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Club Report–Members Night (Friday 8th May)

Marjorie Burge writes:

Club Night on Friday 8th May was an opportunity for APS ladies to show their work and explain a little about their approach to photography. Reasons were varied from family influence at a very early age, to finding more time in retirement. Helen Taylor, by far our most experienced photographer, showed her dark room prints including some lovely portraits and explained techniques; Avril Christensen marked her progress through photography from early family photos and travels in the Andes, to her newest camera; Lesley Parker had a set of images from Doha with some stunning lights and reflections from the skyscrapers; Linda Thackeray had taken a hazardous Antarctic cruise and showed wonderful icebergs, and chinstrap and gentoo penguins; Suie Cheung’s still-life images had been put together with great care to give unique images of perfection; I showed some favourite prints and explained titles, an essential part of the presentation of an image but often difficult to find. As a participant I can say that I really enjoyed having the stage to show and talk before an appreciative audience, and I’m sure the other ladies would agree.

close encounters bb

Close Encounters by Marjorie Burge


9 copy

by Suie Cheng

 12 copy

by Suie Cheng

 14 copy

by Suie Cheng


by Linda Thackeray


by Linda Thackeray


by Linda Thackeray

We are nearing the end of our season now but still have our Annual Exhibition Competition next Friday15th May, to be judged by Stephen Carroll ARPS, and then ‘A Slice of Life’ on May 22nd when Dave Mason returns to APS to give our final talk of this season. A good evening for visitors.