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Club Report - Talks by Graeme Andrews, Sean Harding and Chris Yates

Philip Hinton writes:

Last Friday evening was our first Club Night with presentations from Chris Yates, Sean Harding and Graeme Andrews, all APS members.

Chris began the evening by showing images of his interest in Urbex photography. This is finding and photographing buildings and architectural installations that are in danger of demolition and vandalism or even just neglect. Some have already been lost and Chris feels this is his way of preserving the memory of these interesting and rapidly disappearing buildings. He also gave an insight into his love of landscape photography with images of some of his favourite place's.

Conningbrook Lake by Chris Yates

Fort Burgoyne Caponier Dover by Chris Yates

Next, Sean presented his take on cars and bikes, photographed on visits to many local tracks and meetings, capturing action and speed. He then went on to show some of the wedding photography he has taken and explained how he approached getting the shots the couple wanted. He ended by showing some of his portrait images taken at re-enactment days and local festivals.

by Sean Harding

by Sean Harding

Graeme rounded up the evening with an insight into some of his creative images and his thinking behind the creative process. The evening ended with Graeme showing a selection of his natural history images from rare birds to macro pictures of insects and spiders, with images of sunsets near his home and even a view of a lightning strike.

by Graeme Andrews

by Graeme Andrews