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Christopher Rogers CPAGB

Chris has been a member of Ashford Photographic Society since 2011 and is now the club's Vice-Chairman.  He has now been awarded the CPAGB from The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.  This involved Chris submitting 10 prints, with each one being marked individually.

Congratulation Chris, well deserved.

Below are some of the images Chris used in gaining his award and the marks each image obtained.

No. Title Score
1. Lonely and In Captivity 20
2. Baby Elephant In Late Sunshine 19
3. Number 37 At Full Power 20
4. The Young Priest 24
5. Angry Hippo 21
6. Number 5 22
7. Red Eyed Green Tree Frog 22
8. Number 49 Powers Round 26
9. Number 15 Has It 24
10. Speckled Throated Volcano Hummingbird 23

A special mention should be made for the score given for "Number 49 Powers Round" as the PAGB says in their guidelines:
"Scores above 24 are relatively unusual but can be achieved by the very best images."
Baby Elephant In Late Sunshine 

Number 37 At Full Power

The Young Priest 

Number 15 Has It 

Speckled Throated Volcano Hummingbird