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Club Report – 5th PDI Competition (Friday 24th Feb)

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday 24th February the judge for our 5th PDI Competition was Zoe Garnham-Archer, a member of Invicta Camera Club. The quality of entries in all divisions was high and covered all subjects – portrait, landscape, wildlife, sport, street photography and some really impressive sunsets. Zoe analysed each image in detail and felt that the photographers had made the best of the opportunities presented to them, especially with the wildlife shots which, of course, have to be taken carefully and instantly or the moment is lost. The following images were chosen by Zoe:

Division 1:  1st Garry Shorter with Colin Blackbourne Leads Paul Whitelam, 2nd Anthony Wright with Ominous Sky, 3rd Garry Shorter with Pencils at One-Sixth of a Second.
Ominous Sky by Anthony Wright
Division 2:  1st Mark Caldwell with St. Catherine Kree, 2nd Martin Tilling with I Said – Nothing to See Here, 3rd Graham Salt with Flying Tiger.
Flying Tiger by Graham Salt
Division 3:  1st Paul Gardiner with San…

Club Report - A Talk By Spencer Stone and David Hughes

Marjorie Burge writes:

Congratulations to both Spencer Stone and David Hughes for the thought and preparation put into their presentations on Friday. Both very different. Spencer took us on a tour of  Port Lympne, Hole Park, Godinton Park, Finchcocks, Brands Hatch, London architecture, the night sky, his addiction to sunrises, sunsets and Lego, and his progress through Panasonic, Nikon, Canon to the iphone and apps. Spencer likes to find a different view in familiar situations, knows his night sky intimately, looks to experiment and is obviously enjoying his adventures in photography. David took us on a visit to Arizona to see his brother-in-law, living the American life in the desert with family, horses and goats for company. We took part in the Fort Verde Carnival, a good old-fashioned affair with Wells Fargo, those huge trucks, floats from schools, Apaches, musicians, and lots of American flags. Then to the Montezuma Well with a tourist trail of signs, Jerome with its iron mines, A…

KCPA Diamond Jubilee Trophy 2017

Neville Marsh writes:

Congratulations to APS - we have won the Diamond Jubilee Trophy for the second year in a row so it's off the Warwick again in July.

Not only did we win the competition but Martin's image "Female Chalkhill Blue" was awarded the Premier Award Certificate together with the Ashford PS Shield  whilst Neil French gained a Merit Award Certificate with "In Memoriam Auschwitz" so many congratulations to Martin and to Neil - and well done the Selectors!

The individual marks were:  Determination by Chris Yates  - 15
                                              Dew laden Marbled White by Martin Till - 16
                                              Female Chalkhill Blue  by Martin  Till - 20
                                              In memoriam Auschwitz by Neil French - 18
                                              I thought he was with me by Anthony Wright - 13
                                              Male bearded reedling by Phill…

Club Report – Rural Landscape Competition (Friday 10th Feb)

Marjorie Burge writes:

Our judge for the John Wigmore Rural Landscape Trophy competition on Friday 10th February was Tony Bentley ARPS, Chairman of Invicta Camera Club and a Provisional KCAP judge.  Always a popular competition there were 71 PDI entries and 26 prints, a mammoth task for our judge who, even so, managed to comment clearly and perceptively on each and every image. Tony had a sharp eye for detail - small blemishes, untidy edges, imperceptibly sloping horizons – disliked obvious Photoshop work – liked the monochromes and misty images. His approach was ‘What do I like in this image? What don’t I like?’ which worked well. Tony held back quite a large number of entries in each group before thinning them down to his final choice. The quality, as always at APS, was high, and many outstanding entries had to be passed over before the winning images were chosen.  

Prints:  1st Avril Christensen with Boating Pool at Sunset, 2nd Peter Skynner with They Passed This Way at Night for Sp…

Club Report – 3rd Print Competition (Friday 3rd Feb)

Marjorie Burge writes:

Cherry Larcombe ARPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE4*, a member of Thanet Camera Club, and a KCPA Premier Judge, was our judge for the 3rd Print Competition on Friday 3rd February.

Cherry’s experience as a working photographer came through clearly as she commented not only on the images but also on the quality of mounts, the printing and the paper – glossy not used so much now, she said, but still appropriate for some images.  Titles were important too, and defined what was most important in the image. Images fell into certain categories – minimalist, pattern, abstract – and it was clear that Cherry preferred them to be peaceful and attractive.  She was very aware of the difficulties faced by the photographer and was extremely caring when pointing out areas requiring improvement. With 79 entries of very high quality, Cherry had a difficult evening but was quite clear when it came to picking out her chosen images. Cherry’s photography can be found at showi…