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Club Report - 2nd Print Competition (Friday 20th Nov)

Marjorie Burge writes:

Brilliant evening on Friday 20th November when Andy Smith LRPS from Crayford Camera Club judged our 2nd Print Competition. Andy’s first visit to APS (although he has judged extensively in Essex) and we gave him 85 prints to judge! We were all slightly nervous but no need, as he went through the images without hesitation, showing a clear understanding of the photographer’s point of view, and including the audience in everything he said. He was very sharp on light patches taking attention away from the real subject of the image, aware of the importance of position within the frame, full of praise for good mounts, and always friendly and positive. A wonderful variety of images in all divisions made it difficult to thin them down to just a few but Andy was quite definite in awarding marks and choosing his final one, two and three. An enjoyable evening and a promise to invite him back again next year was welcomed by all of us.

Division 1: 1st George Pearson with Red, Green and Wonky Stick, 2nd Anthony Wright with Bumblebee Bombus, 3rd David Marsh with Rising Up.


Rising Up by David Marsh

Division 2: 1st Kyle Tallett with Winter Sunrise at Fairfield, 2nd Chris Rogers with Alone in Captivity, 3rd Graeme Andrews with Resting After a Day’s Racing.

Lonely and in captivity

Alone in Captivity by Chris Rogers

Division 3: 1st Marcello Tomasini with Autumn Across the Pond, 2nd Marcello Tomasini with Angel in Disguise, 3rd Linda Thackeray with Ruppelles Vulture.


Autumn Across the Pond by Marcello Tomasini

Next Friday, 27th November, we have Darren Woolway ARPS BaHons giving us his view of photography under the title of ‘Ghosts and how to make people levitate (a practical demonstration)’ – should be a fascinating evening. Daren recently returned to College and graduated with a first class degree in Digital Photography – find out more at