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Club Report–Talk by Tuan Nguyen

Marjorie Burge writes:

Tuan Nguyen gave us an insight into his photography on Friday 16th October under the title of ‘My photographic journey’. Tuan’s photographic passions were landscapes, architecture and street photography, most of which were in black and white. He stressed the importance of visualising the image before pressing the button, and found that for him, this was in black and white. Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Exposure set him on the path to photography, and although his work was greatly influenced by the photography of Irene Kung, his own personal style came through in his images. He is very fond of light and long exposure, often returning to retake the same image to better advantage. He urged us to learn from our photography, to use it for our own enjoyment first and foremost, to “enjoy what you do, do what you enjoy.” We were shown many beautiful images, and his careful honest narrative was a delight. A memorable photographic journey for us all. You can find Tuan’s photography at to see his unique style, and 2 of his photographs are shown below.


The Gherkin-L

Next Friday, 23rd October, Paul Dunmall CPAGB, will be judging the Tony Culver Trophy Portrait Competition, and entries will be required (both print and digital) for the Janet Morris Memorial Trophy Record Competition.