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KCPA Diamond Jubilee Trophy 2016

Ashford Photographic Society have triumphed again, winning the 2016 KCPA (Kent County Photographic Society) "Diamond Jubilee Trophy".  Scoring 148 points we beat Whitstable Photographic Group by 1 point, and now both societies will go on to represent the KCPA at the PAGB inter-federation projected digital images competition at Warwick.

A special mention must also go to Mick Gilburt who was  awarded a "Merit Award Certificate" for his image "Keeper Spills Chance".

Congratulations to Whitstable and the other 34 societies who took part in the competition, and to those individual photographers who won special awards.

The top 5 societies are shown below:

1st Ashford 148
= 2nd Whitstable 147
= 2nd Parkwood 147
= 4th Aperture 146
= 4th Aperture 146

Whitstable and Parkwood were equal 2nd but Whitstable had two 20s, whereas Parkwood only had one, and this is why Whitstable were also invited to represent the KCPA.

Individual scores for Ashford photographers are as follows:

Martin Till Bearded Tit 20 (commented upon)
Anthony Wright Catalan Coast 17
Bob Devine Cheetah With Three Cubs 19
Mick Gilburt Keeper Spills Chance 20
Anthony Baines Lovely Jubbly 18
Richard Nutter Nuthatch On Stump Calling 18
Sue Chapman Running Up 18
Gary Shorter So This Is How It Ends 18

Keeper Spills Chance by Mick Gilburt