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Club Report – Rural Landscape Competition (Friday 10th Feb)

Marjorie Burge writes:

Our judge for the John Wigmore Rural Landscape Trophy competition on Friday 10th February was Tony Bentley ARPS, Chairman of Invicta Camera Club and a Provisional KCAP judge.  Always a popular competition there were 71 PDI entries and 26 prints, a mammoth task for our judge who, even so, managed to comment clearly and perceptively on each and every image. Tony had a sharp eye for detail - small blemishes, untidy edges, imperceptibly sloping horizons – disliked obvious Photoshop work – liked the monochromes and misty images. His approach was ‘What do I like in this image? What don’t I like?’ which worked well. Tony held back quite a large number of entries in each group before thinning them down to his final choice. The quality, as always at APS, was high, and many outstanding entries had to be passed over before the winning images were chosen.  

Prints:  1st Avril Christensen with Boating Pool at Sunset, 2nd Peter Skynner with They Passed This Way at Night for Spain, 3rd Anthony Wright with The Rhue Lighthouse.

PDI:  1st Graeme Andrews with Mist Sets in Over Challock Hill, 2nd John Wigmore with Multiple Strikes, 3rd George Pearson with A Colourful Barrier

The overall winner of the John Wigmore Rural Landscape Trophy was Avril Christensen with her print Boating Pool at Sunset.

Overall Winner:  Boating Pool at Sunset by Avril Christensen

Mist Sets in Over Challock Hill by Graeme Andrews

Multiple Strikes by John Wigmore

A Colourful Barrier by George Pearson