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Club Report – 5th PDI Competition (Friday 24th Feb)

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday 24th February the judge for our 5th PDI Competition was Zoe Garnham-Archer, a member of Invicta Camera Club. The quality of entries in all divisions was high and covered all subjects – portrait, landscape, wildlife, sport, street photography and some really impressive sunsets. Zoe analysed each image in detail and felt that the photographers had made the best of the opportunities presented to them, especially with the wildlife shots which, of course, have to be taken carefully and instantly or the moment is lost. The following images were chosen by Zoe:

Division 1:  1st Garry Shorter with Colin Blackbourne Leads Paul Whitelam, 2nd Anthony Wright with Ominous Sky, 3rd Garry Shorter with Pencils at One-Sixth of a Second.
Ominous Sky by Anthony Wright

Division 2:  1st Mark Caldwell with St. Catherine Kree, 2nd Martin Tilling with I Said – Nothing to See Here, 3rd Graham Salt with Flying Tiger.
Flying Tiger by Graham Salt

Division 3:  1st Paul Gardiner with San Giorgio Maggiori, 2nd Spencer Stone with Branching Out, 3rd Fiona Beadle with Quenched.
San Giorgio Maggiori by Paul Gardiner

The Small Print Competition, 3rd Round, results are as follows :

1st Fiona Beadle with Autumn Gold, 2nd Peter Skynner with We Passed our Test on Wednesday, 3rd Peter Skynner with They’re Going to Get Wet.