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Camera Club of the Year 2014-15

The free photographic newspaper, Photography News (, has released the results for their first Camera Club of the Year 2014-15 and Ashford Photographic Society came equal ninth, just 8 point behind the winners.  Each club had to submit 25 photographs on five themes (5 photos per theme) and each image was scored out of 20.

Here are the APS results and images for each round:

Theme 1 - Water (82/100)

In Deep Philip Hinton ARPS 16
Icelandic Bathers Sue Chapman ARPS 15
Varanasi Water Novice George Pearson DPAGB 16
Alien Water Droplet Nicholas Hill ARPS 19
Dawn Over The English Channel Anthony Baines ARPS 16


Theme 2 - Weather (79/100)

Rain Stops Play Mick Gilbert LRPS DPAGB BPE3* 15
Stormy Weather(Outlook unsettled) John Wigmore FRPS MPAGB EFIAT APAGB BPE3* 16
One Snowy Morning in Shadoxhurst Philip Hinton ARPS 15
The Approaching Storm Gordon Chapman 18
Facing The Storm Mike Routley LRPS 15


Theme 3 - Close-Up (80/100)

Dragonfly Anthony Wright 16
Spotted Fly Graeme Andrews 14
Prawn Detail Sue Chapman ARPS 17
Gentle Geranium John Wigmore FRPS MPAGB EFIAT APAGB BPE3* 15
Blue Ice Mike Routley LRPS 18


Theme 4 - Travel (85/100)

Great Wall Les Gordon 17
Port Lockroy Antartica Linda Thackeray 16
Beached George Pearson DPAGB 18
Me on Tower Bridge, Over Father Thames Mike Routley LRPS 16
New York in Yellow Taxi and Girders Anthony Baines ARPS 18


Theme 5 - Trees (82/100)

Catalan Coast Anthony Wright 17
The Enchanted Wood John Wigmore FRPS MPAGB EFIAT APAGB BPE3* 17
Lone Tree Dartmoor Martin Till LRPS 15
Morning Light Philip Hinton ARPS 17
Snowy Reflections Sue Chapman ARPS 16