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Success galore at the KCPA Annual Exhibition!

Ashford Photographic Society members had unprecedented success at this season's Annual Exhibition.

Selection took place at Detling Village Hall over the weekend of 1st and 2nd April, Judged by Peter Young DPAGB AFIAP APAGB, Phil Charnock  FRPS, MPAGB, MFIAP and Gwen Charnock FRPS, MPAGB, MFIAP.

As well as established members doing very well, it was great to see a number of our newer members getting acceptances in both prints and PDIs.

Full results can be found on the KCPA web site: - and below are the Ashford members' highlights.

Special mentions go to Stephen Cheek and Philip Hinton for their gold medals.


Merit Anthony Wright Confetti

Accepted Anthony Wright Father and Son

Merit Anthony Wright Selfie

Merit Bob Devine Great Grey Owl Backlit

Merit Bob Devine Lion Aggression

Merit Bob Devine Zebra Anger

Merit Bob Devine Cheetah Moves Kill

Merit Bob Devine Cheetah With 3 Cubs

Merit Christopher Rogers I Think I'm Nearly There

Accepted Christopher Rogers Battle Worn

Merit George Pearson Smooth Rock, Cool Colours

Accepted George Pearson Red, Green and One Wonky Post

Accepted George Pearson Water is Weird

Accepted George Pearson Abandoned Home

Accepted George Pearson Making a Statement

Ribbon Kyle Tallett To The Girl I Left behind

Accepted Kyle Tallett Not Hearing the Word of the Lord

Accepted Maria O'Connell Boom

Accepted Maria O'Connell Pile Up At Paddock Hill

Accepted Maria O'Connell It's My Life

Accepted Maria O'Connell Red Stag Standing Proud

Merit Michael Gilburt Alicja Rosolska Approaching the Net

Accepted Michael Gilburt A Swing and Missed

Accepted Michael Gilburt An Attacking Field

Accepted Michael Gilburt Keeper Spills Chance 

Accepted Michael Gilburt Fairies Bonnets Fungus

Accepted Michael Gilburt Meadow Brown with Parasitic Mite

Merit Michael Routley Descent Into Hell

Accepted Neville Marsh Missed By The Keeper

Accepted Neville Marsh Side By Side

Accepted Neville Marsh You've Just Been Bowled

Accepted Neville Marsh SN19 Ahead

Merit Neville Marsh Common Spotted Orchid, Crab Spider with Prey

Ribbon Phil Drury Female Kingfisher with a Speared Fish

Merit Phil Drury Male Bearded Reedling

Accepted Phil Drury Female Chalkhill Blue on Grass

Accepted Philip L Hinton Cos-Play Warrior

Accepted Philip L Hinton My Dreams Dictate My Beauty

Accepted Philip L Hinton The Haunting

Accepted Philip L Hinton Don't Fear The Reaper

Merit Philip L Hinton Jo A Dark Portrait

Merit Philip L Hinton Robert

Accepted Philip L Hinton Tate A Tate

Gold Stephen Cheek Crossing the Mara

Ribbon Stephen Cheek Eaten Alive

Merit Stephen Cheek Lions at Dawn

Accepted Stephen Cheek Hiding Behind Mum

Accepted Steve O'Connor The Contender

Accepted Steve O'Connor Horseman’s Apocalypse

Accepted Stuart Thompson In Thoughtful Mood


Accepted Anthony Baines High-G Turn By A Belgian F-16

Accepted Anthony Baines South Manhattan Evening

Accepted Anthony Baines Vapour Condenses Over The Wings of a Typhoon FRG4 In A High G Turn

Accepted Anthony Baines Male Kestrel With Prey

Merit Anthony Wright Ominous Clouds

Accepted Anthony Wright The Rhue Light House

Accepted Anthony Wright Keep the Gate Closed

Accepted Anthony Wright Mountain and Clouds

Accepted Anthony Wright A Grandma

Merit Bob Devine Hoopoe Has Caterpillar

Accepted Bob Devine Great Grey Owl Hunting In Snow

Accepted Bob Devine Lion Cub Attacks

Accepted Christopher Rogers Always In Stock

Accepted Fiona Beadle Caracal

Accepted Fiona Beadle Farm Girl

Merit Karen Saunders Freezing Fog At Fairfield

Accepted Kyle Tallett Wedding in Oia

Merit Kyle Tallett The Pier and The Receding Tide

Accepted Kyle Tallett The Bride In The Arch

Accepted Kyle Tallett A Brown Hare Washing

Accepted Kyle Tallett Juvenile Stonechat

Accepted Kyle Tallett Danni

Merit Martin Till Male Bearded Reedling

Accepted Martin Till Dew - Laden Marbled White On Scabious

Accepted Martin Till Kingfisher Disabling It's Catch

Accepted Michael Routley Pearl Moon Serenity

Gold Philip L Hinton Chloe Melancholy Baby

Accepted Steve O'Connor Spirit of Rock

Accepted Stuart Thompson Buster

Accepted Stuart Thompson The Engine Driver

Accepted Sue Chapman Creative Cowparsley

Accepted Sue Chapman The Moon's A Balloon