulations to Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB for winning her first Gold medal, in the Nature section with Primula Pulverulenta. Apart from this Sue also had an Honourable Mention for Approaching Alesund in the Photo Travel section and gained a further 10 acceptances for other photographs. Sue was not the only member to enter the PCA Salon, both Bob Devine BPE5* EFIAP/B EPSA and Mike Routley gained 3 and 5 acceptances respectively. Primula Pulverulenta by Sue Chapman Camera Club National Open Photography Exhibition 2015The following members all got a number of acceptances: Bob Devine BPE5* EFIAP/B EPSA (2), Nevile Marsh LRPS DPAGB BPE3* (2), Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGB (4), Chris Rogers (1), and Michael Gilburt LRPS CPAGB BPE3* (1). to …

Club Report – 4th Print Competition (Friday 13th Mar)

Paul Dunmall CPAGB, a member of Seven Sisters Camera Club judged the 4th and final round, for the season, of our Print Competition on Friday. Paul is a well respected judge, being the Chair of The Sussex Federation, on the executive committee of the KCPA and is their Awards Officer. He had a challenging task ahead of him, with 80 prints split over the 3 divisions to judge. As always Paul's comments and advice were informative, and he was generous in his praise of the quality of the photography across all 3 divisions. Paul's chosen winners were: Division 1: 1st Helen Taylor with Head To Head, 2nd Bob Devine with Juvenile Gull With Fish, 3rd Jim Moody-Smith with Bay View Division 2: 1st Anthony Wright with Catalan Coast, 2nd Ian Macey with Quick Exit, 3rd Chris Yates with Ellesmere Port Lighthouse Catalan Coast by Anthony WrightDivision 3: 1st Marcello Tomasini with Post Apocalyptic Photographer, 2nd Linda Thackeray with Stag In Richmond Park, 3rd Sean Harding with Porsche 918 S…

Workshop - Photoshop Layers

On the 26th Feb and 12th Mar the club held a Photoshop workshop concentrating on Layers. Layers are one of the fundamental building blocks of Photoshop, being like digital acetates (transparencies) each new layer adds something to the overall image. The workshop covered the following areas: To access the notes and images used during the evening please click on the link There are also a couple of screen recordings here that demonstrate the Blend If functionality within Layer Styles. Both evenings were well attended and we plan to hold further workshops on specific topics (i.e. Selections, Masking, Cloning). The next Photoshop workshop is on the 9th April being held by Sue Chapman and it is a “General Photoshop” evening so let Sue know if there is anything specific you want covered.

Club Report – Talk by Margaret Salisbury FRPS FIPF MFIAP APAGB

Marjorie Burge writes:A really wonderful evening at APS on Friday 6th March when Margaret Salisbury FRPS FIPF MFIAP APAGB showed her photography under the title of ‘The Flying Dragon’. Margaret says photography is about light, opportunity and choice. Having started in the dark room but now taking advantage of digital, she is very clear on what she wants her photography to show and her interpretation of many of her images was clearly from the heart. We were taken to many places and saw Singapore parades with amazing costumes, Blackpool with rough seascapes, Welsh slate mines, Amsterdam tulips, people in Gambia, and Dungeness pebbles. Margaret is a good speaker and kept us all entertained. She said she had made many friends through her photography and she can certainly count APS among them. Next Friday, 13th March, we have Paul Dunmall CPAGB judging our 4th Print Competition, and it is also time for the 4th round of our Small Print Competition. Our AGM is not until 17th April but if yo…

Club Report - Projected Digital Images Theme Competition (Friday 27th Feb)

Marjorie Burge writes:This Friday, 27th February, our Projected Digital Images Theme Competition was judged by Tony Catt, a member of Deal Camera Club for over thirty years and currently their treasurer. This is a difficult competition to judge as the images are shown in sequence, not altogether as with prints, and the order in which the images are chosen to be shown can easily affect the overall composition of the theme. The theme connecting the images can be shown by technique or content and the many ideas introduced by APS members within the competition made for a fascinating evening of photography. Tony was a careful judge, commenting in depth on all entries and, as is always the way, many excellent entries had to be passed over in order for him to choose just three winners. 1st George Pearson with Beach Abstracts, 2nd Chris Rogers with Genocide, 3rd Philip Hinton with Portraits in Sepia. Beach Abstracts by George Pearson