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Club Report – Talk by Dave Mason

Marjorie Burge writes:
Dave Mason had put together an exciting and varied programme for our end of season talk on Friday 22nd; street photography, borrowed art, frozen moments, Rome, Paris, London and much more, even pictures taken from a No 12 bus. An excellent speaker and photographer, he stressed that nearly all his images were totally in camera with no post processing, He was interested in visual geometry and design, and although the majority of his images were monochrome, he did use colour where the subject matter called for it, but was very careful to make sure he had colour harmony. His photography started when a friend gave him first a camera, then a book by Elliott Erwitt, which set him on he path to photography, and it is clear that Dave’s career is influenced by many of the famous photographers. It was good evening at APS, as always. Check Dave out at to see what it was all about.

by Dave Mason
Awards Night next Friday 29th May is when we…

Club Report - Annual Exhibition Print Competition

Marjorie Burge writes:Excellent final competition of the season when Stephen Carroll ARPS from Maidstone Camera Club judged our Annual Exhibition prints. There were 69 entries, so a full evening’s work for Stephen, and because of the overall high quality there were a number of really good images he had to pass by to make his final choice. Stephen gave each image a very careful and professional assessment – talked about feeling and tension, the value to some images of negative space, images that make you think and wonder, and even liked the black mounts used to advantage with particular images. Some images were slightly mis-interpreted but then, as Phil said at the end of the evening, judging is not easy, and it has always been impossible to know where Anthony stands to take his pictures. Premier Award Winner: Philip Hinton with Megan. Highly Commended: Sue Chapman with Ready to Cook, Anthony Wright with Sweet Dreams, Anthony Baines with The Nobbler, Philip Hinton with The Discreet C…

Club Report–Members Night (Friday 8th May)

Marjorie Burge writes:Club Night on Friday 8th May was an opportunity for APS ladies to show their work and explain a little about their approach to photography. Reasons were varied from family influence at a very early age, to finding more time in retirement. Helen Taylor, by far our most experienced photographer, showed her dark room prints including some lovely portraits and explained techniques; Avril Christensen marked her progress through photography from early family photos and travels in the Andes, to her newest camera; Lesley Parker had a set of images from Doha with some stunning lights and reflections from the skyscrapers; Linda Thackeray had taken a hazardous Antarctic cruise and showed wonderful icebergs, and chinstrap and gentoo penguins; Suie Cheung’s still-life images had been put together with great care to give unique images of perfection; I showed some favourite prints and explained titles, an essential part of the presentation of an image but often difficult to fin…

Club Report – The Driftwood Trophy Print Panel Competition (Friday 1st May)

Marjorie Burge writes:Clive Tanner FRPS DPAGB was our judge on Friday 1st May for The Driftwood Trophy Print Panel Competition (donated by Chris Shore). Clive is a member of Maidstone Camera Club, a KCPA judge, a member of the KCPA Judges Panel, and an ex-President of the KCPA. Panels can consist of four to six prints linked by content or technique and there were 14 panels entered. Clive looked for a sense of uniformity, all images being of an equal standard. With panels, the order of presentation is important so that there is, in theory, one overall picture/story. Clive commented carefully and thoroughly on all images, and commended the members of APS for the quality of their photography, printing and presentation. When choosing the winners he said he was sorry to lose some of the panels but could only pick three – all the panels entered were good, some outstanding. It was, he said, a mark of Ashford Photographic Society that we could produce such wonderful work. George Pearson DPAG…