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Club Report - Natural History Competition (Friday 12th Feb)

Marjorie Burge writes:

The competition for the Bill Waters Natural History Trophy never fails to bring in some fantastic images, and this year was no exception. No wonder we needed two judges! Marie-Laure Stone DPAGB EFIAP (Silver) BPRE3* and Ian Stone DPAGB from Folkestone Camera Club were both well qualified, well-travelled and excellent wildlife photographers. We felt safe in their hands, and, as the evening progressed, it became clear that they had personal knowledge of all the venues visited by our photographers, and appreciated the difficulties in taking all of the images. They had viewed the images separately and together, and obviously discussed what their final decisions would be. Every image was given a careful and sympathetic critique. Marie-Laure particularly understood the patience needed to wait for the right moment. Ian was a self-confessed ‘cropper’ and felt that some images would be improved with a little taken off here and here, Marie-Laure not always agreeing. As this is a trophy competition it is only possible to have a one two and three (no individual marks are given) and our judges were conscious that some excellent images had to be passed by when making their final choice.

Prints:  1st Chris Rogers with Speckled Throated Volcano Hummingbird, 2nd Bob Devine with Kingfisher Caught Fish, 3rd Anthony Wright with Damselflies – Heart Felt.

PDI:  1st Stephen Cheek with Crossing The Mara, 2nd Stephen Cheek with Hiding Behind Mum, 3rd Mick Gilburt with Swallowtail

Crossing The Mara by Stephen Cheek

Hiding Behind Mum by Stephen Cheek

Mick Gilburt with Swallowtail

Overall winner of the Bill Waters Natural History Trophy was Stephen Cheek with his PDI Crossing The Mara, and Stephen also took the Action Trophy with Having a Bad Day in The Masai Mara.

Having a Bad Day in The Masai Mara by Stephen Cheek

It was a really good evening enjoyed by everyone, winners and losers, and hopefully APS members will be thinking ahead to next year’s competition, especially now they know that it isn’t only the big wildlife pictures that take all the praise, it is possible to compete with local wildlife, if you can find it.

3rd round of the Small Print Competition: 1st Dominique Huxley with Wind Surfing at New Year, 2nd Fiona Beadle with Road to the Beach, 3rd Fiona Beadle with Retriever

Next Friday, 19th February, we have the Chairman’s Salver Trophy competition with a theme of Reflections (print and PDI) when Gary Carter CPAGB will be judging. Visitors welcome.