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AGM report

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday 21st April 2017 our Annual General Meeting was well attended and without problems. Philip Hinton, our Chairman, gave a glowing report of our achievements over the past year, noting that many members had achieved personal success with distinctions with the RPS and the PAGB, putting us 5th in the National Table of the PAGB for club members who hold their distinctions. We had won the KCPA Jubilee trophy for the second year in succession, and in this year’s KCPA Annual Exhibition we had 82 acceptances, of which 21 were merits, 2 were ribbons and 2 were gold medals. This high quality of photography is shown in all divisions, and he gave division 3 a special mention for their high standard of work. He thanked all members of the committee, and those outside the committee, for all their hard work in making the club such a success. Most members of the committee were re-elected, although Chris Rogers stood down as Vice-Chairman due to pressure of work making it impossible for him to attend meetings regularly, and Martin Till has elected to this position, and we were pleased to welcome Karen Saunders to the committee.

For the second half of the evening we watched projected images from last year’s Shrewsbury Open Photography Exhibition showing the very high standard required to gain an acceptance. Entries are from all over the UK and it was good to see names from APS included, once again proving the quality of our photographers.

Next Friday, 28th April, we have our Print Panel Competition for the Driftwood Trophy, when our judge for the evening will be Richard Walton FRPS EFIAP MPAGB BPE3*, and entries will need to be handed in for the Annual Exhibition. 

Visitors always welcome.