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Club Report – Talk by Robert Canis

Our second guest speaker of the season was the award winning professional nature photographer Robert Canis, who enthralled us with his talk “Best of the Year: A selection of Robert’s finest wildlife and landscape images of the last year”.

Robert is both an inspirational photographer and speaker. Living in Kent he captivated us with his passion for photographing the South East of England and in particular the Elmley Nature Reserve. From there we moved on to the Peak District, Ireland, Lapland and the Bialowieza Forest situated in northeast Poland. For each photograph he talked about his thoughts and emotions in taking it, and provided us with the techniques used. Making use of both close-up shots and wide-open spaces, his photographs have an artistic quality about them not typical of the record type shots that so many people are used to taking and seeing. By the end of the evening everyone was talking about what had been a very special talk. To see more of Robert’s photographs visit his website at


Clogher Bay storm, Dingle Peninsula by Robert Canis


Rabbit at sunset by Robert Canis


Autumn mist by Robert Canis

Next Friday, 9th October, is our 1st Print Competition with Zoe Garnham-Archer judging, also the first round of the George Downe Memorial Cup Small Print Competition, and entries will be required for the Tony Culver Trophy Portrait Competition.