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Club Report – 3rd Print Competition (Friday 3rd Feb)

Marjorie Burge writes:

Cherry Larcombe ARPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE4*, a member of Thanet Camera Club, and a KCPA Premier Judge, was our judge for the 3rd Print Competition on Friday 3rd February.

Cherry’s experience as a working photographer came through clearly as she commented not only on the images but also on the quality of mounts, the printing and the paper – glossy not used so much now, she said, but still appropriate for some images.  Titles were important too, and defined what was most important in the image. Images fell into certain categories – minimalist, pattern, abstract – and it was clear that Cherry preferred them to be peaceful and attractive.  She was very aware of the difficulties faced by the photographer and was extremely caring when pointing out areas requiring improvement. With 79 entries of very high quality, Cherry had a difficult evening but was quite clear when it came to picking out her chosen images. Cherry’s photography can be found at showing her own individual style and her many achievements in the world of photography. It was a good evening and Cherry’s careful comments were much appreciated.

Division 1:  1st Philip Hinton with The Good The Bad and The Ugly, 2nd Kyle Tallett with The Bride in the Arch, 3rd Anthony Wright with a Grandma

The Good The Bad and The Ugly by Philip Hinton

Division 2:  1st Mike Routley with Pearl Moon Serenity, 2nd Mike Routley with Stairwell, City Hall, 3rd Chris Yates with Arctic Tree Line.

Arctic Tree Line by Chris Yates

Division 3:  1st Fiona Beadle with Last House on the Left, 2nd Dominique Huxley with Rose Flamingo, 3rd Maria O’Connell with Hands Free.

Last House on the Left by Fiona Beadle