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Although it is our summer break, Ashford Photographic Society members have still been very active with four of them gaining Acceptances at the inaugural Winchester National Exhibition.  Many congratulations to Anthony Baines, Bob Devine, Michael Gilburt and Anthony Wright.Class A – People
Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGBCut-ThroatInto the DesertAnthony Wright LRPSBluebell WalkHannahSweet DreamsClass B - Landscape
Anthony Wright LRPSCatalan CoastHaystacksClass C - Open
Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGBNew York in Yellow Taxi and GirdersAnthony Wright LRPS2-3 JumpClass D - Nature
Bob Devine ARPS EFIAP/b BPE5* DPAGBGreat Grey Owl HuntingMichael Gilburt LRPS CPAGB BPE3*Common Darter Sympetrum StriolatumAnthony Wright LRPSBumblebee(bombus) - Tipsey BeeCommon Blue Damselfly (Enallagma Cyathigerum)Into the Desert by Anthony Baines ARPS2-3 Jump by Anthony Wright LRPSCommon Darter Sympetrum Striolatum by Michael Gilburt LRPS CPAGB BPE3*

Season Review

As the 2014/15 season has drawn to an end it is time for our annual review.  The Annual Exhibition was held at the end of August in the County Square, Ashford and proved very successful, generating a lot of interest in the club. An ideal way to unofficially start the season. With the season actually starting in September we saw an influx of new members who involved themselves in all activities that were provided. Members, as usual, eagerly participated in all internal competitions and with the usual high standard of judges it was a very competitive season. Both the Record and Panel competitions saw an increase in entries over last year, and division 3 entries for both Print and PDI showed that we have some talented new photographers amongst us. Mixed amongst the competition evenings was an array of talks from both external speakers and members, with subject matters to suit everyone. A big thanks goes to the committee for all their hard work and to those people behind the scenes, wi…

The PAGB Sony Inter Federation Cup

A number of photographs by Ashford members were selected by the KCPA (Kent County Photographic Association) to represent the federation in the PAGB Sony Inter Federation Cup.  Below are the results:Open Colour PrintNicholas Hill ARPSThe Old Playroom9Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGBPorth Nanven10Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGBRising On A Pillar Of Smoke11Open Monochrome PrintSue Chapman ARPS CPAGBTake Your Pick Dear13AcceptedSue Chapman ARPS CPAGBAll Alone10Anthony Baines ARPS CPAGBInto The Desert10Anthony Wright LRPSSweet Dreams12Chris RogersThe Interrogation Room10Open Projected Digital ImageGeorge Pearson DPAGBRunning Out Of Fingers9Richard Nutter CPAGB EFIAPEating The Dirt10Nature Projected Digital ImageRichard Nutter CPAGB EFIAPKingfisher With Fish For Mate9Richard Nutter CPAGB EFIAPLittle Owl Watching11Bob Devine ARPS DPAGBBee Eater Pair11Bob Devine ARPS DPAGBCape Buffalo Portrait11Bob Devine ARPS DPAGBLion Love11Well done to everyone who was selected and especially to Sue Chapman for gaining…