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Club Report - "From iPhoneography to Fellowship – My Continuing Journey" by Viveca Koh FRPS

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday 5th February, Viveca Koh FRPS paid a second visit to APS and showed us the delights of iphone photography, not something you would normally bring to a dedicated photography club like APS, but her talk ‘from iphoneography to Fellowship – my continuing journey’ kept us all entertained and enthralled. Although Viveca does own and use a ‘proper’ camera, the advantages of the iphone were difficult to dispute. No heavy equipment to carry around, and, more to the point, to be seen to be carrying around, and therefore the possibility of quietly capturing images unnoticed.  Viveca is a self-taught Fine Art photographer ‘with a fascination for small details’ which was certainly true of all the images she showed us on Friday. She has turned iphone photography into an art form by using an amazing variety of apps to give different effects – allowing her to ‘use’ different cameras and different styles of photography as easily as point and click, achieving directly on her iphone, effects that would have taken many hours on her computer.  Viveca said she found photography endlessly entertaining, and in Venice we had not only all the usual well-known views but something of everything else as well, even dogs and legs. 

Viveca had also brought along her FRPS panel and explained in detail how it had been put together, and the advice received when it had to be re-presented. All the images were based on the poetry of her uncle, Fergus Chadwick, and it was very necessary to view the two together in order to understand the intricacies of the images. This was all her own camera work although with obvious Photoshop and Lightroom effects – only one snail taken on the iphone! Artistry obviously runs in the family and Viveca is simply taking advantage of available technology to develop what her parents do in the old fashioned way.  

George Pearson will be able to let members have a list of the apps used by Viveca for those at APS who might wish to experiment with their iphone photography, and you can find out more about Viveca and her journey through photography by viewing her many websites.




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