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Workshop: Introduction to off-camera flash 12th May

12th May 20.00h to 22.00h - Introduction to off-camera flash – Martin Till and Anthony Baines

  • Why use flash?
  • Demonstration of different techniques and effects:
    • Pop-up flash
    • On-camera flash
    • The fundamentals of off-camera flash
    • Using reflectors, diffusers, umbrellas and soft-boxes to modify light
    • How to set up a single off-camera flash portrait 'home studio'
          We will then split attendees into small groups, so you can all practice (supervised) the art of off-camera flash.

          What to bring
          • Your (DSLR) camera (and a speedlite that you have one, although Canon and Nikon ones and a few remote triggers will be provided)
          • An understanding of the basic flash controls of your camera (you may wish to read the flash section of your camera's manual)
          Signing up
          If you would like to attend, please email Katrina by Sunday 8th May, including the following information:

          • The make and model of your camera
          • Any speedlite flash guns that you are able to bring (not mandatory)

          Workshop for 26th May 2016 with Martin Till and Anthony Baines.
          This will either be a more Advanced Off Camera Flash Workshop or if the 12th May workshop is oversubscribed then we will re-run the Introduction Workshop.  If we do re-run the Introduction Workshop then the advanced one will be postponed until September or October.

          Parking is on the road right outside, please park on the same side of the road as the Oak Room if possible.