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Club Report - Record Competition (Wed 4th Nov)

Marjorie Burge writes:

Alan Bousfield ARPS CPAGB from Eastbourne Camera Club was the judge for The Janet Morris Memorial Record Competition on Wednesday 4th November. Alan confessed that he was just starting out on his judging career and this was his first competition. ARPS and CPAGB are not easy to acquire so obviously he had a good deal of experience in the field of photography. Perhaps choosing to start on a Record Competition was a bit in at the deep end but Alan gave all the images his close attention. Our club definition of Record is “to photograph any man-made object/structure, or part of, accurately, showing shape, detail and texture, so that it would help to recreate that said object in the event of it being damaged or stolen”, and occasionally Alan was looking for more to an image than would be strictly covered by this definition. I’m not sure if some of his suggested Photoshop improvements would be allowed, but the majority of his comments were appropriate – not missing out important pieces of a structure, and perhaps taking the shot from another angle to include more detail.

1st David Marsh with Marble Plaque Dedicated to the Harpist Carolan (Died 1738) St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin
2nd Chris Shore with Angel Carving – One of two – Tomb to Sir George Leyshon, Chilham Church (approx 4 feet tall)
3rd Kyle Tallett with Postcard from The Front.

1st Les Gordon with Hurricane BE505
2nd Linda Thackeray with Alabaster Face
3rd David Marsh with Stained Glass Window, Dirleton Kirk, Scotland.

David Marsh was overall winner of the trophy with his print Marble Plaque Dedicated to the Harpist Carolan (Died 1738) St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin.


In the interval Mike Routley ARPS explained his ARPS panel: “In Silent Prayer: Homage to Winchester Cathedral and College and St Cross’s Hospital” – a display of fifteen beautiful prints, composed, printed, mounted and displayed to perfection (see

We next meet on Friday 13th November when we have a Special General Meeting in relation to end-of-year accounting, but once this is completed, our own members Anthony Wright LRPS ( and Doug Harman ( will be showing and talking about their passion for photography. It is always good to hear the inside story of images that are sometimes only fleetingly shown on a club night.