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Club Report–AGM (Friday 17th Apr)

Marjorie Burge writes:

There was a good attendance on Friday when we held our Annual General Meeting. Sue Chapman, Chairman, Katrina Devenport, Secretary, and Neville Marsh, President, took the meeting. The only Motions on the Agenda were tidying up the wording of some of the rules relating to specific competitions so that these were more easily understood, and these were all accepted. When it came to re-election of officers, Sue, having served her term as Chairman, stood down and Philip Hinton was voted in to be our new Chairman for the next three years. Neville gave Sue a vote of thanks. The only other relevant change was George Pearson being elected as Programme Secretary, a position vacated by Phil on becoming Chairman. All other officers were re-elected. We have an excellent Committee, and also many club members outside the Committee who have taken on positions vital to the smooth and successful running of APS.

Philip L. Hinton A.R.P.S.

Philip L. Hinton ARPS

Next Friday, 24th April, we have Les Ayres MPAGB EFIAP EPSA APAGB showing his photography under the title of ‘For Personal Pleasure’. Les Ayres is a member of the West Cumbria Photo Group so we are indeed lucky to have him for an evening at APS. A good evening for visitors to see some excellent photography.