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Mike Routley ARPS

Mike is a long standing and well respected member of Ashford Photographic Society who also runs his own photographic business, Sugarloaf Studios, specialising in commercial photography, including food and product and pack shot photography with in-house styling.

Recently he obtained his ARPS, Associateship of The Royal Photographic Society, which involved the submission of a panel of 15 photographs and a statement of intent.  Below are both Mike’s panel and statement of intent.  Congratulations Mike, well deserved!

My ARPS Panel snapshot slide

“In Silent Prayer”

A Tribute To Winchester Cathedral, College and Hospital of St. Cross

My first visit to the city of Winchester was on a beautiful sunny day. Whilst taking in the sights of the Cathedral, the College and the Hospital of St. Cross I passed a number of artists, each busy depicting their vision of these wonderful buildings. Their art was very varied, but always beautiful, colourful and full of passion and warmth.

So, I got to think how it might be to record Winchester’s most famed buildings not through traditional record photography, but to do so more with an artist’s interpretation.

Taking further inspiration from the historic and religious buildings I set about making a collection of Winchester images that reflected the style of the artists, whilst considering the history and essence of the buildings and the sanctuary that they offer.

And so, my panel, “In Silent Prayer” was born.

If you would like to learn more about the RPS distinctions please go to