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Club Report – Record Print Competition (Friday 14th Oct)

Marjorie Burge writes:

How do you make a Record Competition exciting? Invite Roger Force to be your judge! On Friday 14th October Roger Force FRPS DPAGB APAGB, a member of Dartford Camera Club, Honorary Vice President of the KCPA, on the L Judges Panel of the RPS, and a KCPA Premier Judge, gave us the benefit of his expertise in just exactly what is required to produce a good record image. The aim was to produce a photograph as close to the original as possible, and for this to happen shadows, highlights, lighting and texture were important. Spotlights in churches were especially difficult. While using Photoshop/Lightroom to make something look better was not allowed, he did want highlights toned down, shadows eliminated, images squared up and, just occasionally, blemishes removed. There were 49 PDI’s and 11 prints in the competition, with each image receiving his very close attention. APS members, new and long-standing, all felt that his in-depth comments would improve their approach to record photography in the future. In conversation, I said ‘we’ve got a whole year to forget how to do it’ and was told ‘Oh no, I’m going to take mine now ready for next time.’ Good advice.

Prints:  1st Mike Routley with Head and Torso Detail of Marble Sculpture of Bishop Brownlow North, 2nd Peter Skynner with Covered Slip 3, Chatham Dockyard, 3rd Kyle Tallett with The Chatham Naval Memorial.

PDI:  1st Sue Chapman with Contemporary Head Sculpture in Chichester Cathedral, 2nd Karen Saunders with Octopus Chapel, 3rd George Pearson with Memorial Window, Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital Sandwich.

Contemporary Head Sculpture in Chichester Cathedral by Sue Chapman

Octopus Chapel by Karen Saunders

 Memorial Window, Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital Sandwich by George Pearson

Winner of the Janet Morris Memorial Trophy:  Mike Routley with Head and Torso Detail of Marble Sculpture of Bishop Brownlow North.

Head and Torso Detail of Marble Sculpture of Bishop Brownlow North by Mike Routley

Next week, Friday 21st October, we can relax while Hugh Milsom FRPS MFIAP and Pat Broad ARPS AFIAP show their photography and talk about landscapes. Entry time also for our 2nd PDI competition. A good evening for visitors to enjoy.