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Club Report - A Talk By Glyn Bareham ARPS CPAGB

Marjorie Burge writes:

A good evening on Friday 27th January when Glyn Bareham ARPS CPAGB showed us some of his prints under the title of ‘Seeing or Just Looking’. Glyn, a member of Seaford Photographic Society and Invicta Photographic Club, is a long-standing friend of APS and always welcome. The first hour was given over to pictures from his travels around the coast. Glyn made it quite clear that these pictures were taken to please himself, not for entering into competitions. He liked minimalist and simplistic scenes, shapes and silhouettes, loved his sky and diffused lighting through the clouds. Some of his images told stories that were only apparent once explained to the viewer, holding secrets that only Glyn recognised. Not all new prints, some from film, and even some from slides. Lovely images, carefully explained. Then images of sculptures, and shapes, and more experimental photography to please himself. Very emotionally involved in his photography - as the title of his talk said, more seeing than just looking.