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Club Report – Talk by Dave Mason

Marjorie Burge writes:

Dave Mason had put together an exciting and varied programme for our end of season talk on Friday 22nd; street photography, borrowed art, frozen moments, Rome, Paris, London and much more, even pictures taken from a No 12 bus. An excellent speaker and photographer, he stressed that nearly all his images were totally in camera with no post processing, He was interested in visual geometry and design, and although the majority of his images were monochrome, he did use colour where the subject matter called for it, but was very careful to make sure he had colour harmony. His photography started when a friend gave him first a camera, then a book by Elliott Erwitt, which set him on he path to photography, and it is clear that Dave’s career is influenced by many of the famous photographers. It was good evening at APS, as always. Check Dave out at to see what it was all about.

by Dave Mason 

Awards Night next Friday 29th May is when we celebrate the season and salute the winners, and then take a break until the beginning of September; giving us ample time to have everything ready to do it all over again.