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Club Report–1st Print Competition (Friday 7th Oct)

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday 7th October we invited our good friend Clive Tanner FRPS MPAGB to judge the 1st Print Competition of the season. Clive is a Premier KCPA judge, an ex-president of the KCPA, chairman of the KCPA Judges Panel, and a member of Maidstone Camera Club, with many years experience in photography and, of course, judging. Clive’s speciality is record photography but this was an open competition and he had everything under the sun to comment upon. Even with 72 images in the competition Clive was never rushed, giving each individual entry his full attention, offering praise and advice in all divisions. He was looking for what the photographer put into the picture to make it stand out from the ordinary (but wasn’t looking for them to put in filters and plug-ins). He did mention drunks and fag ends, wanted some parts toned down, looked for a centre of interest, and felt that careful cropping could improve the balance of some images. On the whole he seemed fairly satisfied with our efforts and said that, particularly in Division 1, the quality of work made it very difficult for him to mark as they were all so good, and he felt he was separating the good from the very good in order to pick the top places. Clive said it was always a pleasure coming to APS which is good because he’s bound to be invited back again next year.

Division 1:  1st Anthony Wright with Don’t Go, 2nd Anthony Baines with Vapour on Typhoon, 3rd Kyle Tallett with Alone With My Thoughts.

Vapour on Typhoon by Anthony Baines

Division 2:  1st Stephen Cheek with Lion Cub and Baby Brother, 2nd Mike Routley with Curtain Tieback-Tassel, 3rd Stephen Cheek with Black Shouldered Kite.

Curtain Tieback-Tassel by Mike Routley

Division 3:  1st Avril Christensen with Sampans on The Wu, 2nd Karen Saunders with Matthew, 3rd Avril Christensen with Last Days of Autumn.

Sampans on The Wu by Avril Christensen

Next Friday, 14th October, Roger Force FRPS DPAGB APAGB will be judging the Janet Morris Memorial Trophy Record Competition, and hopefully the Small Print Competition first round will take place. Visitors always welcome.