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Club Report – 6th PDI Competition (Friday 24th Mar)

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday, March 24th, the judge for our 6th PDI League Competition was Paul Adams ARPS DPAGB FDPS, a member of Bexleyheath Camera Club, on the KCPA Judges Panel and General Secretary of the Disabled Photographers Society. Paul is a KCPA Premier Judge and has been a long-time friend of APS, judging many of our competitions. It was a busy evening with 65 entries, almost evenly distributed between the three divisions. Paul’s experienced eye soon found any areas he considered too bright, any ‘small distractions’ which he felt could be removed, lighting and balance were important, and he always looked for the ‘story’ behind the image. It may be worth remembering next time his name appears in the little book that ‘less is more’ – two coins, two plectrums, two cards – two of anything was just too much for him. This was an important end of season competition which will decide the winners and losers for this year, so Paul’s decision was awaited with bated breath. Paul chose:

Division 1:  1st Philip Hinton with Stalking in East London, 2nd Philip Hinton with Yoshimi Being Enigmatic, 3rd Sue Chapman with Summer Memories.

Summer Memories by Sue Chapman

Division 2:  1st Chris Yates with Determination, 2nd Graham Salt with Spitfire and Mustang Duo, 3rd Graeme Andrews with Emerald Green Damselfly

Spitfire and Mustang Duo by Graham Salt

Division 3:  1st Phil Drury with Female Kingfisher with a Speared Fish, 2nd Paul Gardiner with Singapore Skyline, 3rd Dominique Huxley with Tate Britain.

Singapore Skyline by Paul Gardiner